13 thoughts on “CHIN GET VEHICLE

        1. Spice is the one badmind. She never have to say dat. Everyone know Angel capabilities as an artist. If someone did that to Spice she woulda chat one bag a things. Spice is one of those ppl that love fi chat bout what she do fi ppl.

  1. I thought chin can’t travel from she did get dip.. joe f**king up the momey again bc no profit no inna dat. If “artist” can’t travel and mek $$ off touring, what sense that mek. And am using the word “artist” very loosely.

  2. Frighten bad, I hope she can maintain it and insure n licence and service it too. Getting a vehicle is one but maintaining it is another thing. She get or she go buy and mek it look like a get or the car is a part of her contract by selling out herself? Poor girl, I tell u the things these so call people do no wonder dem always depress

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