7 thoughts on “CANDY NO SHAME

  1. Before you shut up yuh mouth & mek your granny pray fi yuh because you well need the likkle prayers you a try justifying yourself worthless Candy. Your breast dem want lift dem a droop. Perfect example of those who run down the surgery but can not afford the upkeep. Nobody new nah come to your party u tek people fi eediot? Lol Same tired dancehall men that have had you as matteress will be there and the gyal dem that say they with you but chat you behind your back how you stay bad and classless #samecrowd all to watch you skin out your nasty ole because that’s wat you good and now known for you better come thru bout you deh a Jamaica ah chat. Nobody throwing money at that ass at your birthday party or any other time in London hunny. Calm down on da weed smoking. You acting like you just recently found fame thru dat video babes when you done been famous for your whoaring longtime *Roll eyes*

  2. They are so out of touch with reality, I just can’t relate. Dutty gal the strippers were working that’s their hustle, what can we say about u other than u r a low life. Who in their right mind goes to a strip club and take off their clothes and join the strippers. U nuh c seh unno sick and tormented, damn disgrace. U r talking about a dance and I doubt u will make $50.000 for that night, unno sell unno self real short. If u had come out and say that they drugged u r u were 2 drunk to control yourself, I would understand. Go do some soul searching

  3. ok, so Candy famous for skinning out her crotches in dancehall. Therefore, she was in no way lowering her standards by stripping off and doing the same damn thing in a strip club! If, as reported initially, she had indeed taken the money she received, I would consider that low, since she’s not a contracted dancer and would be taking revenue away from them, the fact that she gave back the money to the real strippers, unnu can gi di gal a break js

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