SENDER-Shantal we affi worry bout bri bri because Is only week out of the year she see yuh and har worthless father busy signal ain’t better the two a uno want shot with sh*t


19 thoughts on “BRI BRI PRETTY DOE

  1. Sender that’s a f**g lie, I follow Shantal, this is probably the third time she went down since this year. Bad and bad some a unnuh talk shit about her but that girl stay on Facebook talking how she miss her daughter and that she’s working on her coming to live with her. Rome wasn’t build in a f**g day, if the baby can’t get the visa then Shantel just affi wait till the baby shit come through but I’ve seen her posted that she was working on getting her up. F***g sender give the child a break plus Shantal do har best fi mek the little Pickney have it. A weh day she a cuss seh smaddy a go dung an she beg dem bring things first har daughter and dem Neva dweet. Nuff mumma run left dem Pinckney and doah return, from shantal get fi go back a jamaica she been going very often fi see har pickney, no know bout di puppa still.but give to ceaser what’s due.

  2. Shantal iz one delusional nut case! “Born a millionaire”? Suh di pickney richer dan di daddy??? Cuz hef busy is not a millionaire…. :hammer child grow lil into her looks tho

  3. Yes give credit where credit is due. Bri-Bri is very cute; hopefully she will grow to be a nice young lady.

  4. She looks just like her dad she’s such a sweetie. Sender are u in busy circle how u don’t know if him just keep her off social media because of people like u? He probably go see his child but keep her out of the lime light.

  5. Busy turn them all in fool. She send in this story desperate attempt agen . mi tyaad a busy n him dutty baby mother them. They all stink. They keep breeding n keep calling him selfish. Born a milluoaire where? The man cud outlive them all them waiting on is royaltiew good luck him have so many children n family. And he not giving these hoes shit.

  6. Shantal come down three time fi three different party and she Mek lil time fi bri bri.Why she never come for her graduation ceremony why a Rosie did affi go talk what uno want bout Rosie but she is mother to bri bri than Shantal.Busy other daughter the big one her mother Eva a put bout they family like seriously one girl cuda fool so busy worthless fi true.You know I was in a nail shop once and a group of girls where talking about busy,konshens and octane how dem mean and dare thing not even feed busy don’t feed before him f**k yuh that how mean he is they said octane will feed yuh and even give yuh a warm cloth after. Konshens now him Mek a pill before sex and Mek a while before him start do bare things if yuh f**k him rite him knock rite out you can even rob him cause money always in sight a lot of money but busy not even the ref coin dem

  7. Likkle girl look weird yow!!!! she look too much like har father an den she do har mouth so she look like a likkle girl wid dis big man face…. Maybe a mi phone still.

    1. Latty she was deeead stamp of busy when she was a baby a now she grow into lil looks mi nuh kno yyyy was he denying that child! Met u kno u shuda be God mothet tho?? Cuz she a pinkwall baby!

  8. Busy have nuff pickney. Tunya going mad when she hear bout ones in secre . Him mean but ynny want breed. I don’t get it. One of him baby mother need come tell we why they so persisten . Busy mean n have ten baby mother more to go

  9. A d pic Latty, bcuz mi did affi look good 2 time fi see say a d pic n she is a lovely child. Mi glad a u sa so n a neva me dwl.

    1. But a baby and dem mek up dem face all kinda way..she look pretty same way. As a mother mi can tell u seh born cute dont mean grow cute but nuff people know dat

  10. She’s going to grow into a beautiful young lady. Busy need fi get shot wid shit. Wuckliss puppah. What woman see inna him, baffles me. Any man who not supporting his children. Is not sexy in my opinion. Nothing no turn me on like knowing I’m with a responsible man who standing up as a father to his children. Shantal come a long way, she still have more to go. She making progress at least she no siddung a Jamaica a beg.

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