SEND TWO—Met is it true Roger mafia baby mom said roger locked up tuesday in wit flippa an kemar they bringin him to nj but he got pick up at some girl house. She aint say nothin good and laughin sayin she no it was gonna happen an god dont like ugly an he was makin money but he neva give her none 4 her pickney

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    1. why shabba next. stop call fukery and crosses on di man shabba ok all his women rich he wont be there long. they will get dat bail quick. think shabba fuk fi nuttin

        1. Nobody talkin broke ass Alissa lol she was a broke groupie take the man in front of his wife and get nuttin. His gyal have dem paper 2 bad 4 the ones aint got shit

  1. Only a fool would not expect the Big boys to not continue watch them and eventually pick them up.. Him and Marie been left so how come they picked him up at her house?????????????????.
    Where was Stacey him day one Chic. She was his “Bonnie to da CLyde””. Nuffa dem Mafia bwoy yah get warn but dem a gwan like dem invincible.. when you dark and Illiterate it is a hell of a thing. So how come dem neva Menshan seh Marsha Bro Rohan get pick up too. Girlfren/senda, please go look a job and doh wait pon Rojer or no other man weh hate the word WORK. Cause dem nah see back road fi now. Di ppl dem nah play wid the time weh dem a go gi out.
    You know i swear mnost a dem hustla ya h a FIsh unda di qiuet, If you no like man why you kepp doing things to get sent to jail to be with a man 24/7.

    1. u sound bitta like anotha trash he fuk then duck anotha mafia groupie gone broke. all uno did a run down mafia man and make babies wid dem tru uno see flippa throw money ina dance now uno a cuss cuz the plan neva work gooo look work mafia money been done and no moggelin nah gwan no meal ticket for roga kemar or flippa groupie babymas lol go get that welfare

  2. Just because him get lock up doesn’t mean flippa talking.. Roger dumb ass probably continued doing him tings not even knowing they wore watching him too..

  3. they been lookin for roger from last year. flippa aint talkin they just find out where he was the lil girl mom cuss met she big and disgustin and class him on fb a few days before he got pick up and say she call police on him and gonna f*** him up for child support. she and him hate each other b4 she ever even have baby 6 year ago. she and roger fight for years and she full madd anyway. dont blame flippa blame roga he walk and sleep wid too much trash and it come back to bite him in the ass.

  4. Kayann di only time you can get love up is when Sample affi come out wid you and pretend ? You and I know that when the doors close him doh wah see you and him no fawt pon you. Mi wah know if is a 2 for one deal you and Alissa get pon di dress and shoes dem weh unu wear go a Kelly party. Dem Doh look good. Unu shoulda use Matterhorn talking mirror before unu come out the house. All a unuh fava recycled gi weh ground left over. Honey chile as you seh “I love me” if you no love you who going to do it. I Think you lieing also cause you coulda never love urself living the big lie that you are living in. No baddie no wah Sample fi keep but you, everybody wah money except for you and broke is Sample first name. Kelly is wah u tryinh to prove wid all the antics you put on wid Owen. No matter weh you do Ants always in ur milk. Why u lip dem did swell to the 30th power. Dwl that shit look real plastic no tell me seh a botox u go put een. My girl it was your party and you look di worst. Unh fi stop embarrass unu crew now and start stay home. No clother or money means irrelevant crew.

  5. Shabba don’t have no money so why bring down crosses on someone to my understanding I believe he is working. Metty them yah wicked people love wish bad fi people.

  6. I’m not a hater but kelly i didn’t like none of your outfit I love your hair sexy shauna look nice for a pregnant lady,Kayann and Alissa dont look. In Matty voice ,Owen look stress, kelly I had fun at your party you full a vibes but kelly when you walk over to me to take the picture and say what’s up to me you mouth stink I think you have gum disease check it out with a dentist Owen you have a big heart only a mother could kiss a child with that breath,munchie that dress your wear to dainty cousin party you should sit on your step like a nice day like this you send in dainty last week talk bout the girl don’t look good dainty a give you a run,dainty come here just for one minute. Kelly you talk on your ig say don’t build friendship with people who build bonds with your enemy,must kelly because I didn’t see you in nifiji I don’t wrong you kelly a philly biggest hypocrite

  7. Anon 3:34 pm its seems like you hurt. it look like you give shaba you tings and nah get own up lol why you ah worry bout shaba and this is about roger, its obvious you have an aching heart because this man probably not paying you any mine cause i dont see anybody else worried ova shaba dwrcl

  8. Chrissy yuh look bad tuh, that granny dress an shoes an yuh tiered weave Wauh guh back inna yuh barrel an dash weh. Lol fi a slim body girl yuh Neva look good a bloodclat. Yuh f**k weh Shana man Gregory an still look bad. Gregory know yuh still a fick out a road hard, from man, woman, an dog. Lol boy a tell yuh Chrissy Barbie a chat yuh wicked how yuh look bad. An yes these are facts from Barbie an shinging star. Take yuh ass to work an stop follow people. An yuh new apartment weh yuh have try run from it cause you next fi get pick up like yuh fadda Rohan. Cause mi here dem a look fi yuh tuh.

  9. Shabba wok u need fi work before not after the crime he is a criminal at least Nicky can get back reality sis hmm gay all ha dem sweet fish all ha dem he is still in the closet sheba

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