Gud gyal yuh pickeny nuh reach ah year yet, not evn five month yet yuh duty up social media a suck busy community hood, nw yuh go f**k n suck dwn Costa Rica hotel n put up hotel picha pon ig ah suh yuh wan attention Ah busy yuh wan see yuh r ah people yuh wan knoe yuh go Costa Rica yuh gwaan to d dogs nuh lill pride.


  1. All me know this girl have no ambition, pride, dignity very low self esteem She’s very needy for attention

  2. Me see on har page ino n one bird ask har if a promo or Advertisement she a do lmao she’s so low fi a young gyal a weh them a run dwn. She no tried fi disgrace her self.

  3. Costa Rica n busy nah mind him pickeny dem mi lose offa busy big time him use to be my artist dem lill sekkktel ya him pick up somebody with sense can really post dat a bitch is just a bitch har name said it all.

  4. Frm Sally a wrk a famous she selling pussy cuz we all use to work together, as a money man come she itch up n a laugh off har face suh milk did like dat cause it Bring money Ina d club and the liquor dem sell cause a fi her customers she f**k all a them.

  5. Gwaan through Tinkerbell but sell with discretion! MET since dem sey she a sell,may I trouble you to ascertain how much a pound fi It?

    I know a friend who interested to buy 4pounds worth ok so just helping out a fren u done know!

    Tinkerbell please to hold ur head up because u not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. ..dem a gwaan like a kartel rifle u polished n shine kmft,some a unno fi gweh!

  6. Suh she hungry fi attention can’t turn a bitch Ina wifey none tall she shoulda gaggle d balls dem to cuz it like sucking d hood naw giv har enough fame better luck next

  7. Wah do dis ya gyal ya well wan ah buss eeh man she ah do everything out a d way low self esteem

  8. @yardielovethugs dwl Iyar fren done suck kartel hood already n if ah kartel hood she wouldn’t ah walk foot. Mine ah yuh waan buy sum ah d f**k under style ino yute dwl

  9. I don’t understand so if busy is her bBy father why she on the internet like dis not getting enough money r attention Confuse she a promote her self on the internet like any other gyal who hustle on d road . She need to hold up har head too low

  10. Mi feel like when yuh have picney certain things fi puddung no lie….suh yuh mean fi tell mi seh di picney nuh reach 5 months yet….. An a dis a gwan??? gal suppose to all still a nurse…. like she nuh even wait fi di pussy heal. She sound like a real egg shell.

  11. My question how busy feel bout this, him must shame he’s so hype he’s my neighbor the way he act I think his women them would be of class. out of all the entertainer he’s the only one don’t have a woman of class or a sensible woman I saw this girl once around here and few times in half way tree she needs some clothes and her hair always want to get done she looks horrible for a young girl she need to put herself together nicely. She never wear nothing with sense yet same cheap clothes like the regular girls them in dancehall.

  12. no d same girl dis who Ina the video a suck busy hood no sah! She com bk ova ya suh dog head gyal nah nuh shame if busy har man n all wat is the reason fi put such a pic on d internet something nuh add up

  13. Big Oman ting if ah fi mi woman dis mi giv har some bloodclawt kick n run weh can show up yuh ting suh on ig dem gyal ya fi Gweh nuh man yuh wan see yuh duty self dog shit turf president yuh Cnt wife ah bitch ya don dem likkle cheap bitch ya disgrace. Big up turf president

  14. ! does this girl have any parents? I have three daughters and when I see these things I pray day in and out that them just take up the books and make me proud. N it all adds up to how you grow u children them some mother expose them girl child too early and send them to catch man to feed the whole house Cuz this girl here have a big issue. after I did sorry for her when the video drop n cuss busy she literally post herself like this. So lets see who saying a busy post dis nw

    1. Anon dem gyal greedy fi hype life mi nuh know bout har life but a nuff parents raise dem kids right with little a nothing and dem still worthliss.

      Mi own brother weh a 20 year old expect mi parents fi mind him until him a 25 and a dem same a pay him college tuition fee. When does it stop? Dem a adults now the parents can’t be held responsible forever. Bout dem want hype life and fast money without actually “earning it”.

  15. The only thing I have to say abt the video thing is that, y the fuss? A it’s not like she sucking some random dude…..she’s sucking and f**king her baby fada. Lots of girls out there and a video a suck random man hood. I mean yeah she never have to do it can…..but it happened

  16. All I can say desperate for attention after having a child especially a girl certain things must stop . Thing u use to do in the pass must not happen. The way u use to dress and carry yourself it have to change . Nobody can’t blame busy because now people see this girl is just another girl who use their body to get money and attention so low life just a shame after that video I would think she would understand herself and hold up har head but she come out even worse she have no self love.

  17. Jah know!!!! Why someone would do this to themselves..I’m totally not the type to bash people most of all females. But there is somethings that call self love, self worth, pride and dignity, values, self esteem , self control. However if you went somewhere that’s personal who cares have fun and make A while the sun shine. Learn to keep your mouth shut that’s your biggest down fall. ( chat too much) Humble yourself and have pride. Even if you don’t have any at least try to adopted some.

    And out of the loving and kindness of my heart I’ll suggest to her to start loving herself , read a lot of motivational and inspirational books.. Authors such as Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and the list goes on.. Set qoutes in her journals like “I have a dream” “I WILL, I CAN, I MUST “and objectives to accomplish your goals. Wake up girl! You are a mother now .. Please my heart crys out don’t dull your child future ” I believe the children our future , teach them well and let them lead the way” . If the mother is of nothing good ensure your child live your dreams . GET IT TOGETHER PLEASE.. Take my words of encouragement feed on it.. and push forward ” A word from the wise is sufficient “.

  18. Busy carry her him have show therr…. guess he loves the suck. ..reanno u a johncrow what bout u other kids n bm,,,,,

  19. She was always like dis mi use to wrk with dem the heep a tings she do all 3 sum she is of nothing good frm high sch days Burke f**kry f**ky long time dem just put on clean clothes n act like them good . Gyal com round we one night a wrk gyal pussy stink like she go sell sum pussy in the bathroom n com we nuh stop laugh pussy Neva hold no orders u just wan have a lill name Burke f**k yuh fi little n nothing dem gyal ya nuh f**k fi big money n dem nasty bad suh nuh surprise

  20. @lol busy is d worse man God put on earth wid him mean BBC self him will always stay round cuz him nuh like spend m wid she a easy suck n f**k.

  21. A nuh like seh she a look gud gyal she naked nuh BBC she need some proper clothes and shoe gyal hair tan bad wah dis! Fi a f**k n breed fi a hype man yuh ting likkle bit. Bitch yuh not important go take pages out Shaniz Kasi list goes on book but then again dem gyal deh a World Cup n yuh no deh no weh near the League . Go buy good clothes put on u very naked wid d one black Bridget one high waist pants yuh always a wear gyal go sidung ah shame yuh nuh hav . Yuh nah hav nothing fi ah young gyal .. Not important bitch yuh a social media poppy show n comedian . Wul a Laff hahahah clown

  22. . Busy just getting worst I can’t stand d man worse artist outa Ja I wouldn’t buy a record fi listen Fi him cuz him don’t support nuhn out ya .such a dead beat i hate men who don’t take care of their children . Him no have no sensible bBy mother still typical girls them that drop out of high school so that said it all.

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