1. U c mi that is y mi no lend money, cause when u were asking for it it was peace now to get it back u have to war for it. People r just disgusting cause u ask for ur money u r the worse thing ever mi no care weh problem a person inna mi nah lend out my money mi do it aready a mi haffi ga Lang like mi deh a down town market a sell mi done with that shit!!

  2. I just don’t understand why everything has to go on FB I practically know everything about these ppls lives and I’ve never ever met any of them Smh

    1. logged on pon facebook one day last weekand one girl talking about being on her period. Why does she thinks all of her facebook friends need to know her cycle? everything dem put pon facebook.

  3. Me seh keep u frenship and u money apart are u going to haffi part with one. Who nuh ask don’t need it and who beg nahn get it..suh everybody happy. Mi get burn too many times, mi can’t baddah fi haffi deh wuk suh hard fi get back di money wah mi wuk suh hard fah innah di fuss place,no sah. Suh mi close mi heart to di sap stories and keep it moving, nowadays mi a beg to.

  4. ___________ dead Peter-gayyyy you a pay fi pose wid man booboo :kimpoi ano lie Keisha a tell regular ppl see unnu inna dance and you give Ian money fi go buy liquor. Yuh too bad. But yuh see how man wicked him tell him ex woman seh a the next woman a pay fi pose wid him. I cannnnttts takes it

  5. Dancehall men always some woman a post bout money wa dem len dem..cocky lottery dem a play n bex wen de man no waa dem .kmt all a dem bruk

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