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  1. Lord Sam stop sound like u a dead! Mi nuh understand how unnuh fi a catch feelings over international cocky!

    Wonder what the rest of the harem is saying!?

  2. Kasi is not a humble girl…and she a dead inside because why would I be responding to ppl when I am on vacation with my man. The humblest calf will always suck the most Milk Kasi remember that….all if yuh get married you can divorce just build girl

  3. So Anon 6:05pm why her post seem so sad and seem to be a message? If she was just “a friend” why that statement?

    1. There could be so many other things going on in her life. Why when a woman talk to a man any ambiguous feelings expressed have to be about him. It could be about anything

  4. This is too much now..Samantha is not involved with Usain..she like Tara and Tahira is jus the man fren..her post has nothing to do with Usain..I know the girl personally..whoever keeps sending in these posts clearly has some vendetta against the girl..please jus go and find the real side chicks out there and come off the girl name now

        1. HE SURE DOES….mi a tell yuh Usain should be Listerine number one supporter. God know. You see all dem cheeeeesome dey him a nwam the 2 a dem same time….pure sucking and licking a gwan. By the time dem dunne rivva nor ocean nuh av nutten pon dem.

  5. me nuh frighten ova kasi but one thing for sure, lastwk wen di “harem” did a nyam & full sem hungry gut worldwide kasi neva deh bout, now the “community buddy” a spend quality time ina exotic location with her them “vex” cause di whole a dem think bolt & kasi did ago lef & one ah dem did ago moveup the ladder lol a cyah keep up. Them must feel like bigger shit now. Me no wrong bolt & kasi put on a show yes, a now yanique she ago plump up di air ballon batty hahahahaha me fault bolt fi di public bunnings so if kasi play him i dont wrong her to ratid.

      1. Bolt is immature but him have a plan, the married & settle down with kids coming just a matter of time!!! them still young so me cyah fault them. Some man prefer the “bad girls”. As i said before, both a dem file dutty a road suh none no better nor none cyah hype pon none.

    1. i think her previous actions of being with good body sadiki first & her motives leave a bad taste in ppl mouth but di bolt him just as bad cause him know all wah did gwan & it nuh bother him/dem. i dont know but everyweh u tun makka juk u. nowadays everyman a gi bun, who nah hide ah dweet publicly all when dem ugly/rich/poor/cute dem no care again. woman hafi just tek it & done or go buy dildo. kmt it ruff cah man suh lie to ratid. it sad

  6. Mi seh yuh tink de one kasi she nice,love pla dirty then hurry wash her hands like she have no idea what just happen but Samantha she a real damn Papi show like Bolt and Kasi anyways

  7. SADA’S last SC him deh pon labour delivery ward so maybe him and him “new family” no wan be Inna the mix why him tek down the photos…bwoy me no know yaa , dis tewww much

  8. Samantha Moore is one of Usain’s lawyers. She is not harem or some instagram thot and he respects her far more than he respects Kasi.

  9. Kasi sound like frighten Friday bout google dat.Have to see wid her may possibly be the best time of her life.First time she probably go so far on a plane.girl bye.
    P.s since you so high on your high horse now stop commenting and bill and think of the next stage of the game.Girl you must always have a back up plan just in case plan a don’t work..girl bye

  10. Anonymous shut the frig up,we all know Usain f**ks every and anything,and it’s obvious he’s f***g Samantha, I’m pretty sure he f**ed off Tara too, they’re his c oncubines, he just doesn’t own them up and they have other man so them just tek f**k ,tek the money and burn inside, you all think you can cover up unu uptown dutty life but you can’t

      1. I notice that Simone have a problem with Mitzy, why. Is it because Mitzy has class unlike your WHORE of a friend Kasi? Mitzy never f**k bolt Breda, Mitzy never haffi get all different type a gyal fi Usain f**k, Mitzy never haffi a duh pure freaky things fi keep bolt, she bowed out gracefully like a lady and she have Usain and his family’s respect, something Kasi will never get. What I don’t understand with you Simone and other Kasi pantyshield, if you guys are so sure that your role model Kasi is “winning” why do you constantly have to be defending anything and bringing up Mitzy? You all know she’s a piece of shit but you have to defend her because you are one of there threesome partners and all of you have you eyes on Usain’s money. If it walks like a duck, quack like a duck, it’s a WHORE.

