Cash your a nice girl, mi just a beg you stop make people tek yu fi fool. We all know shauna used to have you like a personal ATM and then when Eric come him tek you fi one as well. Your an ambitous girl with her head on her shoulder but you seem like you have some self esteem issues from Foska when him run go breed susan true she was the freaky brownin, and then worse your cousin go tek her up as a friend and start par with susan and her freaky man and run threesomes. You need to run way eric cause all he does is use you fi the restaurant money and dash wey shauna cause she only memba you when nothing nah gwan fi her robbings.


  1. From mi see Susan me coulda telll seh she a di toppest freak. Di gal gwan like she cah mash ants. Susan come her, t=you neva use to sleep wid Eric toO? so you and Cash ah 2x matie mumma.. go deh gal
    Wah really mash up you and Shakeria frenship? mi know seh is a 3some gone bad …
    Susan how come you no have no real decent fren. Di gal a La weh run di pums from State to state is not ur true fren. Is she brukkk you out mumma?
    Tyesh is a next one. everyone a dem name call pon some crocthes rubbing and is dem mi see you a par wid. Susan you fi do better man.
    biggs you fi do beta how you fi call SUsan you woman and you meck she a have lesbian affiar ina you eyesight. No Rostah this cah real.

  2. Susan a the real boss in philly she have all these hoes eating her pussy then she dun dem. Remember how she do shakeira after shakky eaty Susan box mnl.I dont think shakky can ever recover from that shellment. But you cash not so clean at all either you is a man clown, taking care of Erick that’s walking and eating every woman in sight .other day I came in the restaurant and saw him around the counter I just walk out cause the way how he ate my friend while she was on her period I just couldn’t eat from that restaurant

  3. Philly infested with the most ratchet thots Anytine philly get discussed Bare nastiness and griminess agwan none of dem is normal them love f**k dem uncle cousin father as long as da man have money . Them set unno up for get robbed cal the cops and still stand up in camera and smile . Be careful with dem kind of people is wicked nah bloodclot

  4. Nasty f**k and reject shakeria way gone breed fi the 21 years old lil boy fi prove say yuh have man the post is about cash and yuh run in wid Susan name yeah we knw it’s you yuh nuh see say diddy tiad a yuh him move Kim cross country fi get rid of you Shakeria all you up wid bobby family dem hate yuh bad bad bout yuh post bout Mother-inlaw dem nuh stop laff at you shakeria Kim did young and fool but di diddy wise har up and mek yuh stop pimp har out to old man a New York after dem done f**k you you send Kim to them

    1. Susan go and do what you do best and leave di gal and har new baby alone. You fava di white witch from Rose hall. You no see you confuse till you teck any and evrything. Shakeria nah teck him family she ah teck him and him own har and har baby up and thats all that matters. You no see you run go teck Cash man and him no stay wid you . You think a Shakera alone no like you. loew di gal and go get a life and stop pretend like Shauna. nothing no happy bout you or your life. From di gal stop chat to you evrytime dem chat you you ah call up di gal name. When you stop hide and teck ppl man you will have less enemies. I gwine teck a pic and send it to Biggs next time me see you pon mi man ends .

      1. It look like you vex say you never get a suck off a Susan pussy yuh run wid ur nuff self plezzz take a pic and post it and Tag Susan next time yuh see har cause yuh a Susan pussy Saceratiy

        1. Susan what is the reason behind you and Sexy Terry and har family dem fallouT?
          YOu know Eric did a sleep wid Brina and you run go teck him too.Btw how did you and Terry even became fren? suckaton.. Dem shoulda beat out u nasty coppa color ras

  5. Bitch at 907 am come Ina mi face come Mek da comment deh even mention u name , mi tell unu already fuk with me talk all the shit unu want spread all the rumors unu want but leave my kids outa dis, name Neva mention pon a gal yet so try something new u played out now with this Eric but as mi seh don’t f**k you self wid mi kids, see you can’t even write a proper sentence she is in Syracuse university persuiing a double major fuk outa here, think a every body Lowe life like you and you mumma old germs, fuk outa here with you billshit, this site just allow unu fi run in with unu f**kery fi f**up up people life & spread all kind a rumors n propaganda, I’m immune to the billshit but people actually read this shit and believe it, go find something do or come beg a box a food cause hungry probably a kill you rass, go suck out u mumma n u fada if you know him ole germs.

  6. Tell dem again cash mi nuh fancy yuh at all but when a bitch bring up my yute a proper blood claat problem especially when its not true. Mi whi done any gal fi my pickney any blood claat day. If it is not true about the woman child please dont say that shit.

