1. Met the title a beat mi extremely bad DWMFL!!! You know you dead sass wrong for insulting these wonderful and caring baby fathers husbands and upstanding role models of our communities. Their parties come first. Their clothes come first. Their flossing in clubs and wearing toppa top name brands and driving bush rides come first. Their wives girlfriends and other side oomens who want spend the children dem child support money on crayola colored hair and nail claws and batts foot shoes and bitch up outfits come first. Their breakfast lunch dinner and snacks come first. Their mortgage rent wata rate current bill gas electric bill hospital bills and all sawt a other medical bills come first. The deadbeat dem and dem wutliss side kick and dem fake lifestyle come first Met suh wey dem figet money fe pay child support? The kids dem don’t need nothing so why pay money if the kids dem don’t need a rass ting! Gi u a joke Met. Mine done tell me sey it worth every trip to jail fi nuh gi me a red cent fe child support than to pay any at all to me or courthouse so Met please to leave them alone. Time and jailhouse will handle them accordingly. :ngakak

    1. @ Oh No, u sarcasm crack me up mi cyaan stop laughing.
      I always wonder about these women who purposely get with these dudes and have children for them. I mean whe unnu really expect with these Rico Suaves?

  2. Well let me do some Maths ya now ruff guess about 30-35 bakkle a champagne @$140 a pop so that a $4900 wasted fi pose n moggle Mappet u r going WANT N NEED that one day memba ur child support a $25 n u don’t pay it baby madda a dis u fi show the judge unnu a romp wit dem man ya

    1. And that is well beyond embarrassing low down dirty and shameful on THEM!! Who laughs last always laughs the best cause me nuh stop LAUGH AAFA mine. COURTHOUSE MI SEY TAWKCHUET!!! Dem can chat to u back and leff dem fi talk to the police in a car back and judge in a courthouse aaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TAWKCHUET MI SEY U FI COLLECK U PICKNEY MONEYYYYY!!!! NUH DEADBEAT BWOY NOR GAL CAN CHAT TUH MI!! :hammer

  3. Met look at da song mappie choose for his intro da man a tell da 2 ediot dat him have other women straight like dat

  4. I cant with these so called “Men” they just dont care about their
    kids. What a waste my son’s father tried that same thing with me the judge ordered him to pay $25 a month and he couldnt even do that. Luckily a friend of mine sent me pics from his facebook and guess what Mr I CANT AFFORD$25. was doing. Showing off Gucci clothes, trips to Disney World( minus his child) brand new car…….. took the pics to the judge and he now owes me like $25,000 and growing. My son gets straight A´s and my daughter is on honor roll thats the luxury i wanna see in eduction not popping bottles!!!!!!!

    1. Mi se it last week the court really need fi tek up some a di case dem serious dem fi go ina di dance dem and stop dem show…draw dem out and mek dem pay some good money

      1. Metty, Uncle Sam ah plan fidem! Memba mi tell yuh dis!!! Sake ah badmine dem ah badmine di mumma fe leff dem wutliss serve nuh purpose asss dem feels as if them can hold out pa di pickney dem survival money, but unlucky fe my sperm donor…dat know seh mi nuh play dat shyt str8888888!!!! Arrest warrants, courthouse, jail, probation, license revocation and suspension, tax intercept…the whole shebang!!! And av ah audacity one time fe ah come ah club come try V.I .P one ah di time ah pop bare style ah big dance…mi jus screechy inna my purse reach fimi phone and copy of the warrant and diall 911 fe come haul weh dat like Thursday trash..coo di pussy ah gully creep chue di back stage…no sah!!!!!DWMFL!!! Them soooo sad til dem funny baaaad!!! :ngakak

      2. Metty, Jah know star!! Guffe show yuh how trifling my sperm donor is…when time come fimi go ah courthouse for the heari and dem ah call calendar, the judge dem KNOW him name cause dem lick im up oooh much times aready..I don’t even have to wait around for them to hear the case cause they just put my case at the very top of the pile, laugh and shake dem head and start filling out the arrest warrant..10 minutes max, I sign and get my copy and I’m outta there!..the judge have ah surprise feem th

    2. He ‘owes’? So you still nuh get none all now!
      You did the right thing, but you also need to chase up that money coz and owed amount increased on a court paper still can’t spend or go in bank account.

