Sodom and Gomorrah is over aready trouble in paradise dat was quick. No man Dian all the 3 som yuh go love likes Brighteye him couldn’t stay n yuh gone to a next man so quick u cah put up him face fi Valentine’s.
Nadine n Dian inna dog pound party n nuh stop dash wud nadine in har live say she pretty n she nuh stink like some gal all when she buss up no man Dian u need to sort out ur body odour a the second green arm woman Brighteye deh weh Jim look like him like dem dirty because all Sophia mouth stink like shit.
Dian up a Kim dance a hype a n a dance n a throw wud she she back in business n Brighteye a fi har man n him disown no Man U nuh shame yuh mouth couldn’t hold him long enough because we all know say yuh p**y done.

Brighteye yuh need fi go trade inn dat car n get a new one pon hp because that big dutty white66 plate juke full a destruction or yuh need to Mel obeah wukka Sasha sort it out.yuh luv likes till yuh sell out yuh soul from yuh luk pon yuh look mash up n can see say a bare destruction a follow yuh
Nadine big up yuh self yuh free up from the dutty crasis n parasite dem n fly n be free December Jamaica bun up Dian when can u travel.

12 thoughts on “BRIGHT EYE WATCHMENT

  1. Dutty Dian & stinking mouth Sophia age a show pon uno bad time fi stop the young gal life …stick a pin Dian & Sophia a big friends right ? Bright eyes & Sophia use to f**k …no sa uno badder than aids I swear MNL

  2. Dian tell too much lie pon f**king man n den cocky a so she did claim har bbyfada want har n him hate har like poison ask her when last dat big head ugly child luk fi d father.she walk n tell ppl say brighteye affi gi har £200 every week n him affi come home to she every night n she can never show him inna har bed no man all these lie m throw wud fi one Likkle dutty love likes short bwoy

  3. Ah lie bloodclart Dian ah tell bright eye doh give har no rass money. Bright eye have him good good women who him deh wid bright wid di girl right tru and tru people need fi stop tell lie pon di bloodclart man every time u nuh ah post bright eye pon pink wall come off ah di bwoy name bombo rass no sah. Coming like di person who ah always ah post bright eye still want ah f**k off ah di man and cah get stop hating go look ah f**king like or jump off ahh one bridge. Di man have him women and not even ah pay u nuh no attention, you most feel like shit ah bay.

  4. Dian can’t go look fi are baby farther cause she and him is not together.witch man ago get 15 years and depend on someone like she him would have to be a fool.all she do is walk f**k and lick no sah a disgrace she brings down pan are self.she is one big sin.dian life is not going anywhere apart from hell she a bc bitch and she can’t change.bright eye got time a waist pan she weh a just bring down bare crosses pan di man.but all him look hugry like she nah cook an gi him.soon prison death our jamaica fi him wid that deh salt pussy.dat deh pussy deh fi go live in one sea cah it salt bad.when are baby farda deh a road a bare bun him gi she till one a di time she did get mahga so don’t let she fool anybody about are baby farda.and him is not no waist man him lef him tings dem a road so he will not be sitting in no detention centre for years a try get no stay yah strait jamaica we seh cause him was no fool a road.and him never give she nothing fi pu dong so she good like that.

  5. Yes brighteye was with him two woman on valentines him lef one house n go the next one house to sleep but Dian never get pick a bloodclaat because him two woman dem weh love him till death nuh put up nuh Valentine’s Day gift much less she weh just try jump pon the wagon

  6. no sah!This person weh a put up this dude and Dion,need a life or something to’s 2017 and every week then find time fi this, unno need a job or a career,Dion beat them bad and f**k the gal them my yute,everyone knows he ain’t gay so fix up unno story and come again. i like reading real shit.. Them 2 yah stale…

  7. Dutty stinking big looking man body Nadine, yuh can stop now.Still a write up things nah get yuh nowhere, yuh sit and chat yuh friend them and all that yuh duh fi them,when yuh ain’t got shit,the boy drop yuh just like how stusha drop yuh. Tamika talk it seh the boy only used to come a the shop fi money or works,and yuh never did a get nuh f**k. hypocrite Nadine chat candy and everyone,suh that’s why it a hurt yuh.Yuh tatoo stusha name and him left yuh,look at yuh fi a granny, still having man problem.get yuh shot together.

  8. no sah them little johncrow ya, who can’t breed, and who left them hungry belly gal pickney a jamaica, whey man f**k in a them nose and all bout, unuh go below the belt, o dare unuh talk about the gal baby, unuh bright , me little cousin black and bueatiful and sexy, dian neva send me cousin go prison, a him fren send him, stop come on pink wall come talk shit,a whey unuh hate her for? she a nuh the first and the last gal tek people man,its like about 6wks now unuh a put up she and the man , go look a work and stop hide and chat.

  9. nasty nadine about you pretty; you have a fault with you dead hole, why you mad over the boy, him hate 9 and 10 you, you and all the rest of gal them that him f**k and don’t want, stop put up the man, it get stale, the man never want you, cut you lost.abbie you a the next one, stop talk about the man babymother cause him not leaving her, all when you say you pregnant from how long , are you a donkey. diangotit really a hurt you bitches, leave the man and him woman them alone, the race leave you two fool , no man enough is enough, how sophia reach in this , if did gal them stink , them still have a man, show fi unuh man, stop try to put down other female, stop make man feel important.

  10. Dian stay winning!!!!

    Demi is a beautiful little girl who is extremely bright and smart in school. As for Dian she is a go-getter getting her papers up.

    Dian has her own house in JA. Her own business in the UK and also has her UK residency .

    It is crazy how some people find the time and effort to do these things. Always our own black sister hurting each other smh.

    The person who send this story in, I have one question ;


    God does not like dirty!!!!

  11. My God all of this need to dun know life is short ppl we need to do better nadine an bright eye finish an ever day uno put the girl name in a tex baby to bad she is a nice person never in a problem with ppl it’s just because of one man the girl an him finish from summer last year if the girl put up are video un a say she a drop word pon Dion it’s not nice the girl always say she pretty an smell good uno a say she a drop word pon Dion when it’s not we as woman need to stop brig down a nother woman because of a man cause what gose around comes around all this need to stop we are all woman love God an live

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