  7. If Susan want to walk and f**k is her pussy why unu mad is like she barrow unu hole a f**k out off all wen she don’t memba unu you’ll mind full of her big up yuh self Good hole Susan me Candy say so

  8. Cash a da first time unno post under unno real name RAY now go sit the f**k down unno favor 1 gremlin . stap act like you cute cah u is NoT Da people dem is wrong fa talk bout uno kids dem tho

  9. A lie a second time she post under har name cash post when di fire light up under har, the first time mi see she post under har name the statements were true and she knew it

  10. No mon Susan pussy secatary go back track Susan pussy and find out where she knw Nasty f**k out terry fr yeah unu love run come diss ppl good name and unu don’t knw shit don’t get the foh outa here and beg Susan a suck and stop act shitty

  11. When I saw that big stinking bitch shanique around cash I know it was for the benefits gyal run guh do belly and batty and left most of her kids dem pan other woman and ppl and love trace fi somebody that can’t read or write f**king egg donar thank god cash run the big mouth gyal

  12. Good hole candy everybody know it’s you big bloodclaatt head Susan all when me f**kout no man no done pon mi fi me go subject myself fi tek a batty man (Andre) r redicule myself an settle fi big duty stinkin mouth Biggs mi have ambition an standards an kno how fi work fi my own!

  13. Unuh a one bag a coward nasty dutty low life people, all unuh suh a spread rumor about people, it’s there anything better one can do with their lives…. Non progressive elements eewww

  14. Cash is too mix up that’s the reason why she can’t keep any friends. She won’t stop walk and talk say Is Eric friend shoot up the club, talking about he was just shooting in the air he wasn’t trying to hurt anyone kmt. Cash your life need some bleach it very filthy and because your daughter in college what that mean? Eric still sleep with her when she come home and he was sleeping with her before she left. Go sit your careless ass down

  15. Nasty Terry yeah mi knw yuh think a Susan but bitch yuh Wrong Susan settle fi bigs wah yuh a settle fah fi walk and **ck fr Bar To bar Terry go look a life a Tek care a the Jacket wah yuh give yuh big daughter fada bout work fi wah yuh want yuh sell pussy to all kind a nasty duty bar Man terry yuh pussy still a leak and wet up any wah this sit Dunn? A least Susan have a Man fi har Self

  16. Good hole candy aka Susan we all kno from jamaica u the 1 wit the pussy leaking problem an all kinds a pussy problem dats y u did haffi settle fi a batty man Andre an now u haffi settle fi toilet mouth bigs whey walk an clean up every gal a dancehall battyole! Don’t worry bout my jacket caz she cut to fit jus ask her father that! Atleast I’m wrkin to my own money gal all u do is f**k an suck fi free inna America u no c Biggs a the only clown whey pick u up an walk wid u! Ur babyfadda never claim ur son either so jus remember that caz he couldn’t stand u. U always been an attention seeking whore so here is ur walk of fame/shame hope u enjoy it bitch!!!

  17. Biggs very disgusting him mouth smell like a pit toilet him look everything that walk all dog pussy, Biggs remember you suck Qwanna pussy and eat her ass that’s why Susan have up shiningstar like seh a she tell Biggs fi don’t respect you Susan only can fool ppl on IG she hate Biggs bad only thing bigs do is eat up the gyal dem batty and pusssy and dem tek him pay check real f*kin clown dem

  18. Susan stop post ur fake life and com ova Yaso come live Ina real really meck QQ venture near ur man.lmao no Wanda unuh a have problems from last no see di man gone and you cah Winn him back..poor hurt lickey girl.mi see why you affi hi him dem mount a bun deh..Biggs too frenly ad that will forever cause a problem.. It funny when u juss come aPhilly u and Terry was beasties until you meck ur pumped let looser than fi har.scorn dem

  19. Shakera you need fi ansa di question weh fFreDem ask u pon iIG Did u eat the pumps or not dwl. Unu love play unuh self pon social media too much..we’ll Susan did done buss it so me no know why u shame fi answer all of a sudden..

  20. Dog shit Terry yuh run out fi ansa Candy aka Susan like yuh bad Terry you only bad behind computer f**k terry every bar in Philly knw yuh terry Ina yuh house stink and cleaning dead dog Terry go look a life a come out a ppl biz go look fi the father fi yuh last daughter and a man fi yuh self atleast Susan have Biggs

  21. All a this come in like is a dream terry did u tell u pink wall the batty man of a brother you have and the decision my family and I had to make to clean up you dutty house a Jamaica ? Terry u wanna go there let’s go there did u tell them that the clinic in NEW JERSEY where u sister u can no longer go there rap sheet thick CDC looking for me Biggz not perfect I’ve never caught any disease terry did u tell them wha the doc said if you dash weh another belly you go DIE? Terry did u tell them a man knock at your door and your child answer are u gonna sleep with my mom today? Terry yes you working your pussy and battyole paying for it

  22. Terry you forget a you first let kno about bacteria vaginitis when u walk past me, you smell like when mice dead terry come on is you for real y u mad ?that a good price still deh pon pussy and me battyole? Terry I was a wife literally u kno I’m not new to none a this u Figet ole douche bag you boss man weh u carry go child support weh them only award you couple dollars come on my child father is not in his life but you can’t tell when last you wash your kids hair and comb it? Are even buy a suite a clothes ? Terry I don’t need to disguise my self to address u kno that this must be a pussyclaat dream trust me terry you should the last one on here tonight’s premier is the” walking dead” y u on here

