1. Spelling problem alone cheuty. Just chu the $25 nah add up to enough for him to get arrested and the frighten girl dem a mad ova dis ugly small hood dog poop clown. Me really wonder what Mek him give up the bell for tailor pants and color pointed mouth boots.

    1. Donna money/credit card trecth outttt inna Gucci store dem man dis bwoy look like him have Down’s syndrome so mi really no anderstandt it something tells me ihe has the gift of the tongue :lapar :lapar

      1. After a Donna bug still live a mama yard? So credit must be strong to have two cars on lease and a Saks credit account. Yes me hear say him a tongue specialist but from my understand mends dem deh boy a dime a dozen. Mi blame Kim possible and dem if hype up them ppl ya bc 10 yrs ago nuh body nuh know bout mappie outside of Springfield MA and maybe Hartford ct.

  2. But weh we ah chat bout. His lack of fatherhood right..everything whonuh seh is most likely chu.. but clearly it’s not about the $25.that the judge ordered him to pay..the man just clearly ah bum..him don’t want to have nothing to do with you or your picni..I’m not trying to hurt your feeling but stop post these..its not giving you any credit by calling him out. gal still out deh ah sing”NO BODY NAW FI KNOW YOU AND MAPPIE CHAMPAGNE F**K” caw just &25 DAWG and him not even want the picni fi get that..WOMAN raise your child don’t go back a court and carry these just no make nosense..just take a bow and leave the stage and let God work out the rest. AND LEARN AH GOOD LESSON ABOUT BRAND NAME MAN AND WEH THEN GIVE.

  3. My gosh he’s ugly, he look like one of the Ninja Turtles. And he’s long had spelling problems. He used to stalk my inbox on FB all now I still can’t make out what he was trying to say to me lmao

  4. Waste man dat. He use to inbox mi fb too but I just delete him rass. Men who flash money don’t have real money.

  5. mappie yuh nuh jus get a new born from di baby a like three month old mappie yuh a waste bwoy bout yuh inna dance show off yuhself n cant tek care a youth

  6. What a dutty bitch of a Man frame, Dutty Man! when you get old and a shit up you self and the picney no fart pon you when you in a nursing home I hope you remember say you did in a party a dash champagne you old nastyness! He is NOT the only man in a dancehall that does this ISH! Name brand Rae Rae and not taking care of your kids! Remember Karma knows everyone address all when you Live in a basement pon floor Karma still ago find you. Go tek care a you picney Ugly looking MANTO, Scum of the earth. I dont know HOW some woman really lay up with Nig@$@s like you and unfortunately other women out there going to have more kids for these worthless mofo.

  7. All mi haffi seh..lie wid dog u git up wid fleas and all kindah oudah tings nowadays.. Poor child wah neva ask to be brought into dis wurl..smh.

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