but due to how the great chino rebel bring him two friend them go rob the people place si police a come and drive left him fren them now police lock them up and him run gone a foreign gone to mascot cheville but them seh any weh him deh him ago get f**k poor kerwin and tevin chino a really crosses.But pppl him ago get f**k anyways cause man wah kill him a foreign caw him rob them money, that’s why him did hitch up a Jamaica so long


6 thoughts on “CHINO DEM SEH LOOK OUT OO

  1. Say God know.. me hate the “due yo how” statement me no know weh it come from but me ignorant everytime me hear and read it. Next thing kerwin and tevin fi get some bitch lick wid board cause dem a teef, a same some dem coulda dead while chino a fly out. I wouldn’t even comment pon the siter weh a welcome home har “King” cause she obviously miss one of the developmental stage them.

  2. Den ketch har face under the status nuh …. like she really win some prize or something. Smh. I tell you …. the breed of men that these women a kill up themselves over. Just hope she knows that if man looking for him …. and she itch up under him …. then she just might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Smh

  3. God naaw sleep the lot a unuh a rob and u run leff it. Run ya boy a dem a ediat fi falla you. But as the 1st comment said a cudda death.
    Chino all a the bloodclaat hype and yuh house Ole and dilapidated, chuck up chuck up and smell bad.All the teefings that u do your mom shouldn’t be begging like she blind and u a post pon fb seh u tek car of mother. Dem a live in a fake social media world post one thing and living the opposite. Me naaw lie when me 1st hear but Nannyvil me did think a poor ghetto but up there look good a just CHINO REBEL house stay bad and smell funky.
    What goes around comes around dutty stinking buddy boy u time a come.
    Dash wey belly Cheville stop mek Chino pappyshow u out u no see all a him woman dem dump him

  4. My girl say the king is back I wah dead you mean the scammer is back lmao no body want chino But this chick cause no body ago do the mommy work but u cheville you and ur thieving man a live in a fake world

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