  23. Terry I thought I BURRIED you years ago I always hear ppl say that ppl can rise from the dead I never believe if until now I see you all the time terry you in that corner you forgot what happen in that restaurant by Wayne when u hide behind ppl in order not to get f**ked up YO u in this much denial having me all f**ked up to think that I’m scared a you

  24. Terry let’s hold hands and walk pass a cemetery a bet you can’t do it? Let’s make a bet if you do I’ll let you eat this pussy cause that’s what you been wanting to do

  25. Terry I think you really mad because my pussy is not so over worked and I still get what I want…Biggz is a clown fi me I’m a clown for him check your mail we have a big clown party and your invited yup…terry did u tell pink wall the man weh u make f**k you in your ass and shit on him

  26. No mon dem just kill terry then this nuh look good at all f**k out Terry sell pussy terry dash weh belly stinking house terry nah tek care of yuh kids terry come talk up bright nuh bloodcoth terry fr yuh lil and grow yuh a tek mon and don’t have nothing to show yuh a tie down yuh fk out self pon yuh baby father wah yuh use to walk and class up yeah the same baby father wah yuh mek man beat up Oh lord terry why yuh act like a Susan alone have problem wid man Terry all now yuh baby father don’t want yuh so STOP it Thank God fi Obeah cause a that use a Blind him Stinky pussy terry talk why yuh don’t give the lil girl to har right father talk up Now yeah Terry yuh say yuh don’t repeat clothes bout mek Met knw say a wash it nuh cause yuh house full up a duty clothes

  27. Oh terry there’s word that your mom still owe that Obeah man a Jamaica weh u make tie up the man your child father he’s looking for her terry if no one else don’t kno y they hate me…you kno the real reason cause u been there from the start and kno that none of my up bringing was sad no body had to dust me off and start life with me you been there with my first apartment buy everything cash settle for me Biggz? U really love a audience

  28. In 2005 I got that 2005 ford while u was driving that Pontiac terry did you really come for me on pink wall talking about who f**k and suck me really can’t believe…did you tell pink wall who gave me that car and the reason u don’t like him cause he gave me that car smfh you so pretty and gorgeous and suffering so bad on so many levels your soul is lost girl

  29. Susan why you hot fi terry ? Did Biggs suck terry pussy too stop gwan like you a Goodas Susan with yuh shit up breath you should be a shame fi call a man like that yuh man remember you f**k eric and laugh up in cash face that’s why you can’t guh back in her restaurant eric talk seh yuh front smell stink so don’t come pan pink wall like you holy you f**k more than terry just that terry nuh f**k fat dutty man like you every fren you keep u war dem cause of Biggs talk seh yuh suck tyesh pussy and shakira

  30. Unuh pop Tory fi mi.terry Gwan like har shit can meck patty you file longer than di turnpike..didn’t terry sista Brina who is also Eric babymadda gi Biggs some..what a mixing of the juices.hehay
    Susan u couldn’t beat Terry cause den time deh she did a par wid big bad Bernice who was her backitive..

  31. Everything these days is so played out several years ago u cuss bout the same shit..”me bring man in the house when Biggz gone a work”me “f**k pon Biggz” like seriously let’s change to another topic a bet you can’t fine another topic terry conversation on this wall should of been non of your business cause every one know your REP is like when u drink ballerina tea it ain’t shit YO just low me

  32. Anonymous @ 9:01 yuh sound like yuh did want a suck off Susan pussy a Susan man alone walk and Suck come off a Susan and go look a life Jezzam why Susan hurt unu head so no sah kill dem all and Done Susan Diamond

  33. Susan yuh belly look like mash Irish you wid yuh big dunce head weh un even always saying cash ugly and look like a man but eric wife her and f**k u inna yuh mouth and send you back to bigga same way you f**k kid inna bigga truck back knowing bajan was f**kin him yuh ole want shampoo

  34. Uno really love a audience I was there couple days ago listen identify yourself Eric say pussy stink ? Wait wat terry u mad cause Eric refuse you years ago jump pass you and f**k your sister come on

