Dear Met,metters n Peepers,

Good day as you know May is child’s month in Jamaica.Since I was a child I’ve always heard the famous adage “children live what they learn”.I think if we as Parents grasp this concept n utilize this knowledge then we would be mindful of how we behave around our kids.

Last week I was in a cornershop buying a soda when this lil 5yo girl came in and proceeded to look us the customers up n down.There were 2 other guys in the shop and Ms.M a serve dem.Mr.C bought a cigarette n asked Mr.‎D for a light.Met me sey as Mr.D pop out di lighter lil Miss sey

“Mr.D what u a do wid lighter n u nuh smoke?”
To which Mr.D replied”yes but me walk with it in case smaddie want a light”

Lil Miss give Mr.D a rhatid WTF stare n sey
“Who does that?Thats wierd!”

All the rest of adults dwl but me hold in mine cuz of course me a sey she prime eeh. Anywayz she gave Ms.M $500 n order a Tin milk,in so doing she stretched her arms up to di counter.Sametime lil Miss skin up her nose n give out” a wha smell so frowsy?” She proceeded to smell her armpits.

” Ms.M u know a me smell suh,no bother wid di milk,give me a bathsoap n a blue roll-on dere”
Ms.M shot back ” how u so prime n out a order?”

Lil Ms ” mi outta order fi sey mi arms frowsy Ms.M when a true?”‎Ms.M dwl n explain she prime cuz dem send her a shop fi buy milk n she off her own want buy personal items.

Well is that time me start lol but I told Ms.M to give her the soap and Colgate n I pay the bill.To this day me a wonder based on how she a live is wha suh dem a teach n she a learn?

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