Gm…Mi a beg unuh ask Tameka Boodie wey she a try prove and if she nuh baptize again… @yungkingzent, you naah stop stress out Boodie? She neva know a nuff a wi u had @backyardbbq? Aunty a do the most fi attention while me and me fren dem a laaf after me mate😂😂😂😂 Shootie, love nuff cunt Tameka, dats why even go have another child after Rue! #favaidiot

7 thoughts on “BOODIE IS WHAT?

  1. Sometimes mi affi wonder how some ah dem sender know how to send email with story, when they can’t even spell!

  2. When sending in stories and claiming to be the mate yu nuffi so dunce! Confused too, can’t decipher most of this nonsense.

  3. Mi nuh see any dunce in dis post. Sender just not good at speaking patois and goodie left out the him* Who’s this girl btw? She’s on here regularly

  4. I personally don’t like this girl, but whoever this sender is, can’t breeze har now. Boodie is outdated. She got the shock of her life when she found out that Carlton/Shootie (her baby daddy) got his ex pregnant . This girl is too controlling. Let me stop here. Sender, give her a break now please

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