  35. Duty big drain out pussy Susan since u start from jamaica when did u dust me off??? Wat did u save me from??? Did u forget when ur husband came to jamaica an gave u that very awful disease u couldn’t even walk u had to squat an when ur sister put the cream an pills ur pussy swell up so big u couldn’t walk for days??? Bitch do u remember u came to America b4 me an I had to come rescue ur ass from the 1bdrm in Brooklyn wit u ur stepsis an stepbrother??? Do u remember kings county couldn’t find out wat was wrong wit ur pussy all tokes years u were goin an a me tek u an bring u to Philly fi dem clean out di dead fetus outta yo bombo ole caz u couldn’t stop leak an bleed every month! Bitch tell the ppl dem why u really hate me tell dem how u beg fi suck mi pussy an mi turn u dwn tell di ppl dem how u hide an tek ur babyfadda inna me an mi man house an the same bedroom set him fren buy u him come tek it bac when him find out say u a hide an f**k him fren tell dem how a mattress you sleep pon the 1st 3yrs u inna Philly bitch u Neva own nuttin til u go live in pon the ppl dem job so jus talk the truth. Mi Caan grudge u fi nuttin when me come to America an introduce u to life! Did u forget all these things bitch why would I grudge u over a car u Neva own u forget I was drivin way b4 u! No Bwoy Caan f**k me inna my batty caz mi pussy speak fi itself a it bring me inna foreign!

  36. cash fi a educatefd girl you really come drop ur self Ina dis mess. No man Why every man you have Susan affi sample him..Susan is time you lock ur legs try being an original girl for once.every man you teck belong to smaddy. You know kid live wid him woman and you all smile up Ina di woman face and you go should strive to be more than a Mate in ah real life.sad and sick.

  37. Duty Susan how me fi grudge u fi car whey u Neva own imagine di battyman Mek all the payments an left u would 2 fi Mek an u Mek di ppl dem repo the car bitch every car mi drive mi OWN it so don’t go there! U keep bringin my daughter in this she seems to b ur problem is it becaz u couldn’t bring fourth 1 for ur husband caz him beat it outta u but him Mek ur cuzin have 1?? Let’s b clear here the father of my child was in the hospital when she was born an signed her birth certificate urs on the other hand hated u so much I felt bad for u an came to keep ur company when u went in labour u give the man his 1st son an the man didn’t have nuttin fi do wid di Pinckney the 1st 3yrs of him life u figet is ur cuzin come up here an beg him fi see ur son when him turn 3 fi the 1st time him meet him father bitch don’t go there! An all the Obeah u talkin about we kno that’s ur speciality caz mi nuh beleive inna dem tings there! Ur own mumma disown u did u forget when she run left unnu a Ja an u come meet her for the 1st inna 2000 an she put out it nasty rass inna 6mnths bitch it’s not my fault u Neva have no mother figure in ur life so u don’t kno no better than fi send whey ur Pinckney go live wid di same woman whey u dispise an say u hate fi keep him so u can party an f**k as u feel! Everybody kno me always have my kids so bitch u need to take a page from my book! No Bwoy Neva repo no bed, car an the list goes on! U hate di woman fi har man so much til u fren di woman caz u see say di man Neva did ago leave har fi you I hope u tell her how u used to class her up! An fi set u straight every body inna America kno seh u Caan get child support unless DNA is establish so bitch go put that inna ur pipe an smoke it!

  38. Wendy born ugly and Neva great I see why y’all sistaz caz uno never will have a man for y’all self Wendy talk how yuh f**k police and breed and fling it away oops Susan talk the baby you have you sure a dread or fi di tas up old man that is dawn age don’t start Wendy caz you a keyboard bad gyal go do a DNA test two ugly sistaz stop call Philly with my name Kermit

  39. Tell the ppl dem the real reason y u have me up caz u did waan mi fi give u a buss but all the try me try none a di man dem Neva want ur strong man body lookin ass! From jamaica days u known as the Nightnurse when u used to go Jose Martin go sell pussy a night time. U forgot when u go f**k Pelle an Conre the same night an u pussy Neva stop leak bitch! Low mi Mek me f**k a my time now! U grudge me caz my baby father wanted me an urs didn’t?? U have mi up caz u claim say my come America come live easy caz mi know how fi hold a man? Bitch u need fi call urself Susan Na No Ambition bout diamond bitch u Neva hold a job fi 1yr good yet all u do is live off fi government u ole germs! Mi couldn’t settle fi Biggs r non of the Man U tek caz my batty Mek fi shit not tek dick! U figet dem did have to stitch up ur battyole caz ur whole anus fall out! Girl plz tell every1 y u mad caz u wanted to b apart of Jadore ladies an mi tell u no bitch go look a life better yet go look a job an leave me an mi Pinckney alone! A me Mek u kno say gal fi own bedroom set living room set an have dem own place u jus mad caz mi have ambition don’t b mad jus take a page outta mi book! Ps u can Neva kill me caz ur a nobody!!! This is the most attention u got ur whole life so enjoy it jus remember this no gal Neva whole mi dwn a suck my pussy like ur fren did u an put champagne bottle inna ur ass

  40. Terry fi somebody wah say dem life sort out and man want yuh no sah yuh have a lot of time on ur Hand you and Susan story similar bad same dash weh belly place unu go lol unu should stay Fren birds of a feather terry terry why yuh on pinky state that you keep ur kids wen suck hood tamaeka always have dem over har Madda yard terry why you lying to pink wall tell dem say a save yuh baby father save fr the gal dem wah always a beat a Ja cause yuh walk wid yuh pussy on yuh Forehead terry tell pink wall how yuh couldn’t walk in peace as the gal see a bare lick to yuh Skin

