U never done nobody crawny chin stop mek video in ig u nearly broke the camera ur hole a crosses up to know Corey still a ring off mi phone u mad botch u never dun me crawny chin all the video u a mek u never beat nobody up u say u bad come beat me 2 color body chin can’t dun nobody a America ur breast batty skin fake plus u face tuff like man and scald egg come beat me next time yu see me


  1. yu see bleaching is not for everybody. bcause bleach have steroids in it, thats what cause the fast result and the will suck you out while it a bleach you. mek you look like skelitor like this zoombie up top…. video was not a good choice hun.. you now jmg blogger nowwwwwwww..

  2. Come here sender har six kids a fi di one man , also a him she deh with now cause life sentenance u deh one place until u time on earth is done. If it a new man she has dat mean har pussy no good it is crosses cause one man drop out. Anyone get life always sorry so my girl don’t say that again that mean you pussy is a death trap fi life. Cause anything good no get life.

  3. Chin has 6 kids the last 2 set of twins is his the rest of the kids belong to 2 different man plus Corey has another set if twins he has 4 kids . Corey talk to everybody so she’s nothing special chin claim she have other man with Corey that she can leave him anytime so why argue over him then

  4. Some gal cannot trace how di f**k u ago tell a next woman u pussy a life sentenance right there and den di mate ago kill u a tell u sey fi har pussy a freedom cause wen di man done he free to go a fi u will always be crosses cause him sentance fi life no man no want no life them ago fi di freedom bitch go find u kitchen cause u farrrrrr from it a get di f**k off a sm.

  5. if i was chin i would of never made a video omg what a creature ugly . i use to talk to corey too he cool and give girls money but sender right his belly very strong to go home and sleep with ugly ass chin because she look like a man all jokes aside she sick stomach. chin is one of the biggest teef a bronx she and pmoney mother nicky do bare scamming and sell drugs thats how she get some of her money for sure but i dont what else beside that. corey is a good looking youth but i really dont what he doing with chin besides for her moeny plus she collecet welfare and foodstamps dont let her fool yuh she get moeny from the government. i know she lied and said one her kids retarded and all tell the little girl to act retarted in front of the lady who interviewed her and know she get disablity check for the child now she claiming the other girl have autism. these low lives live off government and teef and come pon ig everyday a pop style with designer this and that but they kids cant spell for shit now im not talking bad about her kids im just saying she so hype and some of the kids cant spell. pl;us corey dick big and strong so chin nah let go

    1. You need to really mind ur business cause chin kids dem Nuh Dunce ‘ Nuh Invovled Her Kids Inna Nuhhun’ if yah mud chin mud her but no seh nuhhun bo her kids ‘ sound like u wan corey too nd vex corey styll deh wid chin cause sound like deh one ya butn u bo corey hood big lol tek chin pussy out a u mouth nd cont walk md sleep wid tissue cause a bare shyt ya chat ‘ talk bo government money ‘ bitch a ur money she a spend ??? Relax u self nd stop watch drugs money ‘ all u cum a foreign cum tun a priest ‘ mind u rass business ‘

  6. Chin is a waste gyal. Her mother don’t love har, and they don’t have a good relationship, that’s why she has so much anger inside of her. She does collect food stamps and government money. She’s also a big tief. I don’t know bout di selling drugs ting still. A suh she gwan fool fool over her man dem. She used to gwan the same way over her other baby father Jerry, fight and inna cuss cuss with gyal on a daily basis. Chin has been in America for years and still don’t have no papers. Chin a man clown.

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