27 thoughts on “BLUM

  1. These men doesn’t cease to amaze me. I’m reading that he owns har up when he post pictures of har own his page but later takes it down, why is that is her conserving memory space on his phone. When men going to learn that your not getting any younger and this play boy attitude you have will not last long. Soon or later something about you will not be so appealing anymore, word of advise stop show off and settle down stop prove to friends that you a galis and you have woman under control. Being alone is not good after a while, IJS. :thumbup

  2. So if I take a picture with a man, he owns me? At least his brother actually said something when he posted the picture of him and Kaci in Bora Bora. Kmt.

    1. I sort of agree with Gabby on this one. Sadiki is still a male thot and posting this girl’s picture does not change it.

      1. Thank you ! But my comment was for the poster not him. People read way too much into things. I have no issue with Sadiki. I would actually say he is cute but then people would really speculate that I am Kasi !!!!

  3. Sadi a throw shade eno… :ngakak all it took was ONE pic. all now kasi and ar million bag of pics and vids cant capture the vibe in this one pic….

  4. Kmt! Post and delete as usual!

    I’m sorry! But any woman willing to accept them suptn yah want 2 bitch lick inna har head side! It simple! Is either him a own you or nah own you!

  5. yes, plenty chemistry in this picture indeed!!! and him head look extra comfortable deh so, like it know the area very well

  6. Dah bloodclaat gabby deh ehsi…. Why yuh dweet?? :ngakak mi say! Famous ediot comments fi di year… naw lie gabby yuh wuk fah!

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