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Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame
Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame

Kasi was with Usain’s brother Sadiki for a while as his side chick until his girlfriend found out and left him. Usain had an event at Mainard Key and was said to have faulted his brother for missing the boat, which caused a big rift between them…….Usain used this as leverage to get Kasi. The sprinter and Bennett became a regular item because she was different from the girls he dated, she was educated, independent and fulfilled his growing sexual desires.


It is said that Bolt will never marry or settle down with anyone outside of Jamaica because …Lava scared the shit out of him when she put holes in the condom..so as much as he appears reckless overseas, he does play it safe..



-Kasi knows she is at the top of Usain’s list so she is not concerned with that is being published in the media (girls, sex , kissing). It’s a fact that he does the same thing when they go clubbing together. He leaves Kasi for a few moments, go over to who he thinks looks hot, has his way and then goes back over to her so she knows.

– Tahira or however her name is spelt, is Usain’s gofer, she brings girls to him and does not like Kasi only because she wants to maintain her position . Facts, Usain sleep with the whole crew.
-Kasi left her job because it was not conducive to the relationship and night life. Fact, she got the money to buy the shoes she showed off for her birthday but people were looking for a bigger birthday gift.


Things went sour between Usain and Kasi a few days before her birthday. Kasi celebrated with her friends,Usain was not in the picture (please refer to video). Bolt and Kasi were both scheduled to go to a party and he hurt his foot the night before and could not attend. Fact, Kasi wanted to make a grand entrance at Cabana and was upset it did not go as planned. The rift trickled into her birthday celebrations and while they were not fully broken up, Bolt held back on the gifts. She did not get the car she told her friends she would be getting.

Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame
Daily mail so thirsty they didnt see that Usain has a different hair cut and this pic is so old. Shame

Kasi will not leave, she told friends she is expecting to get the car when Usain comes home from Rio. What we are seeing in the photos with Usain and the girls is nothing new, Kasi is unmoved because this is normal for them. Life will go on as it did before, she will bring girls for their bedroom, Tahira will bring girls and they will go on until…….. :kiss

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  1. yuh nuh see di latest wehh she ah talk bout, bolt nuh believe in ah cheating. if a lauf in yaa todeh. stupid girl

  2. So she and the Taihari (sp?) girl a out-cool each other, pretend unu alright with his sexploits, bring women to his bed, don’t complain about the treatment because of status and money. we all know deep inside any of these women would die if he settled down with them and start behaving. Mi memba an interview wid Rita weh she said at a point in her marriage she was just like the mother hen for Bob, he would call her wen a girl would over stay her time in his hotel room, and she would come and gwan bad as the wife. At least Rita was a wife and in the end she Profited a lot financially as being the widow of The Legend. I never understood women who put up with this.

    1. Rita no Betta barrel. Yu ambition just as low bout wife and finance…both bitches short pon RESPECT, LOYALTY and LOVE. D em tree tings de a de ultimate.

        1. wah mi a try explain is that like these women rita put up with a lot of dis, remember she said he wrote “turn the lights down low,” fi Cindy and she neva waan guh pon stage go sing back up and Judy tell har fi go cuz him will cuss and gwan bad, all dem dis deh. these ladies will have nothing but their lost pride and a stomach full a punny juice from all the three somes, when Bolt marry a nice girl mommy and daddy approve of. Rita, in the end at least have the status and yes, money that comes with the estate of being his widow. I am not saying she is better than these ladies, it take a certain kind of women to put up with these men who behave badly. A certain self-loathing and lack of self respect.

  3. We all know seh if dem did still deh she nah go nowhere! Women almost never leave a man with money and status no matter what him do/doing!

    The one thing she needs to remember is that man change like green lizard! So careful!

  4. This Kasi girl look like she nuh have no father or any type a male figure in her life because if a father know she a sell out her self dem way ya him must woulda wah put some sense inna har

    1. Hit the nail on the head. She has said many times that she has never met her father and has no relationship with him. She’s always claiming to have “daddy issues”

  5. Bolt gonna turn 35 and go right back to the girl that he was with in high school. Nobody wasn’t paying attention but the girl Mitzi was with his parents in RIO. He posted her on his snap for a quick second when the parents came to visit so Kasi better save the money because he seem to always trying and maintaining a friend ship with this ex and when you ever see Kasi around him parents?

  6. A CAR thou? Chick really be stooping the lowest! What make and model car is that? LOL fool fool she fool fool

  7. Met i see a post going round on twitter that claims to be Bolt’s apology letter to his ‘girlfriend’ you see it?

  8. So Kasi nuh have the credit card…. ??? Yu k ow Di one dem Weh yu charge and Di man pay fa ,,,, because when him come back from Rio him Suffa come back to a big bill and if him question mi … Mi woulda jus tell him Fi buil

    1. Met
      Hol on de a mussi it mi si Sam a drive a while ago …. Mi ask Usain an him se Kasi a go get Di bronze … And Him a go gimme Di silver

  9. Boy dis big a dan mi….met when yuh did say yuh did ago wait till after di big race fi dash out,yuh really never did a play muma!!