  41. Terry I peep wat u doing ppl in Philly naturally hate you so u giving them a reason to hate me too any way ppl not stupid they will pick sense out a non sense yes u have to do DNA before judge rule out any award me and u kno u only took that one child before you become the douche u is today!! You really Is a punk y calling everybody name sweetie

  42. Listen me pass out some flyer earlier u might never get one there a “candle light visual” for that pussy weh doc declare been dead ok sweetie tell your room mate bring flowers and a teddy bare sign RIP “to terry ole” have a good night

  43. Deloutional Susan whe u Mek my pussy a badda u caz mi Naah give u no suck off it how is it that u think ppl will think mi a lie when the post isn’t even about you but ur name head the comments an finish it physchotic bitch! Jus like dem hate me dem hate u even more an yea mi say it everything mi drive mi own it everything in my house mi own it rent a center Caan knock down mi door fi nuttin of there’s nor no man can repossess nuttin from me!!! Even if me f**k a buy them is my pussy u should put urs to use but mi forgot say nobody wants u r ur Dunn out sister from when she used to work a hardcore/hard copy a Ja she used to sell u to the foreigners when dem come dwn after dem dun f**k har she pass u on to them! No gal Caan sell me bitch an no Bwoy Caan ask mi fi 3sum from me an non a my sister dem bitch a long time u a ole freak from Ja days u used to help ur whorin sister Claudine wid Steve! I don’t need to prove shit to u bitch jus thank god u finally find a father figure fi ur child caz him own father have nuttin fi do wit neither u nor him! Mi nuh have fi send whey my Pinckney to no evil step mumma like u my daughter lives right here in philly wit me all her life an never in need a shit bitch she can go to her grandma an Aunty dem as she please caz is my family u take ur 1son an drop him off to every tom dick an Harry big yaad bitch! Ur son Neva kno him own mumma so the woman u drop him pan him did start call her mommy! My daughter kno mi caz mi struggle wid har by myself an Neva Mek no Bwoy come round har u have so much battyman roun ur Pinckney u no c him have girl like tendencies go check him out b4 u point finger pon ppl Pinckney! Bitch u jus mad that mi Neva ask u fi put me up inna foreign caz I always have my own an always a help u out so jus remember when u claim I’m sellin pussy remember I uses to help u pay ur rent caz ur pussy was of no value so no care how u f**k u couldn’t survive! U an all these hatin ass bitches all got 1 thing in common which is me so all of unnu need fi go build a bridge an get over me caz I’m livin my life an enjoyin it to the fullest

  44. Lissen me Terry.
    Please doh come back ova yah come reel out no more ah miss stussy Susan file. You ago meck me laugh evrytime me see har.
    Weh you seh Foska did hate har and no fawt pon she and di pickni? Mi coulda swear she teck him ova and keep him till him did get dip.
    Mi cah believe she use to sell di pums a yawd no rostah. Now me see why she seckkle fi biggs. Go deh Gal.
    Me she all now mi a laugh. Hot gal Susan was never hot… a chu we neva know har file meck she tink she coulda pose pon we a Philly.
    Mi love when bess frens turn frenemy we hears it all. Shakera u turn now fi nail up har coffin. Dwbl.

  45. Terry tell your room mate weh bring forth under weight ugly pickney weh fava mice approximately 2years ago weh I have to council every day and tell her how the child is beautiful knowing damn well the Pickney did ugly I should a let her stay here and make the baby dead in a har like she wanted cause the baby daddy wasn’t paying her no attention,,Shana a valentines gift them still a hurt your head

  46. Terry let’s separate facts from fiction rent a center knocking so how come me still have me same furnisher them from last year terry u talking about mom tell them wat your mom did as a single parent you Figet who help your pay for your school few two year at alpha my husband and all now u don’t graduate cause u had to bring this child weh doc say u cyaa dash weh

  47. Your room mate don’t loyal did she tell you she’s telling ppl how she had to ask if you can’t ask one of the man them to pay your light bill weh cut off in the house did u straighten that out ? And how shanti a salamite already come on terry

  48. Terry me still got him like that don’t make me that phone call you forget what happen ok….tell them how hungry you was with that belly eating that green mango every day with salt talking about baby daddy who want who…who use to take care of you when u was preggo my man him did tired a you and the bro if him not sponsoring the dash belly him a sponsor food

  49. You tell them as a young girl you f**k the boy round me neighborhood the first time and him dead everybody was upset with u & your family death never call pon my pussy

  50. Tell your room mate to find a dentist to file dung the long and tall teeth in her head…war a day when them invent bleaching cream

  51. My mother was loved by my dad ask your room mate about her story with her mom and dad…better yet terry where is your dad? You only knew your dad thru that one pics you walk around with terry my child ave girl tendency? Your brother is a batty man FACT u Figet how them did ago beat him

