This is the 1st time I’m sending in a story to you met, so you may reword as you see fit. I love your page as much as everyone else even thou some won’t admit it, lol.

Now, I’ve been watching Sadiki live for a couple of nights now, some days as well. The other night the topic on his live was s*x. As you can imagine there were a lot of questions being asked. The 2nd night however got way more interesting. I’ve realized that Shanzi of late been quite active in her responses on his live. You can see the screenshots that I’ve attached. Shanzi if you’re f**king Sadiki, joke or nah, put a padlock on your mouth.

Met what’s going on with his “company” Bolt Express? For someone who is running a good business you shouldn’t be complaining about how you have no money so often, and whining about how you can barely put gas in your tank and how you complain you have no money to fuel your buses and by new tires/rims. Don’t you owe someone Sadiki? The lady talks, her co-workers hear and they chat too.

29 thoughts on “BOLT BREDDA BRUCK

  1. Shanzi is annoying and this kind of behavior nuh fit her at all. The bwoy not even cute. As yuh look pon him yuh see bruk and hungry.Bye yahhh. Mi gone read a next post.

  2. Him on live most nights and sender u evil eehh u sent these screenshots out of context that night they were troubling a girl from T&T caz she always talking about his bed.. ppl wicked sah

  3. Kmt shanzi full a mouth tho ,wait till she in public and this is not cute at all you can’t be behaving like this and representing other brands too , always a make black girls look bad.she soon meet her match. I don’t have a problem with her but dem ting yah nuh cute

  4. Sadiki only invest ina clothes & shoes, him not any different than the female IG hoes who love attention. I dont know what ppl see ina him cause him look like the type a man who fkk & duck u once him get the nuckie!! Crimson-Chin Shanzi want a popular man so bad, she annoying & desperate bad fi young gal, she neva look good to me yet, always ina 10lbs of makeup or the clothes look cheap, something off with her dont know what, but a Sadiki she a mad over. These young ppl only want hype & showoff. Them woulda match cause them both annoying & love attention.

    1. me woulda a sey a di odda way roun and him a mad over she cuz him unda every single one of her pics commenting and on him bday night him snap she more dan everybody else

  5. Dwrcl that trini gyal is a f**kie groupie the worst part is she’s a big woman n she look so retarded. Mi waan know if she nuh tired fi the cricketer dem wife done har.

  6. Sadiki not cute and him don’t want Shanzi for any long term thing. If she know what good for her she pack up her chin and move along and find a man that respects her. Don’t worry Shanzi we just jealous and wish we had that massive chin and that waste boy. See you back over Pinkwall when him run u raas weh.

      1. At least Usain has talent. Wah Sakiki have? Not a damn thing. He can’t even be a freeloader properly.

    1. yes @Simone Sadiki must glad him brother made it in life cause all him do a post pics on IG a day time kmt bolt must be frustrated a him leaching, a di fancy pics ketch Shanzi, dem frighten fi material things so dem wi do anything fi likes

      1. But I doubt he has access to Bolt’s money. A just the man name dem a live offa and maybe his cars. Nothing else. Bolt nuh stupid fi mek dem nyam him out.


  8. shanzi nuff she can’t help it she likes to be seen but that amberrose girl deh very nuff, she fren every gal weh have likkle looks and 2 suit a clothes she under everybody post under everybody live. she very nuff and tacky! she needs to stay in her lane and stop try fren ppl cuz she a get common bad

  9. Regret the day I ever heard him speak. Voice/speech and face nuh match up…..I divorced him immediately…mash mouth square chin shanzi can have him….she’s a next one who’s speech nuh match up to har body….they are a perfect fit!

  10. Looool. A nuh just him vehicle alone him can’t insure. He’s struggling to put gas in his vehicle same for his bus. But a little birdy say him and kasi occasionally par. Suh my question is a who a the short browning u a drive up and down with from wah day? Shanzi or Kasi? Loool. Answer Sadiki cause I know you here reading? A wah u need Usain help to get your business booming? Need new tires?

    1. @anonoymous 8:27pm so it’s safe to say you’re the new girl then? Cause everyone on here knows his ass always on IG live if ppl wanna write shit, they shall…if you put things out there to be seen, you shall be that goes for him, kasi, usain, aneika and the rest of them.

  11. Sadiki is on instagram all day. I don’t know when he’s running a business so maybe someone else runs his business.
    Usain and Sadiki stopped hanging out in the open last Summer when people start talking about Kasi being Sadiki’s ex.

  12. Shanzi need fi gweh before smaddy buss up her face kmt
    All that talk on the internet and no actions in person she gwan like she can’t even speak in person. Girl bye stay in ur ffckin lane before dem shell u dung wicked !

  13. Sadiki looking a hype of Shanzia wid him ugly self what a bwoy ugly man is a shame and mi nuh knw wa mek him conceited. But shanzia and him deserve eachother still shanzia is a very ugly girl nah lie and she shape funny. Her face look like she slow DOWNSYNDROME?

  14. Sadiki looking a hype of Shanzia wid him ugly self what a bwoy ugly man is a shame and mi nuh knw wa mek him conceited. But shanzia and him deserve eachother still shanzia is a very ugly girl nah lie and she shape funny. Her face look like she slow DOWNSYNDROME?

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