1. I just want to know how far everyone reached because I stopped at chapter 5 waiting for you guys to catch up I have a question but don’t want to spill the beans

  2. Mi jus a reach chapter 5……….will try to get to 11 by later today but mi have few comments…………. Guiliani and the time when di feds seized the cars …uno si where dem send them though?

  3. Met yes omg I was why send there why so far but I think he started telling of his mobster history to tell us that’s how Chump is running the White House

  4. Rahtid tings up.. mi a go home mi need full time wid dis.. Mi done read suh if unnu a go chapter by chapter sounds good.

  5. Since I don’t know how far you guys reach I’m going to cite the ‘Author’s Note’. I LOVE the 3rd and 4th paragraphs (xi). I wish I could have Jamaican politicians reading these paragraphs. I also loves the area in (xii) starting with “…there is a higher loyalty in all of our lives-not to a person…” to the end.

  6. Latty, yu done? Boy me wish we did start already because me see issues no stop run in a de news. Look tomorrow dem ago bring up the woman who did a run the torture sites that created Abu Grabe (may spell wrong). Winder if cheney inna de background a instruct chump?

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