  52. My family had it when I was growing up remember all out a the dog plate my granny use to feed you terry she did hate you god rest her soul allot a ppl I had to beg fi talk to you when that crosses bring you into our family we never need Nuh Fren

  53. Terry when dena them did wet you up you come round a me yard a seek refuge but you see if me did follow me man at the time this would happen him say fi get rid a you he don’t like you now I kno y u really mad it was real hard for you growing up

  54. Terry remember is good life u not use to y u come here come get me fi make foreigner f***k me I wasn’t want for nothing u kno that u was there my man was even traveling at the time he made sure I was straight

  55. Terry now I see y you been bitter all these years my sisters and I had our own room all kinda businesses while you and Fren had that one bed room weh she live the granny and the battan calf mumma and and her cousins

  56. Tell the one weh shape like the barrel weh she pack say when she can stay home one year and make a man take care of her then she can talk she have to work real hard for that baby father I don’t tek care a boy, boy tek care a me when a gyal a look you and a man a look you at the same time u know u turn up yup

  57. My big head never stop me from getting a man yet kmft!! Barrel shape the one weh clown out har face when she touch road you need a head to toe make over may be it will help lift your self esteem prob!!

  58. Me hide and take me baby fatter ? If he’s my baby father y am I hiding u just continue to make a ass out a your self terry BEV said it took three days to clean your dutty house she had to leave she never seen anyone so nasty in her life

  59. Lennox the crack head Yankee weh u and him use to snort the coke him say the way how u nasty things grow in a your sink when you leave it there fi months and I must check the dates on juices in the fridges they always expire

  60. Terry don’t bite the hands of who feed and cloth you the same Wendy use to pack up her daughter clothes give you when u come America and you type say a bare boss you f**k kmft!! Smfh!! Terry u back to the Yankee community the Jamaican them dun you off

  61. A hear say when them realize how Paul tek u up the man them drop him like a hot bread them loose offa the fact that him pick up a gazmite/germs like you smfh that’s not my REP here nor JA terry I don’t suck pussy I get my pussy suck ok thanks

  62. Terry u really had it ruff in JA so now I see Y when I was enjoying life you was a sitter for them faggot so your mom could go Whore to get that dollar YO u really could a kill me for this life smfh YO boy o boy

  63. Terry you remember when u hand did bruk ?dougie f**k you up when him fine out you f**k him uncle yea the same one u tell ppl that is YOUR uncle you wicked f**k!!

  64. Terry your Fren Nuh loyal she come back come confirm the jacket two years ago say her head big like wharf dog that’s y u hate me I resemble her

  65. You team up with your Fren and say uno talk the things them and a call ppl fi dun uno start this shit I was under my fu**ing ROCK uno dig me up

  66. You talk about Biggz..and the man them weh u make hall and pull you trust me sometime I wonder if there’s a god terry how’s the champagne ? Weh the man f**k you fah up Paul sister nine night kmft that’s y uno cyaa stand me

  67. Pussy make you come a foreign and cannot go anywhere else tell me what sense that make you should be able to go see your mad man f**ker fi a mother your mother look like the Obeah man

  68. Met u nuh have a picture of Terry? Susan with all due respect u mostly a talk bout the past bout Terry room mate and family members.She on the other hand was talking presently about u.Big difference (sips mi hot chocolate) carry on

  69. Terry the apartment you did live in a pon Johnson street weh me put me name in a..u get the apartment clean and MAZER had to let you go cause you turn the apartment into a RAT invested place terry out a door look better than you house

  70. Miss CDC…make sure you stay up on them meds you can’t mix antibiotic with liquor dumb ass husband give me disease? But in that same sentence you turn and say doc didn’t kno wat was so tell me if this make sense smfh!!

  71. Terry tell them what was in your menu while pregnant; unripe June plum, unripe mango remember you was a nobody all when u did preggo dougie had his Oman DENA so u was left in the dark my man bring/shed life on you so a me alone get rejected by baby daddy kmft

  72. Him name his child I didn’t he was there for every doc visit you should kno so how u go get audience with this and then u call me white witch of rose hall terry foska hated you, you forget he always tell me to get rid of you he use to leave my apartment when he see you coming you was a wolf in a sheep clothing

  73. Every body in a Philly kno I don’t like to be seen so how me did want fi join crew lmao, Ctfu, Dwrcl, terry me been there done that me a Nuh never see come see ok you kno this again my weekend money was your meal money

  74. You Figet your room mate them did a call har batty boy cause she take up and did a feed you when dougie wasn’t with your big preggo belly ok she talk that too she tired fi feed you she done every f**king body all har mumma weh take of her kids how she need fi go look work and she have man har own mumma

  75. Terry I can go on for days don’t know when and how I draw into this f**kery glory be to god I never really face a hard time terry u kno what that is YO!! U just get me started trust & believe…to the barrel weh u have as a room mate ugonna continue to work your ass off cause your money is the only reason Y u even end up with a man let alone baby fathers

