Suh him didnt bring Kasi home as yet? Di lady seh she want him sekkle and married which means him still running around..Kasi come talk tuh wi baby



    1. Piece of part 1 was released today. Use the search function. Met seh the rest to follow after the races done.

  1. Hint hint ! I bet Kasi is pregnant and Bolt’s mother knows. The 2 Sept date that Kasi has mentioned will be pregnancy announcement date. Judging them for her not being in Rio is small talk for a woman probably in the early delicate stages of labour. She is on social media happy as hell because she is probably carrying her man’s baby and knows her future looks pretty even without a ring. They’re being discreet. Watch this space.

    1. Yes, but did you pour the alcohol? She’s playing a game, I’m certain. If not, she’s playing herself.

  2. Usain don’t Want none a dem girl deh.. Him just a run the road.. Like how him run the track field. Me say it already and me a go say it again.. Bolt a go right back to him longtime woman when him done run. Him a just sex off the girl dem weh him couldn’t get when him wasn’t so famous.

  3. @Gabriella,you are always here trash talking when a post is made about Bolt. You sound bitter and jealous.While you stay hating, he’s still winning, getting richer and his future looking even brighter!!!!!!! Yuh need fi lef Bolt alone, cause I’m sure he’s not mindful of you. Kmt.

    1. Don’t forget it was Mitsy who lef him and is him running behind her! If him did love her like dat him wouldn’t a hitch up side a Mitsy suh all the while!

        1. Haffi disagree G, if the past was the past then Usain woulda a stop drag fi him own (Mitsy) inna it.

          Clearly suptn still deh deh cause him nah leggo off a har. No matter how much gal him f**k and show off!him still hitch up deh!

  4. What is your problem Gabriella? You are always on here trash talking Bolt whenever a post about him is made. While you are hating, he is busy winning, getting richer and brightening his future. Yuh need fi guh siddung an lef Bolt alone. Sick dawg tumuck!!!!!

  5. Gabrielle sounds like a friend/ former friend of Kasi who is using this site to talk what she knows. She sounds like she knows personal details of how he has done Kasi wrong and is tired of it. My observation.

  6. YES MAMMY, BUT LET HIM MARRY WHEN HE WANTS TO OUSHUNG HIM NOW THAT WILL END IN LESS THAN 5 YRS, HE IS still young most people married when they’re young dissolve like Andrews liver salt, if shelly ann was single possibly she would have won. marriage a bungle no disresprsct (don’t do this u cant do that) not even domino man can play again a rass mi see it happen, popular trend is if you are well known someone comes with a ring whereas if It was the opposite it would not have been so

    1. Can’t draw Shelly in this. She was married before London Olympics (she’s been married from 2011) and won! And since you weren’t up with what’s going on, Shelly has been battling a toe injury and was in pain from in the semi finals!

  7. Usain nah stop whore. If you want know what di dick feel like just turn to you’re neighbour a ask! :travel

  8. I swear I have never been this invested in Bolt’s love life because like Met said on the other post Bolt is just not appealing. I don’t think I have ever looked at him and said “oh wow, I would hit that”. He always looks unkempt and his skin and hair have no sheen or glow. He needs to keep a barber and tailor on speed dial. He isn’t slick at all.

    Kasi seems like a nice girl, but I have never gotten the impression that she was “in love” with Bolt. To me it seems as if he is way more into her than she is into him and is just flattered that a superstar is showing her love. Maybe Bolt is the one doing the chasing here.

  9. Looks bad for truuuu Andre Russel lives in my scheme, there’s no him without his Jassym anywhere in the world he is playing cricket Jassym (his fiancee) deh deh but all now they’re yet to wed, but she’s everywhere! I hope Bolt engage someone from Jamaica tho! Chris Gayle and Andre Russel are sell outs! Dominican and Kittian dem pick! Oh and Andre the Taxi man deh have ur business a road unu cyaaa tame :ngakak

  10. @ G – real idiaat. Because a man tek up someone from a different nationality them sell out. get the fk outta here dumbo.

    Only when a man popular onnu talk them way deh. Low di star dem mek dem live dem life. Rass badmind reprobate crow-bait bastard. Go curl up like a rizzla and dead.

    1. Badmind? Some a unu a use that word too loosely now! And Why the f**k u so opinionated with so much angerr?? Mi seh weh mi fi seh dont?? I’m not ONE you should wish death upon. Cuidado!

    2. All if di man never popular we still woulda a talk suh! Suh wah!? If me see a Jamaican wid a foreigner dem a sell out!

      And pond serious note everything is not “badmind” or “hating” as unnuh love seh…people free to talk. Nuff people jus need to learn to get over themself!

  11. @G & Spoon – like seriously? Marry a non-yardie and yuh sell out??? Like wtf??

    Memba seh the reason why 2+ million yardie inna di dispora in the USA is because at some point, some yankee decided fi marry a yardie. Same thing fi the ppl weh seh British. A we seh married fi VISA? Wrong or right?

    So pretty much most a we a Jamaica a sell out. Your logic twisted sir/maam.

    Last, MET site can never be about anger for real people. Just a good source of underground news that even the STAR/OBSERVER/GLEANER nah carry and we all can vent our opinions without giving AF 🙂

    Bless up onnnu self.

    1. Mi have a greencard and mi never marry a soul fi it or have family file for me to get it!

      And wi never deny seh most a Jamaica a sell out!

      People like we a who always a advocate fi people fi work fi dem own and nuh leech, beg, whore, or scam fi tings!

      We love Jamaican’s to be with Jamaican’s! We nuh like see we a mix! Suh wah!?

  12. Exactly Spoon, I totally agree. Asians and Africans don’t like to mix and they don’t feel the need to apologize for it. AFTER ALL WE SHOULD BE KEEPING the wealth within our nation.

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