1. S’mady need fi start hand out pocket dictionaries in front a di club dem, cah dem yah breed a species yah dunce is ah shame. Basic wrerds dem struggle wid, an most of dem hab pickneys….:malu2

  2. Ah dem deh dunce deh always a post pon social network. sweetnessdecoy or whatsoever yuh name, ah waan fling ah dictionary inna yuh mouth fi dah piece a dunceniss deh weh yuh put up. Ef yuh feel yuh strength an ago class up people, at least get di spelling right mumma……IT LUK BAAAAAD

  3. You know seh me wah drop kick di senda, how you a go done di girl seh she can’t read and write and yuh can neither read, write nor edit. A want beat yuh wid a piece a steel/ steal and me a go mek yuh pick which one me fi use ok deer/dear lmao

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