  76. Terry a bet you don’t tell your Fren them about your big sister in jersey cause the bitch dis own you, you bought shame to her she cannot go to that clinic no more here name down for allot of stuff because of you using her name miss CDC “center disease control ” how u fi introduce me to bed room set when as a child I had my own room come on

  77. Terry I stopped talk to you from 2006 y all of this when u see me u go in a shell Y ? Your Fren the barrel talk about your cousin in England how the man she breed fah the last child him beat the shit out a her in the street of London I’ve never experience anything like that’s, that’s Y y’all hate me

  78. **k off as a young child till man all shoot her bitch now me kno you should a dead cause you a the real MVP u play allot a role bad sharpen barrel looking ugly heffa nose big like the three way socket bitch

  79. The ugly bitch came into my house weh me same sister beg for her to come I could really f**k them up right now for listening to them when her own father refuse her I should a use that as a sign she saw how real man take of a Oman and wanted to die that’s when the bitterness tun up how me fi shame a Biggz and he’s a real man tell me now

  80. “Barrel ” a tief you mumma tief a f**k from your father y u still here YO me just get sister & I was made out a love ask your mumma terry she was there every body kno the browning in the neighborhood sexy Nuh f**k that same barrel introduce you to the family and it’s been hell since bout she come from teen center kmft!!

  81. Terry u tell dougie say a him tek virginity when is that boy name chin did lmao!! All dougie need a beaten how him fi make you tell him that so him don’t know when ppl a virgin lmao!! See all him CHO!! Terry my baby father never stand up in a dance and hear another man talk bout my pussy you mad kmft!! Smfh!! That’s the shit I don’t like lol!!

  82. Terry you and tameika f**k the flossing king and thats a fact my pussy have principle I was talking about you, you bring every body in the mix and then a call me same sister a talk bout me gone too far you always need help with your battle terry a me alone in a Philly my family sprint out in America that’s y my child end up a ppl house cause I have to work the job u said I never had

  83. So because u work mek u sen ur son go live wid ppl i work 2 jobs and tek great care of my child ! And da likkle boy ave girl behavior fi true stop tell lie u nyam pussy too

  84. Susan wit no ambition since u wanna give ppl jokes go ahead me an u kno the truth I only talk facts so don’t go there bout uncle u kno u were the 1 who used to go to Loos&Choos to get drunk wit him an wheneva u offered him pussy he told I NO! All u could do for him was bring ya frens for him to freak r him watch u an dem naam one another I see ur very idle still no job huh?? I suggest u get a internet talk show since u like to give jokes an make up stories u kno everything I’m sayin is the truth an it’s killin u! I can prove everything I post so I suggest u stop makin a fool of yaself! I kno u not talkin about that husband who used to f**k u up in Denise basement an work him money an Neva give u a dime u called me cryin an told me this so my baby father used to feel sorry for u an send u $50 a wk jus remember when talkin shit u need fi state the facts! When u have ur pickney only me an Sophia was there no1 else so plz to tell the ppl when his father name him when u used to ball an say fi man 1st son an him not even a pay him no mind??? Plz to tell jmg every yr when is ur so called baby father bday how u go out an get drunk all alone an call my uncle when I drunk countless a times beggin him to f**k u nasty gal! Plz to tell jmg the Obeah whe u did a wrk fi hold fi ppl dem man how di duppy f**k u off an breed u too caz when u did pregnant wild di lil gal whey I have a 2 pickney show up pon u ultra sound 1 was for the duppy an it grow the same size as the lil gal whe u have that’s y them did haffi cut open u! Bitch everybody know that Biggs a clown caz u bring him fi par wid all him matie dem an Mek sure him buy out dem bar! Me need u fi go find u an ur Dunn out sister dem record a KPH bout pretty browning when everybody kno onnu as the WHORIN BROWNIN!!! Di mount a man uunu clean up an fi mount a man f**k ur sister whey dead right after dem f**k har u nuh c unnu family curse! U might live sum life a Ja but u cum inna foreign an batter everywhere til u find di battyman Andre fi save u alil an as soon as him find u out him cut u off dwn u go f**k di poor lil boy an send him go prison wid ur salt pussy give di man time an vex true him family Neva give u him car while u did haffi catch di bus go look fi di man all while u did a dead fi hungry den u go yellowbird go tek di ppl dem man fren Mitch fren di man woman an when she find out u did have fi take a hide out! Susan ur list goes on an on an I don’t have the time r patience for that like me say u hate me caz mi have ambition! Mi might eat June plum when me deh a Ja but bitch remember a me Mek u kno bout 5star Resturant inna foreign a me Mek u kno say red lobster an Fridays is for happy hour wit ur gfrens not dinner date wid ur man! Another thing that apartment u turned in a whore house yes the 1 dat u give me bac my $750 deposit plz to tell jmg the real reason dougie f**k up my hand was becaz u did a hide an f**k in there an ur nasty rass left ur condom rapper in a mug bitch! U need fi talk facts caz we all kno the truth anything mi say mi can prove it! Bitch u talkin out Paul ask di bitch who give u the msg if Paul did want her y a me drive him car the whole summer him deh a Ja?? Stinkin gully rat Susan whe grow pon di gully banks u can Neva have nuttin pon me caz the only man that claim u publicly couldn’t clean my ass wit him tongue when me done shit so Gwey wid ur shitty pussy caz a peer battyman u f**k all now Temple Gyn Caan find no name fi give ur pussy symptoms an find no cure fi ur leakage!!! U stop walk a drip like ice truck yet??? Bout u have gal a naam u nasty pussy out! U a talk bout my baby father after all that him still walk wid me proud an urs Neva to this day do that so who the joke on now?? Susan u need to be a social worker u have to much time pon ur hands fi entertain the social media an no time to be a mother! U claim u were made out of luv but ur mumma disown an hate u so if I were u I wouldn’t say that! U claim u saved me but bitch remember I rescued u from that shelter in Brooklyn where u was stayin! We brought u to philly wit only 1 suitcase fi start life when u was here 2yrs b4 me an my baby father so I would like to kno wat an how u helped me?? U kno damn well say ur mugly stepsista used to teef the clothes dem an sell me so she couldn’t find food fi harself! Dougie Neva did ago tek nuttin free from ur Cinderella stepsista dem so plz talk the truth! We shoulda left u right where u was in that 1 room bout u have furniture from long time u figet say a me go wid u when u a breed go get ur very 1st bedroom set dwntwn after u wrk non stop fi look place caz u did waan di woman man to urself an non a dat Neva wrk c’mon Susan stop the lies mi have a job so I can’t stay up an argue wid u all night all a philly see an kno the truth it’s not ur 1st time on pinkwall an it won’t b ur last!

