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    1. No mixup nuh ina dis spoon a str8 up corruption in high places, u nuh hear PB seh “we picked up info that his(Mr neil) life was in danger by a POLICE” me sure is not a likkle Squaddie gi him dat info. Ppl fi start kill politicians a di ONLY way dem ago change up dem folly grounds…

      So PNP gi him di license because him tell PB seh police want (GoTel) fi tap PB phone…pure corruption a bring dung di country….

      I have a friend weh want invest in clean gas and GO GREEN cars in Jamaica, I tell him not to cause him ago pay pure extortion and “wet everybody palm”, di 1st license him apply for a man tell him seh “him affi gi him $500000” fi push tru di paperworks (and memba dat is not license fee a just fi di man push tru papers quick) he had to scrap everything…..

      1. Mi kno how it stay hav had ppl want to invest in certain things here and when dem go, all dem can hear is how much dem haffi pay before hand and is not even a guarantee that what dem want to do going get through! Smh! Mi just find it weird that the embassy so up inna dis! Mi never hear embassy a do wah mi see dem yah a do!

  1. LAWD LOVE A DUCK, a wa a gwan ya it says he Is getting a fight cause him a come with cheaper sevices so dem cant afford that to happen, at the same time don’t kno wa missa man did used to do but dem a call him out even though he has never been charged, but why are they goin after the lawyers an dem pickney re revocation of visas, a mixxup time, and Bert Samuels naw put him mouth a grung…dem say if him set foot eena merica he can be arrested?? AND DEM DYAM CRAVEN PROVIDER A FIGHT OVER JMAICANS MOUTH AN NO WANT THE JAMAICAN EAT A FOOD

  2. Funny enough Jamaicans won’t focus on this issue/topic cause everybody busy a watch apple, Kasi, lean clean, Erica and so on so forth. Whenever MET put up interesting topics fi highlight weh a gwaan ina di country all 3-6 comments it get, just goes to prove the ppl dem mind bend more to mixup and ppl’s personal life rather than wah a gwaan ina di country weh everybody “claim” dem love.

  3. The fact that it got back to Paul Burke that the police wanted to tap his phone (without a warrant) goes to the heart of the issue why the USA doesn’t want this company to operate a telecommunication company. Every criminal would gravitate to this company knowing full well that the “individual (George Neil)” would pass on sensitive information to them about police request for tapping their phones.

    It is now clear that this “individual” is a known druggist and is well position politically on both sides (PNP & JLP). All the major druggist in Jamaica know each other. It is interesting that I cannot find any picture of George Neil.

  4. Not quite like that my friend. Where to start. U know wah mek it rest. Unnu will hear the 100 but it affi do with corruption on the part of politicians, the fact that the US wont get free reign inna the ppl dem network like they do with these current two and dem want smaddy inna the mix bad not only because of shady past but also their “technological capabilities”. In essence is like giving the “Digi Hacker” him own rass network. This druggist thing a bullshit bcuz if u ever know which n which large company ya, weh a ship all sort a goods, back and forth, weh owned and/or financed by druggist, beknownst to the US and not a rass come out a it.

  5. THE tory bout push thru papers fi ex amount a money a gwan long time, in the 80s I herd man saying to get him nme on a list to get a car he had to pay separate from the money fi the car, Now when peple tek wey themselves u jear this and that, look how easy it is to go to a caar dealer and do u paper work and drive off the lot, even if u send fi second hand car you pau fi it over nd over again, its a lot of people come to Jamaica to set up biz and have to run leff it some a dem so earshard u tell THEM no go dung deh, dem end up a lose dem life. MET U SEE NY TIMES SAY KINGSTON IS ONE OF THE BEST PLACE TO VISIT, SEE AIREAL VIEW OF STADIUM NANNYVILLE, TOP RANGE BEATUIFUL BACKDROP BIG UP KINGSTON

  6. US may have their motives but Lowell and Minett very scammy. Anyting wey dem inna you better run. Google have them file

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