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  1. she was dark skin den ah how she get sun brown. i like di hair but she getting too dyak dramatic wid di make up n yeye brow dem

  2. Lol @Tawkchuet yes she use to be 1 black/dark ugly gyal lol couple yrs ago, and d funny thing is she love chat bout “ppl ugly n dont look good”…. idk who’s fooling her, must be da hypocrites she hang with weh chat har say ppl warn dem not to parr with dem “ugly gyal deh cus it makes dem look ugly too” dwl. undercover trouble maker dem especially when she n her sister lick head. BTW, Where is her oh so beloved ANDREW *Cover me face*

  3. @babyluv Mitzie f**k pon Andrew like it’s no tomorrow yes she love try dun ppl and criticize people fi real….all I can say ugly people really get pretty baby because Mitzie is pass ugly in real life. A makeup cake all over her 2 color face and it’s about time that lace front come off her head this is the ugliest most confident ugly gal ever love tek selfie like she pretty

  4. Lmfao @SMFH mah! how u bad suh? 4real she love trouble ppl when she around her sister n friends, but all who know her from back them(when she was dark skinned , yes DARK BAD) Lol know that she aint bad as in face-2-face up close n personal fist-2-fist 1-on-1 lol dwl i weak…. It was all about ANDREW until andrew breed har n start post another chick’s pic all over him fb n insta lol, sad soul…. She did inah d SCAM thing HARD HARD 4 andrew too….

  5. @Babyluv stay deh Mitzie f**k 3 a mi link when Andrew did get deported and deh a JA fi a 27 year old gyal she look old inna her face but mi think say Andrew live inna the basement deh with her to?? And her sister weh love gwaan like she bad breed fi the ppl dem man and was so up up bout it but him deny her and the baby to mi fren weh him a f**k. All a dem is some sad case the sister once tell somebody say Mitzie get the ugliness from her madda them only have same father trust mi I hear dat sister a dun her countless times she chat her

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