Big up Camele Aka Team Blvd…..would a like Fi know where you stand inna puppy tail life cause b*tch not even a night pon the town you nah get.. Every night is a Different Gyal big up the Little school gyal them weh pussy tail nuh stop give knowing over you..Lol all the teacher b*tch weh him nuh stop pick up and drop off yes..Camele puppy tail ugly too gyal…A Dog money him spend not his own ..Why you a hype up with p**ytail cause everyone him see him want ..The new York girl a fly down Xmas Fi Hypa blacks party so yu gots to move back to cleaning the red floor.. Camele you need Fi Lift up and left the Dancehall cause a pay mix up and problems since you come … Camele big up yourself cause we see the car key but it soon get tek weh .. yu war chin Dennis Fi get back puppy tail but a young gyal ago Tek him fully.. Bout such man . Lol
May pen pretty Couple..
She say she give the gyal the Fake batty. .. She call the brown bwoy ugly .. look at ugly


  1. I was just about to say camele again!!u tek a gal man camele them mad or a the gal u give the fake batty send this in

  2. Cam cam please mi a beg you do not respond to dem post here, full time unuh low the girl…. we love you cam cam. Love and blessings muma dem can’t stop you

  3. Senda a true you a talk. Who sen in da file ya know them information. Yuh hit the nail pon the head senda. All puppy tail do a day time a go check Har a do shop when him a look something not even a box lunch him carry. At least clean team nuh Fava 9 months pregnant

  4. cameil u really hurt cleanteam an kelz feelings when u sa him BRUK an no cocky an she f**k out maypen so camiel jus do you WEH CUTE MAN AGO IF THEM BRUK? CUTE CAN GO SUPERMARKET? KELZ UR DAY WILL CUM WHEN U CANT AFFORD HIM #PATIENTLYWAITING

  5. Jamaican girls don’t watch looks, dem only watch money #Facts. Pure ugly man in Jamaica Gwaan like galis, because dem nuh hitch to spend. Most of Jamaican girl would date a tree bark if it had an account at Jamaica national and sent them western union. This story seems dumb all the way around the board.

  6. Can someone please tell me who is this Vanessa Dacosta girl ?. I keep hearing her name in and about may pen .. it is as if no one has anything good to say about her.. always a hear say she sleep wid half of may pen n man from around kng too .. mi kno puppy tail anuh nobody all him do a run roun dog n spend him money n gwaan hype and live inna board house ! Sen in Vanessa file deh plz…

  7. Can somebody from May Pen four paths to be exact tell Courtney Brown aka gum to link Met so we can link up he was my good friend back in the days but last contact after I leave Jamaica please and thanks.

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