It look like she post it up rite after she saw mappie post a status about his daughter birthday (teisha child) because the same time mappie post his then she post up this out of the blue for us to know that she’s gone again. It was on my timeline and I was shock.
While DONNA home alone with a new belly check out mappie enjoying his family life with teisha and the kids.
I would not carry another child for mappie knowing that his heart is still with teisha. Ppl plz confirm if teisha is pregnant because at the night at his party her tummy was very high, DONNA wasn’t there at the party. Wonder if teisha lock her out again?.
Donna plz buy a next wig soon.


  1. Mappie tek off di tassel offa him koki and start breed up di fool fool gyal dem. Cause dat is what dem is. 2 idiot who know of each other and a gwaan like dem wanna live as one big fambilyyyyyy. Kmt. Cheat on me…YES. Let mi have proof …..HELL NOOOOOO.

        1. mi nuh disagree mi jus say people whey fool fool love to smile she get herself in a mess not once but twice..I dont think she has anymore tears left to cry so its n her best interest to be happy..sheeza fool

          1. I dont know who was there but the fact say she and the other one was breeding the same time should have been motivation not to breed again and he also did not want to pay the $25 a week child support to his wife

        1. people fi laugh when dem log on here…I have not been myself for a while but a come by little by little so expect mi mouth more o…but mi wudda anderstants iffffffff him did have di looks or di cash…none of the above he dont have so mi nuh know what dem a run dung

  2. Somebody affi look sad because one a dem gonna be sleeping alone with a belly, he can’t be in 3place at one time(mi include the dance floor)

  3. It’s disgusting and such a disadvantage that us women continue to bring child into this messy life, just for hype and fame. Really what legacy are they leaving for these children. This is why I don’t go to these dancehall want to be celebs parties. I refuse to given known fools my money.

  4. I see no saddness on teisha face, teisha pic took at the party obviously it was very late/ early morning. Anyways, might as well donna smile because like what met say “no more tears is left in her”, she knows deep down that mappie and teisha will always gonna be together as a family and she still went back and get herself pregnant again. Mappie show her 0 respect, constantly he post up pictures of him and teisha quote “I love my baby mother” so why would u enlarged a family with a man like that?!. Its all over Facebook with him teisha and the kids being happy having fun. With that said and done only one thing is left, both of them as to go because mappie not leaving none. And I herd teisha is pregnant not sure if it’s true, or maybe they say she was pregnant. If its true that mean him breed you and teisha again same time, so smile and enjoy yourself darling. A unnu seh happy!

  5. My opinion both of dem are 2 fool cause Mappy Dnt love neither one wen him still have others outside he continue to disrespect u Donna it’s time u put ur foot down n tek back your truck n push him aside u have your good credit n job u Dnt need a man dat only love certain kids n Dnt love the others n tesha if u think u have mappy u really Dnt cause my fren is sleep wit him right now in front of your face spot just a breed den cause him kno dey Dnt need nothing from him cause dem both work to mine n take care of him n dem Pickney so y not keep den both one give him expensive car n the other give him expensive boot to wear he like likes oh yea Donna Dnt need to be at da party cause it’s her money Trisha making sure its correct n all who need to get pay so Trisha is working while Donna is resting cause it is her money Mappy use every year to keep party

    1. Yes they are both stupid but Donna dont have a foot in the relationship so there is none to put down nor where to put it..These men always stay with a woman who can guarantee them a place to put their head so is not love why he is there its opportunity ..But didnt Donna get put outa di dance?? N she really mek Mappy mount har n cum in her agen..smiling like she won the lotto :travel

  6. You just mek donna look fool, because it couldn’t be my money him a use to keep party then disrespecting me to the world with teisha. Woman like you take disrespecting and settle. Are you saying I should just sit back and watch you showing the world your relationship with you and teisha while I do nothing?! . He’ll f**king no. Go add mappie on Instagram and look at his pictures, him prove it to everyone that donna a him woman and teisha!!! . I could understand if him respect me enough to don’t post none of us, but to have you posting pics of teisha NOT Once, not twice, but so many times, and your saying donna just gonna sit home and get the money?!, not a money, any money mappie give dona is what she gave him or loan him. Any man a get my money at least have to make me feel as if I’m the one, even if you have to lie to me.. Tell me a lie that you and teisha break up after she have the baby, but for you and her to be in a relationship while I’m home, and I have to be in bed lonely while it’s teisha night to get the sleep ? Then you can’t complain while he’s at teisha house spending time because you already know what time it is, teisha can’t complain because she know he’s at her house?! Unnu musi mad no bloodclawt.

