A few weeks ago one a mi link dem link mi and did a tell mi how Capleton thirsty and did a move to har like him did think she fi frighten fi him and sleep wid him..She seh she did shock to how him a move fi a dread…now mi go pan IG and one a mi next link dem a tell mi how him did a tell har fi come sleep wid him ina him hotel room..Uno nuh learn das why rape charge reach uno…All a uno have uno personal woman but when uno go pan di road uno a run behind skirts..rape charge will reach uno..One bag a kids and cannot feed all a dem cause uno nuh get booked like that but uno a chase skirts…..rape charge will reach uno…few likkle hit song and uno think everybody know uno like that suh dem fi jump ina bed wid uno…rape chage will reach uno..KAW UNO NAH LEARN

Popular entertainer Capleton, whose given name is Clifton Bailey, was this morning offered bail in the sum of $200,000 when he appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court on a rape charge.

Parish Judge Vaughn Smith offered bail on condition that Bailey should not have any contact with the complainant.

The entertainer was on Saturday arrested by detectives assigned to the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offence and Child Abuse (CISOCA) after his hairdresser reported that he had raped her.

According to the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the Jamaica Constabulary Force, on Saturday, April 28, around 11:20 am, Bailey hired a female hairdresser to groom his hair at a hotel in the New Kingston area.

The report further stated that, while at the hotel, he forcibly had sexual intercourse with the woman.

Bailey’s lawyer, Christopher Townsend has since cried foul and alleged that the entertainer is being extorted.

“We made a report to the police and we have been in contact with the police that we are being extorted and I gather that what occured is that the young lady went and made a report also. We have heard several voice notes, there are several WhatsApp messages supporting our allegations of him being extorted.

“CISOCA (Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offence and Child Abuse) didn’t seem to be interested in that at all though we have hard evidence contradicting what was complained of,” Townsend said.


  1. King Shango the average Jamaican woman sell front…so please learn the heart if the game…ahh fvx dem a sell..cos when dem illiterate parent VFX and get dem .without have any plan if only dem puse most of dem fall back too

  2. Met mi wa fe kwn wey mek you nuh try empower are inspired Jamaican woman…so they can see life from a different angle of life..,bcos yard an aboard as you sey ..the next ting a beg dem a beg yuh

  3. Too much allegations been flying bout some of these entertainers,, and people that was not present a pass remarks.. nuff people get rape an no say nutten #1 because police laff at them the scandal too much to bear, Nuff man sex dem hair tech, its simple 2 persons in a room with door lock she eena him hair, man a f**k off him sister much more,

  4. Lots of us are swearing for people ee don’t know.. even when you think you know them you don’t.. leave your pickney wid dem and see if u no charge fi murda,, this woman have nothing to gain cause she has to walk and look behind her, this is the high p;rofile king of fandangales,, tirredd a dem right out woman, lots a Jamaican men say no mean yes,

  5. DIANA KING is the latest to bawl out,, Tanya stephens an mumma saw relate how they was forced upon, DUTTY man go buy whore and stop rape.. real men don’t rape, some a dem come a farrin an get deported fi rape with dem mouth…..most man a tek up for these men have done the same.. DEAD HOGGART,, AND TRUCK WHEEL LEF NUFF PEOPLE wheele run dung mi family members str8888 pon laws st 2 of dem brown skin gal that had to run from them, now its videos coming out, dem siblings don’t hear of it cause nobody wants to tell them for fear

  6. The HOE lying and is looking a come up, like many other Hoes. King shango can’t defile.

    Your article is a piss take, also capleton Well established and look after his family plus charitable endeavours. What have you done for the ppl ever BITCH!!!

  7. Senda put a hood in ah yuh ears and f*$k weh yuh hear. Unu gwan like unu a judge and jury lowe the man mek the justice system deal wid him!

  8. Capleton have to learn the hard way…bcos as a country my self…him fi kwn sey a hustle the gyal a hustle off dem front….puse selling embedded in Jamaica culture…them puse ah them place a business

  9. Jamaica is due for it’s #metoo moment. Time to expose these men. We were taking the other day that these big men are so frighten for sex it’s embarrassing. Not even young boys behave like them.

  10. Met normally when you post you write in full caps. I am not sure your wrote the intro. Notwithstanding it does not take away from what I am going to say. You are 10000000000000000000000000% correct, in that they all have tehir personal woman an as dem touch di road every skirt wey pass dem waan. Now this is an embarrassment his wife and children will have to endure.

  11. ARTICLE 6,7,8, CUT the hypocrisy none of ya kno what ur mamma use to do too put food on the table, woman do anything to feed their kids…most of you don’t kno ur fada men cant wrong for you. That no say your friends have to force themselves on people who say no,, the HEAD COOK A U,S.A, BUY PUSSY cheap ma fckers NO MEANS NO the prestige of you all have done it and none of you got nutten on bill cosby. join the line, this should be elsewhere a cause the police even demmmm,,,TU. tek number an go pay fi cratches go buy pampers fi ya kids,

  12. BUT dem sleep wid the skirt dem a road without protection ITAL dem call it a so the skatta shatt pickney dem come, and go home to wife wid the same naked buddy.. speak to the doctors shhhhhhhh u will hear how much of these wives have STD…. at least soljie had on a condom,, nasty johncro men dem wife naw suck dem so dem go a road

  13. PPL five mouth people,, Daddy don’t touch mi there im gonna tell on yu I swear. Don’t u know you supposed to be my fatherrrrrr,, BOOOOOOO on some of u who come here saying he is married and respectable he wouldn’t do that, My friend going to school almost bruk a sgt a police hand in the 70s coming in the dark room to touch her, she could not sleep, his wife was a teacher

  14. Met, st Mary know say Shango a pedophile a nuff 13 year pickney him touch! Fire bun the big dutty dread him a actor

  15. You have a few deperate females back in Jamaican who love to send their pussy via whataspp and insta overseas to man just fi pocket changes. I know this for a fact because i had to writes thew whole bundle a dem and mek them know it nuh luk good as well as a nuh only one dem pussy a get collection but many more ne of them even try to denied it and i had tell her it doesnt make sense she deny it because i can match har face wid her pussy because i had seen both. Mi nah swear fi no man but sometime us woman must do better if you put yourself out there like that then dont bawl rape when cocky reach unno.

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