  11. Ahm…so a question? Unu soooo sure and know for a fact that Sam and usain deh..where is the prove? Cuz she went to Rio..she and ten of her frenz were in Rio…becuz she went to London..she and 6 other girls were in London..suh why unu jus on the girl name do u guys do it..jus spread slander and lies on a person with no concrete evidence jus based on some IG posts…suh everything the girl post now unu goin link it to Usain..what is this was happening to one of ur daughters.. How wud u feel..unu need to stop it now man..have a heart..yall have kids!!

    1. Usain probably paid for them to go to Rio & London since they’re part of his business team but, Samantha, Tahiry, and Rene all work at the same law firm and you all can look it up. They’re legit lawyers and friends of Bolt’s.
      They don’t even carry themselves like groupies so I’m not understanding why some of you want to make them out to be harem thots.

      1. You act like you know something but you don’t. Tem yuh two foot an guh back rram weh yuh a come fram. Dis anuh d alley. Tahiry is not a lawyer. If you wanted to know the third girl name (Natasha) just ask. Samantha IS NOT Usains lawyer and her speciality has nothing to do with sports or any kind of Business dealings for the most part. Talk about the ass grabbing in the club nuh. Show me which lawyer and client share that moment in a club nuh. Yuh nuh come from weh we come from so stop trying to look like you are in the know cause u ain’t

      2. Look how u have me calling Tita (Tahira) Tahiry. Hello Miza from lipstick alley. What you see here make it stay here if you are not going to bring back the correct info back to lipstickalley. Unno too nuff. From wah day mi notice everything we post here you run and creat threads over there like a you a come with hot press. . A struggle fi read patois too. Just lowe we out. And you a vouche for Samantha like you knew her before this scandal.Met excuse me likkle. A bit vex because this girl knew zip zero nada. I have an account over there and connect the dots.

        1. The other day when the one did come over ya a ask fi translation because she don’t understand patois and smaddy run go translate, I had this burning feeling it was a mole. Those damn wanna be blog sites but too lazy to do the damn work. Who fi understand will understand. Nuh translate nuttin fi nobody. Mek them move and go way.

  12. Calling the girl harem and Instagram thot…and for what cuz she save her money and guh Rio and London with her fren dem…this need fi stop now..if u guys took the time out to watch usain snap him was referring to them as his lawyers frenz and squad..and unu still deh pon the girl name????

  13. Usain never invite kasi to London cuz him did waan be wild and do him ting suh him invite only him fren dem…him already did have the trip plan wid kasi to bora bora suh she never mind and thats jus it..move on to something else now!

  14. @yanow he did not grab her ass..he took a pic of her ass on his Snapchat..big difference…so that means them deh? Kmt..come again

    1. LMAO. Were you in attendance love? You did deh deh that night? He SQUEEZED her ass and asked her for permission to put it up and she said she don’t care. Why am I going back and forth with Snapchat audience though? Mi have me tutorial tomorrow fi dem first year students mek a leave until tomorrow.


  15. And FYI yanow usain business dealings does not only involve sports he also deals in real estate and investments…are u guys serious..and what unu know bout Sam and what she specialize in..kmt

    1. Duh he may dabble in many things but get it through your thick skull SAMANTHA is not on his retainer.

      You ago learn but not from me. Smh

        1. You too good. Mi in lurk mode right now. Place too hot. But when me see foolishness I can’t help it. Pink wall to the flipping stratosphere. Met, a mawning.

  16. GM Met! The whole Kasi Bolt saga is painting a bad picture of Jamaican women well when on a whole. This gyal bring dung the female sex a notch mi NA lie. We know now that bolt not good in bed and him not too handsome – that just leave the money. Ugly man wid money sensible women who can manage dem things deh hide and tek. She out there with a ugly f*ckboy a play wife it just wrong.
    When mi ask a friend if one girl who no surface on the harem list in London dem say no bcus Him just fly out Tita so yes dem “deh”
    Bolt a overcompensate gi the tiny buddy. I am going try and source a pic a community C

    1. so when you a jump outta ackee tree and a enter fattest mup mup contest and a light you crotches on fire for prizes and cash dem woman deh nah bring down the female sex a notch. Oh shut up bitter betty

  17. Woieeee wah u seh Bolt a tickla ??? Good God man maybe just maybe him crusty tongue can meck up fi him itsy bitsy teeny weeny…mi pumpum a hitch mi just by typing this yuck.

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