Thousands of Brazilians launched angry anti-Olympics protests hours before Friday’s Rio Games opening ceremony in fury at political scandals rattling the host country and the billions spent on the event.

Waving signs reading “No to the Olympics!”, a crowd of about 3,000 blocked an avenue outside the luxury Copacabana Palace Hotel where many Olympic athletes are staying.

Guests with Olympic accreditation looked down from the hotel terrace at the protest.

Passing cars honked their horns, some in support for the protesters and others in anger at getting stuck in a traffic jam.

They booed and chanted as a limousine apparently carrying Olympic delegates passed.

The protest was the latest unwelcome distraction for Brazilian authorities and Olympic organizers ahead of Friday’s opening ceremony at the 78,600 capacity Maracana stadium.

The main target of the demonstration was Brazil’s interim leader Michel Temer, branded illegitimate by many Brazilians who say he mounted a “coup” against suspended president Dilma Rousseff.

Protesters also slammed the huge cost of hosting the Games in a country stricken by recession and inequality.

The country has spent more than $10 billion on new infrastructure and preparing for the Games at a time of economic crisis.

“I am demonstrating for democracy in Brazil. The world is watching so we are here to denounce the coup,” said one demonstrator, Iraci Franca, 57.

“It’s very hard right now in Rio state for education and health because of the lack of funds and non-payment of salaries.”

Protesters yelled for Temer to quit. He will be at the ceremony in the absence of Rousseff.

She was suspended pending an impeachment trial for allegedly fiddling state accounts. Her former vice-president Temer was one of the leaders of the impeachment drive.

“The coup in Brazil erases the Olympic spirit,” read one sign in English waved by demonstrators.

Dozens of police stood by without intervening as international media filmed the scene, near the iconic Copacabana beach.

“We want to take advantage when the world’s attention is on Brazil to denounce what’s happening, how we are on the path to dictatorship,” said one demonstrator, Ubiratan Delgado, a 59-year-old engineer.

“We’re not against the Olympics, it’s the criminal Olympics we oppose.”


  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others…

    If something is broken why would they try to fix it,they should have never moved the venue from Beijing, to begin with,never.

    (Simplicity Soon Sign In)

  2. There was a spectacular article in the Atlantic about all the corruption associated with this Olympics. I will try to find it and add it in the comments. It is a long read, but quite eye opening.

  3. I will not be proud of any medals won by Jamaicans in this Olympics!

    Brazil have zero rights to the Olympics at this time. Brazil is still stuck in colonialism mode!

      1. Me only recognize bolt through me patriotic nature…other than that him repulsive to me spirit bad.

  4. I also saw on a piece from CNN where they went in the poor neighborhoods especially blacks and tearing down there homes that they were there living in how many years now and buying them out fi lickle an nothing to put up pretty buildings so Dem look good…even in the piece the buses that ran in the poor neighborhoods fi go into the capital where all the happenings a go happen Dem stop di buses Dem from run so those people can be hidden and out a sight …Mi cry hah kno when Mi did a watch the it

    1. Forget bout CNN, Needleeye. Go library and go find the books about them. Blacks and Mulattos “ain’t” on the society list as citizens!

      Go watch ‘City of God’, for starters. You need a workers ID fi venture in any place besides the favela’s in Rio if you below middle class.

      Me say “Thank you God” everyday fi the land of me birth-JAMAICA.

    1. Watch it this weekend cause it will have you mind a way…a no fiction either. It’s raw. Soon recommend a book from years ago…it will make you smile and bawl.

  5. Brilliant movie that city of God,theres a next one in the series,name escapes me now. A fren of a fren went to work in Brazil.the person reports that probably the most famous saying in Brazil is that “the only two things Brazilian like black is pele n the asphalt on the roads#truestory

    1. Me feel, believe every word of that quote. Dem Mulattos have the same mindset as Dominicans all when dem dark like said asphalt…from de hair silky dem count but out the African genes. We won’t forget that dem full a lopsided, gender morphing sodomites.

      Raw Portuguese slave masters run that bitch up to today day!

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