1. Metttttttttt loooooooool this is the funniest thing that has appeared on the site in a long tine. Foota you style yourself big time !!!!!

    1. Foota is a looser lmaoo f**ker him damn groupie love gwan like him hype and nothing nuh hype bout him.. Mi hear seh him married fi get him greencard but doesn’t stay wid the wife him a kotch a people yard a florida lmaooo… Mix up dutty foota hype yuh life sad bad

  2. Want a bitch lick inna him face! You is a big groupie fi a run down 50 cent and a batty man fi call killa name fi get recognise! Cause real man nuh call up man name!

  3. Lol…ahhh bwoy foota a full time u stop now..di man nu want u call him name…just avoid killa yu nu si mavado have come back come beg him friendship to get back him street credibility a Jamaica..A dat u a try??

  4. People deeeeeeaaaaadddd!!!
    This is a lame ass whack move on par with when a man a look a woman n a call up/carry news bout a next man to her! !

    We strongly condemn such suspect behavior so go SYM foota no hype, always talking crap smh.

  5. Weh mi nuh undastan none a dem nuh step to killa …dem jus chat Back a him….and killa informa dem tell him back

  6. Don’t c anything wrong with what he said and yes Bounty is a legend and that maybe 1 of the reasons Fotta mentioned his
    name him have respect for Bounty in his own way + he was reminding 50cent where he first saw him ijs

  7. Killa tag evi media outlet a jamaica, mi affi big up killa, foota a groupie fi real, even though him a look a hustle, him fi have some respect fi him self. me wont be surprise if him release sextape and say it leak, no shame groupie boy.

  8. Killa has the most male groupies in dancehall. His male groupies are the only reason he’s even mentioned in 2017 lol… his whole camp is full of male mascots. Killa ah big fish.

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