Good day metters I have a piece of mixup to share . I was in the mixup shop on white plains road doing mi hair when I hear one of these ladies so called friends talkin the things bout this young boy name Jeremy who is a entrepreneur *cough cough* early 20s who sleeping wid twinny, diced pineapples aka Christine and ugly dumpa truck shamar go getter . Mi hear say Christine will s*x anybody for money fat ugly bald as long as she gettin a cut she and Barbie are ghetto fabulous whores . Anyways the source aka the friend come inna the mixup shop pon 218 a say Jeremy a spread the word how him have all a dem head a way I couldn’t believe it this boy could be twinny son come to find out him a sleep a she yaad and then leave go sell (Edited) . All the one Shamar she I don’t know why she don’t keep her front quiet from she get surgery she give every young boy uptown a slice of her sour crotches the man dem say she stink that’s why she can’t keep them next time shamar the man them say do your face before you do your body . Jeremy have 2 kids under the ages of 4 with 2 different baby mother and the babymother them average and don’t wear name brand but him a only one who live inna name brand . Dem say him love Christine but won’t wife her cause she f**k all his bros but outta twinny and shamar a Christine give the best heads.

Just one question metters who do you think Jeremy should chose as his trap queen before he get lock up ??????

A) diced sour pineapples
B) twinny bleached to di skin bones
C) Shamar stink crotch go getter
D) other babymothers sitting at home

Cast your votes now

24 thoughts on “CAST YOUR VOTES NOW

  1. That’s not Twinnie man that’s Twinnie Brother in law sender u nah hear good and it’s not Christine man either is keyanna man aka Christine sister aka Barbie . Anyway I can’t stand shamar. I never see one gyal me spirit can’t take so and I don’t kno her personally . Awful like any bull.

  2. Big woman like all Twinny weh love carry en yung boys pon dem kids always get de shitty end of the stick. Like keep your boggle head straight b. Dem sick dog stomach to how dem gwan like dem cyan kip dem front quiet smh

  3. Sender you dumb as f**k twinned nor apple is f***g this boy he belongs to barbie. All up in the kool-aid and don’t know the mixture.

  4. That’s twinny babyfather iceman little brother not twinny man sender next time yu a send in a story make sure it’s legit boo

  5. Twinny love dem life yah long time but mi noh tink a dah boy yah still shi love bad man an young boy longggggggggggg time shi love excitement an all dose ting from way back shi love hustler fast money man a years mi kn er an shi just love dem kinda a street man dah cause fashion an modeling is her ting .

  6. Jeremy sleeping with Barbie Christine sister under the quiet . Even though he twinny in law he slept with her also under quiet this is public knowledge idk bout Shamar or Christine but Shamar nasty & will sleep with anyone who bat they eyelash at her so I believe

    1. Ditty gyal if is under the quite how the fu k you know MARSHA aka carmia.. that’s is tinny babyfather brother. Marsha aka lookaxillion u too f****g mixup

  7. F**k out a ere bout the boy belong to Barbie, u see how she shape like sponge bob it jus the hype, that’s not Jeremy type

  8. jeremy is a dirty broke bum ass nigga he just started getting some cash and start wear brand his mouth stink like shit so if he with big mouth barbie is a match made in heaven cause both they mouth stink and the only asset they have in they name is name brand clothes sad broke bronx project hoodrats

  9. Lady you seem like you are hurt what’s the problem, he not paying no attention to you. Money stop run, or no f**k a run, or you just a hater. You mad you will be okay everybody needs a nice cuddle it’s winter time. You should’ve put in your application before September lmbao go look a nice clean man. Jermy happy they live in city island bae love him. Get over it toodles.

  10. To the idot who commented and u nah go see u comment..Carmeia is NOT Annakay and I have said it before.. That person was obsessed with Annak because of her man and has tried multiple times to set her up on here………..she knows herself and I dont have to call her name . Dont call the girl name because u dont know shit.

    1. Well tell dem need to stop call people name then !!!! It’s not fair for that person to come on here and “set up” people like you’ve stated that shit is borderline SICKKKK AND MENTAL ! They post all lies about people calling out random people names and stirring up shit that’s how people get killed why do you allow this person to still comment on the site ???? That’s just ludicrous! And the same person who made the comment under carmiea im
      Pretty sure is probably responding to herself mixing other people! If that’s the case and you really cannot swear for anyone because email doesn’t have faces at the end of the day people say anything to get off the hook you need to look into that blogger !

      Have a nice day

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