1. This ugly girl from the other day I been noticing from she start par wid rotten apple and the crew shi get extra NUFF! Bobby why you acting like you have a bunch a haters? When in fact nobody knows you. My girl calm down yuh still ugly and no matter what yuh have on you look unattractive as usual..!! :hoax2 :hoax2 Not even the FAKE BREAST AND FAKE BATTY ah do you justice . Poor you..!!! Yuh loose my girl, When yuh born ugly yuh just plain old ugly. Daffy stomach strong fi ah lay down wid you a night time muchless wake up to your ugly face a morning time :takut :batabig :batabig :ngakak
    Oh, and BTW don’t think for one second we the people don’t know seh ah your friend Tricia ya throw words pon. Tricia have har 401k And as for you…yuh have. 0o1k :ngakak Broke ass bitch!

  2. All Bobby a throw word she miss Tricia company like WOW. She is nothing she burn her bridges so Tricia not looking her way. u theif from the girl u did want to sleep wid her man ur just nasty

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