Hey Met

I have some suss for you.

All screenshots below are of various conversation i had with Damany. He works at (Edited). Apparently his right name is Jabari

The boy is a user. All him do is meet girls and use them for what they can give him. He dates them and gets them all caught up in him and then take money from them.

I was talking to him for a while on instagram and him dun out all a him ex dem. Chat dem business and use dem. Hi is wicked. See how him demanding.

Now him sending ppl to message me to try see what is what.

Him need fi low ppl gal pickney and go look after his own.

Him live with him baby mother and kids and still a look woman.

Unu look on some of the screen shots deh me send unuh.

I hope unuh post it and loud him up.

him picture is there.

After me start get tyad a him and cuss him off him block me cus him couldnt get nothing from me.

Him illiterate too all the while him a text him cant spell simple words.

Spread the word that this man is a no good man. Use women and dump them then chat them business with ppl

4 thoughts on “BUSY AT WORK

  1. All now mi no get it, mi wonda if mi slow………what’s the point of this long epistle miss, it look like you just chat up the man fi get screen shot fi send suss come gi met…….lady in my opinion you is frigging scorpion, bitter bitch

  2. Sender u lameeee eeee no sah I saw like two incorrect spelling and u calling that dunce??? Bwoy when ppl think them intelligent more than d world and end up looking dumb kmt anyways a f**ka him to he sounds like trash bag anyway…..His BBY moma should dispose his ass

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