A 17-year-old student of Camperdown High School is in hospital after he was stabbed and robbed of his cell phone near Up Park Camp on South Camp Road in Kingston on Tuesday.

He is in serious, but stable condition.

The sixth form student was reportedly coming from extra classes when he was attacked. The robber stole his cellphone and stabbed him below the rib. He was found in a ditch by a member of the JDF.

Education Minister Senator Reid told RJR News that the frequent attacks on students for their personal items should spark an awareness that lives are sacred and important.

“We are now moving to set a new standard of rejection that maiming and abusing our children (are) certainly not acceptable,” he declared.


  1. dese lowlife cowards they are targeting one of the most vulnerable members of our society, our children. because they know a student is least likely to have a weapon on them to retaliate. young man make a speedy recovery,may the dwag who do dis nrva have another peaceful night or day

  2. There is no material thing on this earth could have me hold onto it and get hurt in the process. I would just throw it give him and run off. Because these hungry piece of shits care zero about human lives. U can replace a phone but not ur life

    1. You have bloodthirsty people out there who do not really want the personal items; just want to draw others’ blood. This is bigger than the items these hound dogs run off with, this is demonic. If the phone is all the thief wanted, the thief would not cause any physical harm, it’d take the phone and boogie.

  3. The only way to put the fear of god ir satan in these phuckers us to purge the garrisons of it’s nonprogressive male and females.

    god know why him change my life course at 21! Because I would rain down death pon these demons, not even hell can compare to it. I am tired of these soul scavengers in me country! The bobettes,kartels, tesha, blackman, rodigons are a scourge worsa dan hiv/aids because dem live well from people sufferings.

    Unu gwan play de fool.

  4. but.. that’s what they always tell us don’t anger the aggressor give up whatever it is psychologists recommend an come out safe….. things change and we the travelling public is always at risk now a man dressed as police, not to mention we on the subject of the kids its long time ova 30 years GEORGES AND KC AND HANOVER ST, KIMGSTON TECH,

  5. THEY ARE TALKIN bout self defence for school kids wat a rass him lef u yaad fi go school plus fight… dem thief a look coke or 5 pickney money DEM WI KILL YOU. WE ADULTS CANT MANAGE MUCH LESS THE PICKNEY DEM I hear a story a female waiting a the bus stop a nannyville the car drive up him say gi mi di phone she stutter nex thing is a gun she see when him tek the phone him say gi me the bag too she tell him a dutty clothes in deh him just tek it and drive off, dem stab one near camp gate yesterday a the soldier took him to hospital

  6. Once again, we as parents, need to pressure the Government to have the cell phone service providers implement a IMEI check list for stolen and lost phones. These greedy providers do not want that checklist mandate because it will see their profits diminish by a very small percentage point.
    If a phone is reported lost or stolen it must not be allowed back into any service provider’s data base without the consent of the registered owner. Take the profit out of stealing phones. This is a simple software fix. Save our children Please.

    1. Common sense clearly isn’t common, Willy. They do not care about the safety of our children. Until one of their children gets nabbed and a sharp object punctures their lungs, they will continue to turn a blind eye to this serious matter. Tracking a device is as simple as activating a calling card. SMH…

  7. Another JC student was stabbed yesterday by the Baptist Church in HWT. A student of Robert lightbourne in St.Thomas was shot and his Teacher injured in class.

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