I Prefer To Beat Gatlin, Gay – Bolt

Jamaican sprint star, the world’s fastest man ever, Usain Bolt, says he gets extra satisfaction from beating American sprinters Justin Gatlin and Tyson Gay.

However, the three-time triple Olympic gold medallist, in an interview on ESPN’s First Take, admitted that he has a lot of respect for the pair because they help keep him focused and on top of his game.

“There are a few guys out there that I am always extra happy to beat,” he told the presenters. “Always leading up to a championship, there is a lot of chatter and people saying what they are going to do and how they are going to beat me, so when I beat them, it’s always a different joy, but it’s not about humiliating anybody. It’s always about having fun.”

When asked if there were any runners in particular, the Jamaican sprint icon declared: “Especially the guys from the States. Tyson Gay and Justin Gatlin. Gatlin, for the last three years, has been the one saying he is going to beat Usain Bolt and do this and do that, so there is always that extra pleasure,” he said.

“But they definitely drive me because I’m in good competition with someone who makes you have to keep your game up, keep your game high, and step your game up when they show up,” he added.

Bolt told the crew that hard work and determination are the keys to his longevity and success.

“I am determined and I am a hard worker. Those are the key that kept me going I just wanted to be like Muhammad Ali and those guys. That was always my goal, and I said if I can get to that level I will be one of, the greatest, and that is what I have worked for, and that’s what my goal is,” he stated.

Motivation From Kevin Hart
The global superstar revealed, however, that he receives daily motivation and inspiration from American comedian/actor Kevin Hart.

“I started following him (Hart) on Instagram and he works out a lot. Then I started following him on snapchat and noticed how he works out every day. There is no day that he doesn’t work out, so he motivates me because a lot of days, I get up and I, don’t want to train hard, I don’t want to do my abs workout but when I go, on Snapchat and I see him no matter what; I’m up,” said Bolt.

“So (although) I didn’t want to get up this morning, I’m up, so that helps me because if Kevin Hart is not a sports star and he is working so hard, I just get up and go do what I have to do,” added Bolt.

The Jamaican is expected to retire after next year’s World Championships in London.


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