1. Burgs no have no choice. Di bunn weh Tracey gi him di otha day wake him up and shock him up. Tracey was in a full side piece realtionship and was not leaving the ppl dem husband. Di bawling weh Burgs pudung you wouldn’t believe ah no him nam Sizzla a sing Dry Cry.lmao It make Burgs all fraid fi leave di house now. All a own har up more and a keep tabs pon har work schedule. Btw, He needs a stable home and 3 meals aday without the stress. lmao Tracey only wants his body in the house he doesn’t even have to work.. Which fool would give up their prize bull? lmao. Tracey and Glama still a share him evenly and they do not mind. Maybe him stroke and him tongue action worth it in their book.

  2. Unu can stay right there following up Burgs and him foolishness. He is the perfect exampl of those ppl that post shit just because they like the way it sounds. Cause if him still a f**k Glama, which part a him loyal. Kmt. Him need fi change him name from Burgs to Buzz. Cause every ting him do is just to create a buzz. Kmt.

      1. But u know mi neva really know say him an Glama still going strong. Mi tink dem was tappering off and she just did a ride pon di “baby daddy” ting. Dwlll

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