I Dont even no where to start with this little girl name Sammie. She f**k nuff man and still Dont look good. She ah f**k flex light skin friend I think him name breed and polish. She f**k nuff promoters to have a name and her parties still flop poor thing it mess be the pu**y wack . It look like nobody Dont want her no more because she ah date a gyal from the another day and they Dont look good.

0 thoughts on “BUDDY DEPARTURE

  1. Sender wha shi really duh tuh yuh cause mi nuh think yuh ah warn har bout har salt pum pum out ah di goodness a yuh heart…..
    Lawks mi manners….morning Ms.Met

  2. Good morning met! this little gal is a walking mattress. she have son jamaica weh don’t take care of. And love kotch ah everybody(real facts) she work pon jamaica on 165th and all sleep with the saddamik gal them over the tattoo place. Sammy yuh still a sleep pon yuh friend mother carpet. A hope yuh don’t get nuh carpet burn. But Met she is real definition of low life. Is that she less than fortunate. fi a gal weh like walk on look hype. yuh still a F%#K boxa,natty chris,polish, and the ugly DJ bwoy from connecticut. MET and Bloggers she is gross. Sender yuh do right thing fi expose har nastiness!!!!!!!

  3. So…. if she suckin’ and f**k’n man/woman di dutty carpet weh she sleep on what’s that to YOU sender?!? :cd Sound like she neva include yu inna di suckins or f**kins and a jealous yu jealous. :siul

  4. Senda, yuh seh “she a date ah gyal from the other day and they don’t look good.” What is it yuh nuh pleased wid, di relationship or cause den nuh look good :bingung

  5. If she promiscuous then there is a root cause for such behaviour. She is obviously a cute girl, would be interesting to take a peek into her early life and see what led her down this road.
    @Senda, whatever she is today, she may not be tomorrow. When you live long enough you realize seh di way blessings fall is completely random. Take your mouth off her especially if you are a mother to a girl child, cause di seeds you sow, you surely must reap. Many of you plug up your own children’s blessings by speaking against the children of others. Let her be, she will find her way in time, tomorrow is a different day she will wake up in a different mind.

  6. The low life is whosoever have the time to come here talking shit. But first get yuh story correct. Y worry about me, my pussy, my man dem and my woman dem??? Mi nah hide nothing. Suh y’all wasting time posting shit on here. #NoF**ksGiving

  7. Beauty you wah guh back a school. Sad n bloodclaat dunce like. But since yuh know so much come see me face to face…. mi nuh intimidated by punk asses weh use pink wall dash dirt pon ppl.
    Abayyyyyyyy! Mi a mi own boss pussy anything me do wid mi life a my business. Chuck off unda yuh mumma

  8. Yes! sammy mi dunce but at lease yuh undastand bitch. come a talk up like care.
    bitch yuh paid back cherry har money. yuh broke whore! like style nobody pon here. Bitch yuh come pon pink wall, when yuh ready come talk up Sh7T about ppl. but when come this morning and see ya dirty lifestyle. well *SENDER* at 7:04 yuh sammy fi a talk. is pair ole foot shi walk with suh she fi suppose fi know betta. LIKe stay bad (shape,Chicken body judy,and tired face karen and ulgy munchie) weh say shi f&*K down place with women. Sammy get mad with mi get mad with careless [email protected]*@y!!!!! YUH BROKE BITCH.
    Come back so i can bless and done you.

  9. Sammy the time yuh come cuss yuh should mek (Ava,judy,shape,simone,karen,kim,and kay) Har co-worker dem. teach you fi discipline yuh pum pum……

  10. Stay bad beauty anno Sammy fault Mek u nu ave a life u a talk bout Sammy wen u a walk wid u pussy pon u forehead u lucky sey hood nu ave cola cuz all ur mouth woulda look like rainbow …u ave nuff time pon ur hand eehh fe a wlk n watch Sammy pussy a bet u sey u man nu cum home tonight gu find a way fe hold u man nastiness n Lowe Sammy n r pussy ‘Sammy n a pussy a mad u

  11. As mi seh beauty come see me face to face mek me deal wid u. The back and forth thing nah work. U cyah tell me ntn fi hurt me. How my lifestyle hurt u suh???
    Lmaooooo Shay u nuh c di gyal hurt bad. She lucky mi pussy have more f*k fi get

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