wear To God Me Never Want Do This Ennuh !! Them Childish Behaviour Thing Yah Me Nuh Deh On . Kmft But Yuh Too F**king Bright ! Yuh Want Live Ina Me Shadow ‘ Bitch Yuh Jealous Over Me Nuh Rassclat! You Make Me Wear Cloths? Uhm ‘ How? Dunce head Gal? Everyday Cloths This & That. Better Go And Get At Least A One Subject ! Yuh Ugly Nuh F**k ! Me Ago Mhad The Hole A Unuh ‘ Yah Friend Killa! See Nuh Body Nuh Like Yuh ‘ Them Ago Kill Yuh Ova Deh ! Want Come A Who Fah Yaad Yuh Crazy? Tell Lie Bout Yuh Come Yaad! If A Laugh A Dead! You Make Me Know Money? & Again How The F**k? If Yuh Check The Ratio Yuh Wear Me Cloths The Most ‘ Yuh Stick Nuh Rass ! You Know Leon From No Where Bout Leon A Make You Cry? Yah Must GuGu ! Leon Love Me & Him Deven Know Me ! Lol Me Know A That Yah Try Figure Out & Get Badmind. Yah Worry Bout Demar ! Demar Naah Guh Nuh Weh Know That,Nuh Matter How Much Gyal Him F**k. & If Me Did Want Him Now It Wouldn’t So bad. . So Bye B**ch ‘ Ur Lame As Hell! Attention Whore ! Yuh Badmind Till It Look Bad! Yuh Claim Say Yah Me Friend & All A Look Me Man! Poor Yuh ! It So Obvious I’m Bless If Me Was A Good Gal It Wouldn’t So Bad LMAO ! Me A Better Gyal Fi Yuh! Dunce & Ugly That Nuh Mix Babe Yuh Need Fi Guh Get Help ! ASAP. Caah Live Off A Man Fi The Rest A Yuh Life! Bout Look At Yuh Gwan Like Yuh Nice Dwl. You Want Fight Me Ova A Man ? Wah Make Yuh Neva Fight Me ‘ Make Me throw Yuh Out! Cause Its Like Yuh Nuh Live Nuh Weh A Rassclat! & Yuh Can Come Take Up Yuh Rest A Cloths Them Rounda Me Back Yaad! & Yuh Right , Let’s Take A Recap ! Yuh Itch A Me Yaad Cause You Want Go Road Riite? Oh Yea ! Me Can Lock Dung Fi 35 Years & The Hole Yaad & Farring Still Know Me ! Me Looks A Fool Me But It A Mad Yuh ! Yuh Gaan Dead Bad Yuh Too Wicked & Ungreatful ‘ Neva Know A Really You Do Me This But Ur Just Like The Rest! The More Unuh Hate ‘ A The Pretty & Luckier Me Get ! Yall Blind .

So Chevelle you always saying how genuine you’re, well this post by your used to be best friend says otherwise boo. i wouldn’t want to be you hun.


  1. Yep….i’m from nannyville and i know all about this story. well the creator of the post above is called birdy and this post is for a girl whom she once called a friend. The girl lived at birdy’s house basically for months and wear her clothes as mentioned in the post. Eventually the friend grew ‘badmind’ and want birdy man…..damn bitch. she was co nstantly talk about birdy behind her back,so she grew fed up and posted this post on her fb wall. how the post end up here, i don’t know.

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