KINGSTON, Jamaica — The juror who allegedly attempted to bribe his colleague jurors to return a not guilty verdict in the Vybz Kartel murder case is scheduled to return to court today (Friday, March 28).

Livingston Cain was offered $750,000 bail when he appeared in the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate’s Court last week.

The court was told then that the case file was not yet complete.

Cain is said to have offered the jury foreman $500,000 for a not-guilty verdict. And is alleged to have told another juror that he will “take care of him” if he returned a not-guilty verdict as well.

Cain was the only one to vote not guilty in the conviction of Vybz Kartel, Shaw ‘Shawn Storm’ Campbell, Andre St John and Kahira Jones. A fifth man Shane Williams was acquitted.

The men were convicted of the August 16, 2011 murder of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams over the disappearance of two illegal guns.

Paul Henry


  1. This guy is supposed to be a football coach who is responsible for grooming young minds into doing the right thing ?? This individual had no interest for fair play and the rule of the law. He is a friggin disgrace to himself and his country. Lock him up, and throw away the key, then he and Kartel can become cell – mates. Put him away for a long time Judge, thereby sending a very strong message to any and all future jurors, that this kind of behavior will NOT be tolerated.

  2. This damn juror worse than Kartel himself. To be selected to represent the people and attempt to commit bribery fi release these murderers back on society worse than the crime itself in my opinion. He must be made an example of. Kudos to the rest of the jury pool that was beyond corruptible.

  3. I saw his picture (a youngish looking fifty year old) probably from his fitness from chosen profession …..

    Nonetheless a shame and disgrace, with his one bought vote of not guilty !!!!

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