You Mean to tell me Mr. Bleachout mumps face so Hype and Rotten Battey Apple want us to believe she in the real shit! Balmain dress $5,000 odd but her man showing labels and wearing “Champion” drawse?


Btw I don’t care for Kerry either but Apple Kerry did look better than you!


  1. No man wey a top man and wearing Real Balmain nah wear nu champion draws.Him should be ashamed #Fake#Fake#Fake#Fake all the champion draws might be fake too#One Bag A Fakeness in that party

  2. My grandmother worked for a few famous designer’s by watching their kids and cleaning and she told me that most of them very frugal and cheap. Also, if it isn’t free they really don’t buy expensive clothes for themselves or their kids unless they’re going to an event or something GRANNY also told me that the talk a lot about how black people shop in Nordstrom and Gucci and can tell rich from the scammers. When they fall they gonna fall hard and if they fill people grudge them I certainly dont. When this “Empire” fall and everyone starts blabbing…….lol

    1. Designers send celeb FREE outfits to wear to events, why? To make idiots like this Man and his wife to buy or maybe steal them. LOL. No Real celebs don’t pay for ish unless they want to. These so- called dancehall celebs really make me laugh :ngakak

  3. “God never take you where he can’t protect you”? are you kidding me? Did God tell you to transport and sell drugs? Do you know how many family drugs damaged? eeh Dutty Bwoy Bun up face pink face idiot? I cannot WAIT for GOD to take care a you. What a waste, I cannot even believe people really support these goons.

  4. Mi did glimpse it MET but MI yiy and MI brain neva connect so mI scroll past it….mek I go search because I swear MI need fi eat some apples and potatoes cause me too young if get cataracts….soon come.

  5. I worked in Nordstrom back in the days. You learn so much about the lengths colored people’s (not Jamaicans only) would go to make a purchase. Jamaicans came in 7pm Friday to shop with the fake unlimited American Express cards that the Africans sell them(back then). To make purchases they usually come with a white person or come as a couple dress to the T in the latest fashion so that they wouldn’t be a suspect. Back then Nordstrom policy was if you bought the item and wore it you can return if u weren’t satisfied. So almost all the weekend purchases started coming in from Sunday evening at 6pm right back to the middle of the week for cash. So it’s possible that these people buy the clothes real and return them as they take them off for cash to portray their pretend life style. Btw, the sales people who work on commission don’t care if these people come with a fake, stolen or borrowed card as long as the sale go through and they get the commission at the end of the day. Ijs

    1. So let me guess Nordstrom would dry clean the items and put them right back on the sales floor?? This explains why the Apple she neva eva inna di video light when champagne a splash anna dash.

  6. Nordstrom did used to let u wear item & bring it back if u weren’t pleased with item of purchases now they catch on if the item smell funny with deodarant or perfumes they don’t take it i saw apple kerryann the whole crew of them girls bringing back clothes shoes purses etc.back to the store for store credit or cash back where i worked at they don’t know me but i know each one of them so many dancehall hype woman and man return clothes they wear to Nordstrom very often i be dying with laughter with my friends in the back & no most of those item do not go on sale racks that balmain dress apple wore was made you can see the fake all over it the original dress do not look like that it was a tailored made dress apple was wearing she need to stop it and her red face man need to stop he’s not rich he lives off credit especially since jue locked up kerryann is broke hiding f**ng her babyfather and bitchs for money to survive her outfit was not all that yet cute the crazy thing is that they all talk bad about each other so much yes celebrities normally get offers to wear a brand for grammys red carpet etc. to help the sale of that brand and item most of those clothes are not given to those celebs for keeps it’s just to wear for that event and return back not back to a store they bought it from so apple you got the came all f**d up with your illerate self friends husband and state of y’all need to go back to school learn how to pronounce words read and to elevate her mind and also her friends and her husband too they sound so so very illiterate when they speak to people customer service know y’all scammers it’s time before god put all y’all in jail and send y’all back to jamaica where y’all belong because america has nothing to offer you guys let people who have use and purpose come and elevate

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