  7. Listen dem afi just live good and done, none a dem not fighting, none a dem not having problems, their just living their lives the away it is and being happy, but none come up here saying teisha is wining or miss donna , both of them him love and want. Met you can remember how long you been getting stories about these 3 ppl?!, ok so me and you know that it’s been a while both of them accepting each other, way befor them turn baby mother. None of them leaving and he’s not leaving none, all when him a f**k a bag a gyal on the side, these two are his ONLY main woman. Who are we to judge?! . Bothe of them happy with it. Him not hiding none of them. None a dem naa win. Mappie at Donna house and he’s at teisha house. The only person a win a mappie because him bold enough can post two woman on him page! Lmao. Yow mappie a di only man who own up two woman in public at the same dame time mnl . Who remeber when him tek mic a philly and a big up teisha INNA di ppl dem Dance?! “Big up mi woman teisha mi love her bad!!” And unnu seh dat no relationship? And Donna a get the money. But wait mappie have money!? ?????? B

  8. both women are stupid… I know Donna has a child for him but sad to say he has never posted a pic with that child. I always ee him possting pic with Tiesha daughter. I could of told Tiesha and Mappie was having problems because she never look to happy @ the birthday party and them never did a hug up and kiss up like they normally do. Tiesha would be a fool to breath again… Donna have a career if he leave she and her kids will be set. Tiesha will only depend on the Government. To Tiesh Mappie is God because she was in a bad sitution that he took her out.(but that nah mean u fi turn the man doormat)
    Tiesha you have 3 girls set example for dem.

  9. @LOL a which situation is that? teisha is a girl who is always working, and she making money cuz she’s in a nice little job, so what u mean depend on the government. what u talking about, food stamp like what u ur self getting, help pay the rent like u ur self getting. bitch bye!!!!

  10. So yuh did want dem fi hug up and kiss up a the kids party?! It’s a kids party, it’s about the kids not them. I saw pics too on Facebook and all of them was in nice family pics. The kids party means nothing. Teisha always working from morning till now. She always give ppl jobs too cause a she give my cousin a case making $20 per hour in the city. Teisha is a very good mom and her girls are very happy, she file for her daughter that was in Jamaica and now they’re all living happy.

  11. Donna your mother should put u and Wuklis magpie out of her place. But then again only the Pitney dem will suffer.
    U a pay 2 car note and can’t pay no attention you life stay very bad you are kiddy! You are a Registerd Nurse but u nah no sense.
    As they say God looks after children and fools so i guess you will be okay. I want u go burn of that map pie tattoo because he used you and oh still nah recover.

      1. Me say donna have a tattoo of a wiman in a martini glass Pon her thigh says magpie champagne

          1. When Donna think she won and him officially left Springfield for nyc and led the wife Donna run guh buy map pie and herself a pair of red bottoms to wear at him dance a Springfield and wear short pants fi show her tattoo. A den me know she di gyal head sick

  12. Females with low self esteem, How could you make a man of this worthless caliber, low life to turn you into puppets. Look pon him to, look like a sour lime. In the next couple years one of them going to reach back on the pinkwall to talk about him not paying the 25 dollar a month child support money. Fools.

  13. What am I hearing this man just fling his cocky all ova the place and these girls are just happy to lay down and open dem legs!!! Why do these women think because they have baby by the man it’s a automatic reason fi him to leave the other women. I’ve noticed that no matter if a man seh dem love you and they can have 20 kids by the man him steal guh cheat and try to hide it and that’s if his hiding it!!! What is so special bout this man that these women just a breed suh fi him. Now he has a wife and his doing this shit behind her back. I guess sometimes these women just turn a blind eyee to be with these types of cheating men!!

  14. Mi say if my puxxy see Mappie n open mi give it up fi adoption lie mi woulda drap it off a di nearest hospital r fire station to bloodclaaaaaat
    Mappie don’t look good him broke like dog n him short WTF all u Donna whey dem put out a di dance last yr a whey ur puxxy do u meck u keep on a ill treat so no sah this caaaaaa real life sumting nopes smh not true

  15. You know the f**ked up part this lil motherf*ker not even handsome a rasshole, met a weh dem donkey yah come from?
    @Anon stop you rass noise no man cause you naw mek no sense, so what him have up tiesha pics on Ig? What the hell is IG the damn bible why you feel him promoting har desso so important?? As met seh”the benefit of a roof over the head is a better security for the man” men are like dogs where ever they get feed the most a deh dem a tan, if tiesha werent able to do shit for him he wouldnt have been with her, likewise donna. They both reeding so wether or not hes promoting one and not the other the fact remains HE’S SEXING BOTH A DEM, now one fool more than the other guess which one? The one hes promoting cause a she held the shame bag. No man naw dis me publicly and mi tan wid him, him can go duck him madda. Beat the drumpan all you want no winners in the loser situation

    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if nothing nah beat mi bad di looks part a beat me because hm nah happen
      beat dem wap wap wap

  16. Dis man want a beating. Mi seh mi didn’t realize a suh much drama him have. Him have around 8 pickney (claimed & unclaimed) Him couldn’t come out of my inbox! My God. But come to think of it, a di women dem need di beating because a man will only do what u allow. For the life of me I don’t know how they lay with this man unprotected an know dat him sleeping with other women unprotected as well. Boy some woman fool you f**k! Dem a di bessssss! An di handicap Donna she suh proud wid di belly. Smh

  17. Every man Donna deh wiid she put them name pon R cause a same way so she did do wid the boy fm 212 me mad baskin & come 2 fine out not even him last name she nuh know She a bron fool nuh know how she tun rn

  18. Calling met!!! Met met met met met MET MET MET. Did you know that donna is a married woman?!, this story need it own topic for this part, sending it in. Donna is still married to the same man lips a talk bout. So all who a call her wife, yes she is but not for mappie

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