Yes yes Boosters in abudance
Mi know unno gah jail regualry for theiving but mi cannot see how the both of you so close in the picture like lovers O-o Shamar and paula ah front to front unno ah deal inna ???! THEN DI TWO AH UNNO HAVE ON THESE SIMILAR SEE TRU STOCKIN LIKE UNO LAP IT FROM DI SAME STORE. LAWD WOIE UNO TEEF!Paula u know seh you always gi mi dat question sign, sumting bout ya really fishy, as for you shamar we all know that you love nookie.

0 thoughts on “BUTTARAH LINK UP

  1. This top freak yah!!!…. Unno nuh si she AH grine up Pon all AH di sadamite dem innah di dance, Tamara, Apple,n more, teck picho AH whol on Pon bout ten man hood, kiss up everybody Ooman n man wid ar suck cocky mouth…. Nasty bitch Shamar stop walk an suck off all AH di young bwoy dem cocky AH bronx and stalk them Pon Instagram!!!

  2. Di stripe stockings nice, mi have one like it…yuh gotta know how tuh wear those stockings wid di right kind of attire, hair style, accessories and shoes fe mek it look right..

  3. This transvestite looking no neck stay bad gyal yah need fi duh better!!!… Imagine ah your dance n yuh look suh cheap an tacky!!! Next time yuh guh teef, teef ah good bra cash dah one deh weh yuh hav on lumpy lumpy like yuh stay bad body.

  4. Simple bomb Beenie the sender wants to know if dem two butterer here ah rub cratches… Paula was always suspect and everyone knows that Shamar love pum pum!!!… Like daahh

  5. Jesus a suh dem name taste good it always in a unu careless dirty mouth like come off dem now and go look sumn productive fi do and suck unu big pussi mada dem look good and stay good ! Unu vex eeeee oh unu life sadlike funeral come pon social media and a chat the ppl dem like go look a work kmft

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