1. All did message tell mi is dat you should take your education serious when you going through your school years suh you nuh haffi come later in like come work fi circus change. The value of a solid education or a trade is invaluable. Young ppl take your education years very serious, or this could be you in ten years.

    1. STFU! Everybody cannot be lawyers, doctors or some form of professional. Construction is essential part of nation building and there must be workers to perform these jobs. In NY construction workers are earning up to $100 and more per hour depending on their field. This is a legitimate job that needs skill workmen and work-women to ensure that nations infrastructures are safe and sturdy for even you. So please don’t look down on other people jobs thinking you’re better than them, when in truth and a lot of them probably making more than you especially in the service field in the US. In Jamaica skill workers aren’t given their fair due.

      1. Exactly Impartial. Garbage collectors are also extremely important to our country as well. It is a job that has to be done to ensure the safety of our people, livestock and crops. Commenter up top is a SNOB and need fi GWEH. Look how much educated people cannot find jobs? Construction work is almost always available.

        1. Hardly a snob and there is skilled labour and unskilled labour. You did not see where I mentioned trade in my comment? I don’t know how anybody get doctor and lawyer out for my comment and it clearly mentions a “solid education or a trade”. I KNOW that trades ppl make very good income, and that is why I mentioned it. If your job is to buss up stone that is not a trade, that is a general labourer where nobody has to pay you any special money to do, a registered tradesperson has to be paid the regulated rate, if he/she is an entrepreneur they can set their own rate. So don’t get mad when I encourage children to take their education year serious, if that is bad advice then tell you kids to go aspire to flip burgers and buss stone, that is your prerogative.

      2. It is your insecurity driving your response, and a hit dog will always holler. Where did you see me give any status to any profession? You are the one who determined that a doctor or lawyer is the only status available. If you were not so in your damn feelings and worked up for a reason that only you can explain you would see where I clearly stated a “solid education or a trade”. Bussing up stone, pushing a wheelbarrow, holding a flag up to direct traffic is not a trade, that is general labour, anybody can set your pay to anything when you are a general labourer, so if you are paid minimum wage as a general labourer it is perfectly legal, why you mad? A tradesperson must be paid at the regulated rate at least, so no licensed tradesperson in JA can be paid $2US/hr, NONE. There are countries where the locals don’t even do jobs like this, the country is so wealthy that all the menial jobs are done by outsiders. The HEART program is there to allow anyone to get a skilled trade for peanuts, it’s up to those who willing to take advantage of the opportunities to better themselves. Most of the poverty on the island is caused by a lack of an education or proper trade, so if I tell kids to take their education years serious is not to put down this man, it’s to ensure that they have an easier go of life than what this man is expressing in the video. If that is bad advice for the next generation then Jamaica is doomed.

  2. Mek a did one Jamaican offer to pay dat for a less demanding job, they would refuce it FACT!!!!

  3. Jamaica doesn’t have minimum wage? Not surprised though, they probably pay their own 2 bucks a week to pick rice. This is disheartening and disgusting.

  4. This is so sickening! I don’t know what Jamaica come to. How can people live off of that? You can’t even buy some decent groceries much less to buy a house. The pay is low while the cost of everything else is so high! I see so many young people with missing tooth. So many people who want to go to the doctors to get treatment for whatever illness that they are suffering from, who has to choose between that or eating. This is a sin!

  5. A foonu fault! Mek friggin Chinese come from outside and have so much power inn we own damn country an give job whey naa pay nuttin… Luddy dem soo tek ova fully mi naaa look.

  6. Blame the government. No way the Chinese could come in and do this if our government did not approve it.

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