1. The word ‘Pretty’ is getting out of hand yes – Tbh it has been being over and incorrectly used for generations, especially by we Jamaicans!

    2. :hammer it just me or is she using who leap ah bad wud in front ar likkle baby? What shade lipstick she have on?

        1. I want to feel dem really guilty of some thing…carlene run in a it like say she tell cheese some tings so before cheese call har name she a draw enemy line

  1. But look pin pot a cuss kettle, non a them no bad like cheese. Cheese a the best. Even lizard face Shanna Kartel put up video with lean self. Them must stop now cause cheese gone a lead.
    She a talk bout cute, I wonder if she under the meaning, lol. U Nuh fav from cheese.

  2. Mi still a wait fi hear di gal say cheese grudge dem fi dem house, car, money inna bank etc etc. Clothes, my girl go sit ur ass down because ur a typical waste gal!. so far when it come to di tracing and mud up, cheese win hands down.

      1. mi seh Cheese mout nuh nawmal; she fulla vibes and bare antics..all when she tell Karen fe coom out ar shadow and get up and kick weh Karen :hammer :hammer :hammer :hammer

  3. So the STD part ah true then cuz ah basically ah dat she ah sehh ah nuh like dem nah say it nuh go so. Onnu gwey from yasso wid onnu gun pussy weh ah shot off the man dem dere ntn cute bout dat ole nastiness. #ITDONTSOUND GOOD.

  4. Good morning Met and all others.
    This girl looks like one of those talking donkeys that you see in cartoons.
    If I was Cheese I [email protected] her up when she arrives in JA ,as she is secretly admitting she has a hand in the beating Cheese got.
    Smh @ space savers in these foreign lands.

    1. Morning addicted which bad man would take such a pic? Those are selfies both of them. Look at the angle they were taken in. Cheese herself send carlene dem pic de

  5. I just looked at the pictures.So Cheese stood up after the beating and let the men took pictures of her.Hahaha.
    My thing is these hood rats need a hobby aside from their hazardous occupation of stealing.
    Too much idleness.

  6. Good Morning/ Afternoon Met & Metters,

    I’m a tad bit the first video that Cheese posted was she not addressing Musso and Bam Bam? Where are they?
    How come Bam Bam weh luuuuuv run up har mouth inna dance video light and gwan like she bad hasn’t replied. Its seems as though she has gone M.I.A. and she has ordered her troops to answer for her.
    I’m glad cheese do har up the way she did because Bam Bam love trouble people and gwan like she better than people and INNA REAL REAL REAL REAL REAL LIFE INNA SOUTH LONDON U.K. she ah BOWSEY SUFFERER.
    Also why are they in England the country of opportunities walking and stealing clothes? There is Education and Jobs dashing away over here to better themselves. FIX UP BAM BAM AND CO cause it DON’T LOOK GOOD INNNA REAL REAL REAL REAL LIFE!!!

  7. Death threat a mek pon dis, then donkey face a say that after an assault the perpetrators sent her pictures! Anything happen to cheese we know who one a de prime suspect will be…CARLENE.


  8. Lol blingas u dunce like bat how u dun cheese when u give kirk jacket and u hype about travel and a matches box u stay inna when u go Jamaica go weh cheese draw out all a unu a Gwan like Jamaica a nuh no where u house smell like piss and get some good sheet put on u dirty bed before u a class no body

    1. Mi a ask agen how she reach ina di argument and a call down pretty when it bout 6 flights away from har?

  9. cheese win hand she talk facts i know cheese from back in the day her real name is sherone she also stab a girl and kill her at maxfield before going to england she bad from she born cheese win hand down.

  10. MI haffi go listen again cause a when cheese mention Da one yah wid the the yellow yam teeth and Da olé stay bad cone head lace wig deh wid all the baby a cry go look pan the Pickney bout yah mek video some gal wutlis eeh man u caah trace the girl so u mek waste man beat up the girl can u imagine what that tells me about you real olé Nega wid the bleach out face and the hand weh you show Inna the video weh the bleach a dead fi reach a now MI believe cheese all if a did things she a mek cause unnu sound HURRT bad MI say cheese hit a whole heap a vain like neegle

  11. Met so blingas nuff that’s why cheese did beat out her rass and a boy hold cheese and make she bus cheese head so she think she bad bam bam nah answer cause a cheese use to fight fi she so she know cheese mad and bad blingas go feed u child in the back ground crying and stop carry long time feelings and a buy out ppl business cause u naked and broke like bottle hype nuh fit u cause u stay bad about beautiful take a seat u don’t look good u stay bad a wah cheese press charge on u fi conspiracy to attempted murder cause u just say as it dun u get pic so u sound like u set up man to kill cheese

  12. Blingas u hole condem cause u f**k Maurice and send him a mad house boy tun certified mad man kirk left u fi the English gal say u nasty and he house smell like piss u go Jamaica go f**k the little dirty boy inna the old house and him say u pussy stink so u cah chat to no body u dun fi free

  13. Yes met she even say the man dem ask her if she must broke the hand and foot dem and she say no leave her that means she set it up cheese has blingas fly down u call police on her rass since she say she a Flier download the tape and carry it to the police and have the pic them ready weh she say she get dun her rass in directly nuff trouble she want get inna give a trouble cah stand the gal

    1. oh she is one a dem type deh…but she have children so any evil she do will visit them if she cannot tek on all a har sin dem

    2. Cheese se bambam fi call har name and di whole a england flat so because bambam cannot ansa all a dem a run out so tell carlene she come talk harself right ina prison

    3. Exactly!! Have the police squaddy dem meet and greet her at the airport…can someone please to tell me what shade of lipstick pretty girl Carlene Blingas is wearing?? :siul

  14. Is a next Kartel dis dem juss love social network and camera phone… Blingas is wha kinda phone yuh using? Not a modern one I must say cuz how mi cawh si your back grown but di two Lilly piece a clawt whey Heng up behind… Baby all a cry inna background karlene Blingas you are a sure loser fi a chip dem heep a clawt ova di baby head. Di way cheese burry di whole a unnuh a man Unuh affi sen go fi cheese. Cheese please recover soon and Lowe out dem reptobate yah.


  15. Blingas resemble baby monkey u wah see the cheap sheet weh she have on her bed but a hype a sentence her stupid seek compensation for emotional distress after u prison her rass cause her mumma deh about get man blingas it nuh look like u a get nothing from man cause u fashion style nah cut no dash xxx fi u from top to bottom cheese a beat u emotion bad wap wap wap lol cheese u a make the movie nuh care weh u look like cause hard life always take deportee them confirm that u did have hard inna the uk

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