Cawkalee fashion party held in Lundun where all the regulars came out check check check


  1. Morning MET! I feel yu a go mad we dis week yah wid susssssss!
    *Amazing how wicked men live long…Camille you born wid a strong heart gwan dress yu look good still.

    1. So what is the story line on Cawkalee? Is he know for murdering people? Was he associated with the Black Roses Crew (Willie Haggart)?

      1. If memory serves me right, it was either late 80’s or early 90’s he killed a fellow spanglers in Manhattan and run come a Jamaica.

  2. Good morning Met..cawka have a terrible reaction to him face from di champagne.Di man face look dem rare sweet lobster deh weh dem catch off the coast a Maine.Why di man a behave suh like holy ghost have him

    1. :ngakak I haven’t done any work from morning Met yuh ago kill wi off inna d Monday yah I was like no man d champain bun im up

  3. Mi still a try fi understand how England set up wid dem re-entry.It look like as dem come offa di plane customs and immigration all out to lunch at the same time.America is a different ting,look like all reserve dem call fi come in wen a yawd flight come in fi extra patrol

      1. Dwl..I believe Phantom.One a my fren wukliss babyfather get dip from England bout 8 times,no exaggeration or more and mi frighten fi realize him deh dere again, like wtf

        1. Yu far from exaggerating.
          Dem all do years a prison, get dip and reach back multiple times. Know one a plan a next REACH soon, soon :ngakak

  4. Gm met and metters :peluk :peluk , I was wondering what happen to cawka lee face cho rass :ngakak :ngakak me say I cannot take it :ngakak :ngakak good way to start my day inna tun ova

  5. He’s so un-fazed by the whole heap a splashment inna him face .. I suspect he’s accustomed to being splashed :cool :cool

  6. let me stress ‘MISSa leeee’ a suh yuh love hype and galang when yuh man dem inna dance. Camille yuh look good as always, but stop turn a blind yie to ‘MISSa leeee’ extracurricular batty behavior. Sandra Lee whey shi have more facial hair dan MISSa leee still crawny as always.

  7. Who tell u sey she a turn a blind eye. You never know sey she have to participate ina di batty slappings wid her strapon

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