27 thoughts on “CAN WE SEE DI MATE CAUSE DIS A #$%&* OO

  1. Met u know me see too and a laugh, how shorty a cuss the girl and she look like a tran. She tough and look like man. She a talk bout the girl job. Shorty nothing is wrong with her job as long as she not scamming. One one coco full basket, its not what u earn is what u save. What u have from ur so claim big job? U tough like. The man gay, cause nobody cant tell me u annuh man. U ugly like. U she be popping n u always like u want care. Stop class people, cause one u bucket ago buss. N har hyprocrite followers them just a bad.

  2. Go shorty you score again my girl find love again . Shorty I can’t keep up with your lover boys camping ‘ i belived you finish the calendar and your age number when it come to you in love by the way he’s number what ???????? this one ya do look like Peter sweets fe true .

  3. No anonymous baby monkeys are cute. I just wanted confirmation caw mi caan believe she really sucking her thumb. Nasty!!! And she even more proud to post that pic.

  4. Shorty finally get a man to own r now .after all the taking she did shorty u love cuss gal when u don’t own nothing but your dirty pumpum nobody want u hot gal like u not to repeat so much

  5. Wait deh after Steve tell Shelly he only f***g shorty fi the money and the car she just bought him plus him only f**k her Inna dark cuz she too ugly fi look pan no sah him have anniversary mi body

  6. A pan a brick nuh tough like har face doe…. Suh weh Steve tattoo deh wah a say fi har name? Plus she looks more in love than him… The relationship look distant like usain and kasi…. Like everything is forced but not physically…

  7. She f**k out the hole Dunkirk when she use to live in Jamaica she f**k off all the red square man dem now she a f**k off The hole a New York

  8. You all have far to much time on your hands. Some of you all sound so mad you go in hard Dame. How you know who’s been up in her?… There is only one thing any of you know for certain , and that’s her blue lipstick should never be worn unless she’s in a music video, it never ever looks cute. My girl should keep her own council. Some people hate to see others happy… And I don’t two shits on what any of you say. My mummy would always say if you don’t have anything nice to say keep it shut. Nasty, no one should have any of you as friend, you fall out then you all start chat. Wicked!!!. And she may not be pleasing to the eye but I would love to see pictures of you!

  9. Nobody changes man more than you shorty so don’t worry nobody won’t try fi make you leave him you big hole always a jump so that will make him leave you.. You little tranny soon 40 always a change man can’t get a family that you’re dieing for ass

  10. All the red squared man dem ( spragga Benz , briggy Benz dats spragga family cockey, Bally , machel , Bulla , yahpiss , Dwayne , Greg page , bumpy , smh real dog

  11. Shorty!! This is Michelle!! No one wants your Red piss color man…. continue to enjoy him. Apparently you entered the relationship knowing of Christina hence the reason you purposely walked over to me at Daffy’s party while staring in her direction. Secondly, you knew that we were on each others SNAP CHAT and AGAIN you purposely posted the pic of you and piss face together. No one CAN’T STOP Me from screen shotting a photo that you’ve made public…. not to mention that you’ve never made the true dog head publicly known on any social media until now, Celebrate him because he just maybe thee best piece of man you just may get. Piss face Steve you got caught, your woman Shorty has accepted that you cheat but please just protect yourself from HE WILL STRIKE AGAIN…. Steve! What happened to the African girl that you was with is she too in the dark. As I said in a phone conversation with Shorty! I told her that we women need to stick together and stop allowing these men to do what ever they want. The truth is out…. Don’t kill the messenger. ohhhhh! yea! about my job that you Shorty applied for and they REJECTED you and FIRED you because you couldn’t pass the little basic test, you must have researched and read up brushed up on some basic skills like reading and writing and ran over to the Army. Shorty! Shorty! Shorty! now you well and know I am a !0 on the look good chart so please stop with the jokes. You need this hype I don’t… Now as far as the Red Squared Man Dem hmmmm!! Anyway just to recap NO ONE WANTS YOUR MAN MY FRIEND CHRISTINA IS GLAD FOR THE NEWS AND WE ALL WISH YOU WELL. Christina is no mate of Shorty… there is no competition.

  12. Sashauna Simpson Stewart..u need fi do better..even tho we use to have u as team f**k and wen we need WI ting polish ur name first call once di team a chill round a di yard…wonder how yuh mumma feel fi si yuh a pass every week wid a new man?? Plus yuh man look fool fool nuh blood claat..hope u read this then u wi know who write this..cause a MI tell yuh seh bimma back seat beside hydron inna di 50s..nah fI say another wrd in English..u fi chill b4 u get aids idiot gal..hope yuh man know she wen we ready we still f**k yuh enuh..jus mek him know a fiwi pussy dat not fi him zeen..

  13. You telling her be careful of AIDS yet you and your team still f**g her? Now who’s the dummy here. (Condoms do break claffy)

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