  85. Knock knock knock hello terry can u let me in oooops shit I forget you don’t live no where smfh now I know y all of this is happening terry you serve no purpose in life my dee

  86. My deepest condolence mystery really do love company go and take your stuff out of the girl garage RIGHT NOW boy o boy really sadden by your situation I honestly do I’m glad you own up to the stuff I type that’s big of you that little twist you keep putting on it is funny lol, Dwrcl, as for social worker I can go and apply can you?

  87. Terry I never worked at a bar before so am I none ambitious ? If you did finish high school then what u type could of made a Likkle sense u admit to me living a nice life so how me sell pussy you also say dougie found condom so If I use that condom how could I be leaking YO!! Terry you are DUN like literally go find you apartment

  88. None of your frens gonna put that apartment in there name so you dun..who put up this morning after that big argument? Y u three way my sister telling her to warn me u see u send for me and now you handle it terry wats really up u want my basement let me know smfh have a nice day

  89. I’m living a quite life now u trying to find out wats up BITCH YOU GUESSING and you will never know if I’m working u notice every ending of your story u wanted to kno if I’m employed where I seek employment you cannot go you to have to have that nine digit ok Hun

  90. DEJAVU’ all over again this situation reminds you of that car you had driving around in Philly with out that window lol bitch you better bundle up now you really have to go look longer pants for Ashanti cause it cold and you live no where let’s say a prayer Amen!! I’m a put in that application for that social work u want one ? Oh wait you can’t lmfao!!! Good luck on that apartment sweetie

  91. Bday in a couple days terry I have to go plan I guess that makes us both busy you looking for an apartment shit smfh this can’t be life and you on here terry talking about ppl who’s really delusional YO I’ve never seen this in my precious life is this really happening ? Dwrcl!! Terry price no longer on pussy and batty what you gonna do???

  92. Shana stop call down NY and England and tell ppl to talk to me. When is you and that bitch start with me Shana aka barrel did u tell your dad how you spreading rumor say them fire him cause him a crack head kmft uno f**king leave and I’ll leave UNO a say uno create problem and would be the first to call the police smfh!! Terry don’t let me go all way and call immigration uno low me stop calling me ppl them

  93. Susan are you seeerious bout go all di way and call immi pon di gal?? you figet seh is smaddy you married and get urs to. If soo be the case she can call dem pon u too. Unu love waste tax payers money bout unuh a calll . Now dat the gal reel out you fuile you a get mad and wah teck it extra personal. di 2 a unuh say stuff that was passt low. but now you wah go further. Dem seh when you a dig hole you fi dig 2. mi fraid a ppl like you. Tyesh u betta doh vex wid susan cause see fi har pay back is fi call di law pon ppl chu she straight now. Susan you heart dutty and you willl neva look good no matter weh you try. toad yeye gal you look as evil as you are.

  94. Biggs Papi show shut the f*k up and go wash yuh stinking pussy why you’ll love chat shit wah you’ll don’t knw

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