Met , I want tell yuh bout dis nasty crab ina barrel pu**yole name bugsy. Afta him breed one of lady janet (in atlanta) daughters , di pu**y nuh mind di likkle girl. She not even know him. Him not even acknowledge di beautiful girl. Mi see har one time ah elegance and him walk right pass her. Its so sad cah him keep nuff party , always out ah run road and him dont even tek di time out fi spend and get fi know him daughter. Anyway mi hear seh di likkle girl deh ah Georgia wid har granny and aunty. Ah dem tek care of har. Dis pu**yole soon get weh him deserve.


  1. Top of the morning one and all,look here sender I understand your concern for this child and mi a one person whea bun out man whea nuh mind dem Pitney but sender not because yuh see Nufff a dem a keep up dance and things dat nuh mean say dem have money most a dem walk and borrow money fi keep di dance dem and some a dem dance ram but by next week dem bruck like dog beca whea dem borrow dem afi pay back,sender Bugsy sometime caaneven pay him own rent and bills dem,him don’t even have a reliable car figet him around sender doan believe di hype,dem dancehall people yah more time afi box shit out a hog mouth fi survive.

  2. Anon 9:44 I so agree with you, most time Bugsy stand up in dance THIRSTY look all last week he beg my friend a drink

  3. But this is not NEW in the world of Dancehall with these Nasty Men. The problem is the females who knows that they already have kids out there and not taking care of them but still go lay dung wid them and get pickney thinking HE is going to take care of yours. This is sooo sad, The poor Chilren them suffer.

  4. So why the mother nah mine har dawta too? Why is the child staying with her granny and aunty? Smh these people are a bunch of jokes. What makes her better than Bugzy.. she broke too.
    Smaddy can breed fe buck teeth Bugzy Bam Bam?? Yuck. Long time ago I heard he was sick, that’s why he left NY move a Atlanta.

  5. Bugsy yuh dry and thirsty suh till all drinks you affi beg fi quench yuh parch throat. Yuh fi duh betta….guh look ah 9-5 and support yuh offspring dem. Yuh wutliss bum :marah

  6. Good Afternoon Met & Metters,
    Except for the innocent child, a good fi all a dem. These women will never learn, continually allow themselves to be suckered in to the name brand dis an dat and at the end of the day this is the result.

  7. met mi know di likkle girl mother , dem both did ah live ah NY but di granny did want di pickney so she tek har. di mother always go back n forth ah GA fi mind har pickney. nobody nah seh all of di dj man dem have money , but if you ah go out fi eat n drinks wid yuh ray ray friend dem and yuh always ah play ah somebody party , it nah go hurt bugsy fi spend a dollar pon him child or even get to know har. she dead stomp of him… him mind and tek care of di rest of him pickney ina NY …

  8. Bugsy Bam Bam may not take care of his kids but Bugsy Bam Bam make certain that he take care of other people business…dis nigga gossip wuss dan gal ah LOVE di blem blem ah mixup..

  9. I see this guy and his friendssometimes when i go party and they look broke and miserable. Like 32 men around one 750ml Hennessey bottle (its embarassing) I dont know how a normal funcitoning lady will let them hit it….

  10. sender is telling the truth about bugsy. this guy is a real piece a dog shit and ugly too lol. he will walk pass him own mother if he is vex with her. bugsy and him friends them all them do is walk and talk wholeap a shit bout good people who not on them nasty filthy level and bad mine people fe dem things. him and him friends dem are nasty as hell too walk and fucc women fe likes suck dem puss and lick out dem batty so women can buy them things and give them money. bugsy as there is a good god in heaven he will fix u business and bring about ur downfall. u and u dutty friends dem love pick pan people and unu don’t think people know unu business. well thank god for jmg cause all of u about to get exposed. u disgusting disease infested monkey. the truth soon get exposed about u piece by piece. stop walk and cause mixup and stop behave like a big bitcch. u sick dog stomach vomit u.

  11. Leave Bam Bam Alone from what I understand he never what the pickney! True he should of never f**k her RAw. But sometimes we as ooman need to take accountable for our actions to.. Lie in the bed make it UP!! especially when being a #youngsidechick!! But hey to each its own!! I see he takes care of his other kids, and be having a blast partying, and giving DJ the whole of ATL!! he cant be too broke!! for him bizness that.. It aint none of my business!! @t cleanest what sickness?/ #lortgawd…lol :cool :bingung: :bingung: :bingung:

    1. bugsy is a big time loser and bum. he live in some ghetto run down apartment complex and don’t even own a car. people have to pick him up and drop him off where ever him have to go. plus him and some of him friends dem involve in a different kinds a scamming schemes. dem kinda nasty bwoy no decent woman don’t bring them to your house or round them kids. you just hide and fucc them and keep it pretty and cute. one big bunch of beggy beggy lick out pussey and batty bums ha ha lol.

  12. Please I don’t know if your referring to me a hide & f**k.. You got me f**ked up.. so don’t joke about shieet like that.. #don’t start no f**king rumors… anyways batty :angel baaaaaytch….lol I don’t want none of them blubbers”..I mean clubbers.. lol.. Im good. MF you don’t kno shieeet about me.. N that’s the way I like it.. you made cus you not get no Bun!! #cheese

    1. who the fuc was even talking to you? bittcchhh mind ur business and go answer to the people them dissing ur ugly pics u big foot ape lol.

  13. regardless if he want pickney or what the pickeney here stand up bugsy and take care of the f**king pickney be a man uno a dem dutty parent deh weh no want di yuth but when them get rich and famous thats when you a daddy germs mind your pickeney you too nasty

  14. bugsy from a man perspective why you stay so my yute the kida yours do the right ting big man ans she look more like you than your other your other kids b the mother a struggle and have fi left the kid with mumma so she can work oh it look the kid a grow with no parents weh you think was going to happen when you no put on your boots answer mr

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