INCARCERATED reggae artiste Buju Banton has instructed his legal team to halt any further appeals of his 2011 conviction on cocaine charges.

Buju Banton, whose given name is Mark Myrie, is currently serving a mandatory 10-year sentence in an American correctional facility. The entertainer has been strident in his fight for his freedom.

On Thursday, the Associated Press reported that in return for Banton’s tossing of appeals, the US Attorney Office is dismissing firearms charge against the reggae singer.

This move, however, is an about-turn from the entertainer’s legal team’s modus operandi.

In January, Charles Olgetree — who, along with Max Stern, comprise Banton’s legal team — vowed to continue fighting to have his client’s conviction overturned to secure a new trial.

“We will be fighting for Buju Banton’s freedom,” he told the Jamaica Observer.

“We will present our arguments for a reversal of his conviction to the entire court in an en banc hearing later this spring,” the Harvard Law School professor continued.

Efforts made to reach Olgetree were insuccessful.

Banton — who has been arrested since 2009 — was convicted in February 2011, days after winning a Grammy award for his album, Before the Dawn. His other albums include ‘Til Shiloh (1995), Inna Heights (1997) and Unchained Spirit (2000).

He is scheduled to be deported to Jamaica in January 2019.


  1. He needs to sit his ass down and meditate on the life wey him tek. Long run, short ketch. Blood deh pon Buju hands from him tek the life of a friend.
    When shit reach you in life, look back at your actions and choices and you’ll see exactly why you’re in the jam you’re in.
    10 years outta ya life is nothing compared to a lifetime you robbed from Sebastian.

    Hope when he’s released he’ll do what he was originally called to do before money and power turn him ina idiot.

  2. as usual ..him shoulda tek di original rass deal fi 2 years, and him woulda a wine up pon pum pum since 2011..now him end up with the deportation wah him dida run from and the drug charge wah him did a run from..shake me rass head

  3. Buju not an easy road you see glamma and glitz and think a bed a rose who feels it knows. Freedom is must Buju. That’s why I trust no one.

  4. You know not that im saying its right, but certain ppl love when ppl fall, thats so not cool.
    I dont think he got a fair trial at all , my gosh, its so hurtful to see people rejoicing, i hope unno life clean

  5. Buju fe jus jookie jam, and gwaan do him time. Lesson learned is that when yu mek up yu bed, yu fe lie dung inna it too. Afterall, 2019 nuh dey too far! Also, don’t Buju did get married in America? To my knowledge, some American prisons allow conjugal visits. So, why him nuh jus easy himself?

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