6 thoughts on “BUT DENYQUE

  1. So if you are not doing it for the gram, why all the unnecessary hash tags? Trying real hard to sound deep and enlightened when you’re as shallow as a puddle. Do a quickie wedding just to say you’re wife and that you’ve won when the husband not leaving slick. All of us have to get old but it bothers people like you the most who depend on your looks for validation and have a false sense of superiority because of said looks, hence hashtag #curlyhair, which wasn’t necessary because everybody can see that your hair is curly but you just had to remind them that you have so called “good hair”. Shallow and vain, all of you.

  2. the purpose of using hashtag is to ensure that people who are not followers but have an interest in #naturalhair or #curlyhair will see your post. that helps you to gain more followers. some people like natasha lee even get endorsement deals its a branding thing not necessarily vain. you would have to understand how the busuness side of social media works .

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