KINGSTON, Jamaica — Mayor of Kingston Senator Angela Brown Burke on the weekend urged comrades to speak out against child molesters.

“… Bun out di rapist dem nuh matter weh dem deh,” Brown Burke said, while speaking at a conference put on by Member of Parliament Anthony Hylton in his West St Andrew constituency.

“All when dem deh inna yuh yard, yuh bun dem out. Yea?” Brown Burke charged. “And when yuh come a PNP (People’s National Party) meeting, yuh make sure they know seh there is no place here fa dem.”

“Too many of our young children are being raped,” Brown Burke argued.

The Kingston mayor also issued a challenge to all PNP councillors and members of Parliament to openly discuss the issue of child molestation, stating: “Every time we meet, make we talk about it because we have to protect our children.”

While other speakers focused on the impending general election and campaign strategies, the mayor used the platform to urge parents to be watchful of the men who interact with their children – not just the girls, but the boys as well.

“I want them to feel as if there is no space in the PNP for them,” Brown Burke added.

Molestation of boys and girls was not the only thing the mayor addressed. She also urged the comrades to be more vigilant parents and emphasized that they ought to pay close attention to homework in the new school year.

She encouraged parents to ensure that their presence is felt in the classroom.

“And any day your child come home and you have to explain the homework for them to understand the homework, the next morning you must go to school and tell the teacher that him never understand or she never understand,” Brown Burke insisted.

Brown Burke, who received her PhD in Adult Education Literacy at the National-Louis University in Chicago earlier this year, made mention that as an educator, she knows that sometimes those who are trained to teach, may teach the students using easier methods than the parents.

She went on to encourage parents to work alongside the teachers to ensure that interest is shown in their child’s education.

David Wright

0 thoughts on “BUN OUT ALL DI RAPIST DEM

  1. Despite being an educator with her Doctorate Degree she mek sure talk inna de raw Jamaican patwa “BUN DEM OUT”. You go girl,I agree wid yu! Hmmmmmm, a wonda if she did have Capleton music a play inna de background? Now, that would have certainly helped her speech too, wouldn’t it?

  2. I love her. I love how she didn’t mince words why are our elected officials so reluctant to address these issues that are so vital to our country’s survival. The education and exploitation of our children should be the order of day. Love you Dr. Brown.

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