  10. but Kasi nuh short a nothing, she used to all drive come a high school. Her ppl dem have money to, just not rich but comfortable. I just dont understand how she make the fame and fortune fly up inna har head and tun har inna laughingstock. And yes Kasi, the whole a we laugh.

    1. Rich people stay rich cause dem always want more money. They want to make sure dem maintain dem position financially so dem mek sure have security.

    2. Kasi was not rich. She was ok….she just better off than the ppl dem round ar …. Kasi a go Sch a Clarendon and a try get in wid a certain girl for status girl Mek shi know at clique start from birth and dem cah loose dem haffi uphold dem status .. She was on the come up

  11. pon a real admin,mek mi know the time a day wen traffic slow cuz mi a tell yuh ppl weh sudden a get through a get through and now wen mi get through some comments wen long like usain panty trails a kill me way dem nuh guh write fi de huffington post smfh,a bet smaddy wid de real suss get upset and gone

  12. nuh laff man it c-rus out here,all mi a scroll nd no en then wen it end smaddy tek the baton like a relay and jus a galang a galang wid dese long ass college essay wi knw school open back nd shit but shittttttttt..mi tyurdddddddd

  13. Metty oo, U say Bolt a sleep wid di whole crew, so him a sleep wid Tahira too? she partake in d 3-somes or she just get girls for him?

  14. Den wait dey, nuh Lava have baby fi one of d Marleys just di other day? A so she well waan baby with famous man?

  15. So met a vex Kasi did vex true she neva get you big gifts and braggings like last year ? A have she did have him up ?

  16. I know this sound bad but I wouldn’t even be mad at Kasi if she just go breed fi Usain. The amount of shit that she have to put up with at this point the best way to ‘secure her future’ is to gwan go breed. Sorry to say it, but at this point nothing is guaranteed as far as him taking care of her.

    1. Unoo obviously nuh hear the song “pickney nah hold man again” smh. If she breed fi him, him nuh have to take care of her. After him take care of her for 9mnths, she have the baby and the breast feeding stage over him can take his child from her if he wants and gone bout him business, den what????

      1. I think you missed my point. Having a child for him wouldnt be to keep Usain but to secure her financial future. I question if she even really loves him at this point or ifits about winning the competition. I usually don’t condone women ‘trapping’ men for money, but I think she’s earned it over the last 2-3 years. Over the last couple of years she’s put up with a lot (maybe she didnt mind/she deserved it) and from the looks of it doesnt have a house or major assets in her name. 18 years 18 years

  17. Somebody in the other posts had said her friend Danielle was the one who set up the balloons etc for her l. I will assume this person gave you the tea above.

    So you mean to tell me Usain just gave her so-so money and she tek it buy Loubs and sneakers and balloon and have her friend organize it, put it on instagram to make it seem like Usain did the arrangment? :recsel

    Levels to this shit. I just made the connect and now me believe without a doubt a she submit the first set of headline news.No sah!!!!! We’re not worthy :ngakak

      1. Yeah man no doubt your links 100. Some poster did say it was Kasi friend Danielle who arranged the balloons and ting for her and not Usain

    1. No, Bolt mailed the shoes to Kasi in a big box. Danielle came up with the idea to record everything on snapchat and the idea for the photo. She set up the boxes and flowers and balloon and everything to create the hype. No wan mash up my likkle credibility. If Bolt didn’t send them I would say. After her birthday passed last year she dropped Danielle. And see she do it again. Kasi uses people for convenience.

      There is no video this year because it was very quiet. Simple dinner. No partying no outfit changes. No hair and excitement. She was actually emotional at the dinner you can tell she wasn’t happy.

      1. Why unu love call dung lawyer pon Kasi and her family suh? Neither she, di mada nor the absentee puppa a lawyer.

  18. but that birthday video is from last year no? because that video been on her instagram page the same year she got the room filled with shoes no? lol i can’t

  19. Anybody realize say this blow out cake video is last year? Same top and pants she had on in the pic with the shoes and balloons… It ain’t recent, suh 2016 birthday was quiet or nah???

  20. Of course Kasi was at Rio I saw her for a short while after he ran the race and win and they were showing his parents , She was there with his parents side by side Bolt father was in the middle between Kasi and Bolts mom net di ppl dem pon yah Suh too mixup and lie

    1. Pig ask him madda why her nose so big, she said son you a grow you will find out.

      You might be new to the suss but she did not reach boo. She video her self and mommy screaming at the tv saying BAABYY in Kingston Jamaica


  21. bwoy bolt spiteful duh, after ALL weh him mek Kasi do u telling me him still a hold out pon di car?? him coulda buy her that longtime. ALL the freakiness & tings. Me wuda lef him & scandal him publicly she have enuf ammunition. before di gal go dunga NHT go pay dung pon a house she go buy shoes &pure fkry fi put pon IG. if bolt lef her & go back to Mitzy him still ago want di freakiness him cyah change is wat him used to.

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