      In the meantime continue to look after your children as us mothers do instinctivly and encouraging your children to do well in their education.

      Their success in life will be your payday

  5. What a waste smfh. The fed up part after dance dem hungry like dog a call and beg people dem hard earn money , set a good for nothings

  6. hold hold on dem put mappie pon child support and fi pay $25 ..shame and him jus get a new baby born inna bronx for di dark skin girl who di bartender at his last year step inna yuh black di pregnant one.mappie member sa you was looking but wen mi feel up & feel what you working with its too small fi me. member say you bring eating too me bout you will pay me fi you fi eat me.. and yuh inna dance a do money pull up and yuh deh pon child support for only $25.. thats why mi nuh want you..

      1. I need a ride pretty pretty plsssssssssss :hope
        But stop a Donna money him did ago use fi pay fi di plate of puxxy hayyyyyyyyyyy Met mi ready now pls beg u di ride ooooo :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir: :ngacir:

  7. While I watch this video why is he showered with champagne for so damn long, is it really that dang serious!

  8. nikki me believe u him do di same too me ..him freaky bad me never know sa him jus get another youth next child support for you mappie you two hype .. mix up time nikki weh yuh sa him breed di bartender di dark skin girl poor thing only if she know about him mappie yuh pay your way out inna dance you bring freaky things to me nuff time but my man affi straight child support fi you and more too come soon

  9. Huh? I just don’t get it. Met, what’s the significance of the champagne shower? Who is he? You wanna tell me these people haven’t learnt anything from Flippa?

  10. i for one remembered d 20 dolla child support argument and if him tink i was gonna tek up my hard earned taxpaying dollars and give him…..bloggers if any of u were there, do, me ah beg u, nuh mek d mistake an mention it!!!!!!

    Good day jmg, met, jmg crew, bloggers, peepers an all, bless up.

  11. all you guys talking mappie is my man ..come on now mappie stop hide it you need to tell di people you are a guy stop hide it hun ok me paul sweet said that mappie you know your a guy stop hide. and dnt let me come too of your party and tek di mic from di dj and talke di things dem hunny

        1. Admin set up the ban

          dont bloodclaat cum here nd use ppl name bcuz yuh get phuck out wid him tongue nd neva did a feel him feather hood inna yuh pusc of many holes,hold yuh hurt nd have several bloodclaat tilted seats..yuh germs of witch a dis alone yuh cuda run in nd sey using a next dancehall man name as yuh name guh suck out mouth nd phuck awf yowww!!

          Admin warn dem or ban dem man sick stomach

        2. if de man even gay mi nuh tink him wuda phuck a dunce one as u yuh knw,mi seh wen ppl bitter nd doah hab shit tuh write dem cum wid dem phuckery…a wah yuh $25 shawt tuh?!?!?

          a wen yah address me yuh betta cum real bloodclaat gud nd nuh draw fe de yuh mussi a phuck him cuz if dis yah pusc yah weh mi hab up fi tek innnnn any a mappie spitting/dicking mi cut it out feed it to de hunger nd in need..kmt

  12. good day met,metters,peepers nd others….

    yuh knw dis nuh funny nd dese baby mada playing wid him..dem sit dung so comfy wid the food stamp cuz dem doah waan it cut suh dem settle wid the food stamp being more dan the cash cuz dem sed wan turn round nd sell back fi little nd ntn..WELFARE need fe start use up google afta dem get dese pet names being use nd cut unno awf cuz unno a enable de phuckery unno a gwaan like a NYC phuck unno breed unno,UNNO JUS As CALISS AS HIM

    as tuh dutty mappie why nat throw de bloodclaat champagne pon yuh hood it may wash awf de many pusc curse weh up on it nd new breeze will blow length nd trent yuh nastiness yuh..kmft

    1. That’s why mi affi love yuh suh enuh Simply!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. @paul-sweet come offs da pppl dem good site wit all a yuh f**kery tonight pls ok I think u lookin notice n attention

  14. Video goneeeeee. Met u, di Metters n PAUL SWEET mek Mappie ketch him coward n mek di videoooooo disappear. Whe him mst scared of Courthouse or Paul Sweet? Sweetie Paul ooooo come tawk di tings fi weeeeee

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