What if you were talking to someone online for months, fell inlove with the person only to find out after meeting the person is the same sex as you. What would you do?

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  1. It is possible to really vibe someone online through stimulating conversations. I have had a few friends on my FB page who were just so brilliant and entertaining at the same time that I was crushing on them. Sadly, their pictures were disappointing.
    Anyway, falling in love has to transcend online communication. There must be some interaction beyond a keyboard for such intense emotions. Without hearing the persons voice or having any visual stimulation through skype, or tango, I just don’t see how someone labels it as being in love. Stimulated by the conversations, yes. Drawn to the person’s vibe, yes. But, in love?

  2. Hi nighty night
    I personally could not fall in love with someone I haven’t had physical contact with n I don’t mean sex but falling in love is in a look in the eyes a moment where u hold my hand and when you r me reach over n kiss each other after sitting silent for like 30 mins stuff like that

    1. Oh shoot didn’t read properly but I wouldn’t be in that position cause all of the above would have to had happened for me to fall in love

  3. Catfish only reach computer illiterate dunce. So if they people dont wanna chat on webcam then we aint gonna meet up. There is so many programs to use webcam like Skype , Oovoo , Tango etc. So wise up people and don’t get tricked.

  4. If there is that spiritual connect that transcends beyond sex/sexual conversations and that person is constantly on your mind…something “very special” is there…now, as for this catfish shitt..boom bye bye :bola

    1. Agree! Mine wasn’t really a catfish because we video chat, and he actually drove up to meet me. Catfish fakes on some user/fake profile/ fraudulent shit. I don’t even think that damn show real anymore. Most the shit seems staged

  5. Well I was talking to guy on fb for almost a year when we finally met, lawd Jesus you can smell his breath a mile away. Met the man on my Instagram stalking me , talking bout “I’m coming to New York, I’m in New York, I want to see you” my respond ” I’m so busy, every weekend mi working even on my days off” I stop talking to him on the phone matter of fact he’s Blocked but almost two years he’s still not giving up. Poor thing I actually liked him but that breath would kill my nature(he eat he said smh). Nice up to date Benz, big job the works. I was highly disappointed 🙁

  6. It nuh inna my persona fi fall in love unda dem conditions deh. Mi affi deh inna di physical presence of di person. Phone/computer romance wouldn’t work fi people like me.

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