Mi nuh blame him and although sometimes we thing some things look cute, we a push dem ina sexy too early. I dont like the pose at all and the socks up the foot but the mother is a sketel so I dont expect better.


10 thoughts on “CHRIS BROWN IS RIGHT

  1. Good Morning Met,Metters,Peepers nd Others……

    and he answered her age after dat mek she know him nuh deh pon de pack and forth shit wid har,him pickney a 2 and is mores so her risky pose him nuh like …him if him cuda get the very baby back but from kaka-roachy him must a seh to himself…..dem need fi stop over sexualize dese damn kids

  2. It’s not the dressing (tutu) but its the seductive suggestion of the pose. Kids are kids, let them be kids. They don’t need accessories and lip gloss. They need clothing that fits and a parent with a strong moral compass to guide and protect them. In this day and age with all the accessibility provided by technology, you are putting the child at risk for perverts, sexual predators, deranged fans. Smh, shout out to all the people who are trying to co-parent with someone that does not necessarily share your ideologies, it must be rough.

  3. Since when little girls stop wear tights with dem leotard & tutu? I hate these mothers nowadays….my stepdaughters mothers dresses her same way…all bell skin to preschool…the child was 3…sickening

    1. I did ballet in preschool and I had to wear tights a leotard and a tutu or I couldn’t participate it no look good at all

      1. Right behind me is a ballet school and I have friend who’s daughter attends. Every child who attends wears leotards. Ad a child my mother had to buy leotards as part of the costume list. This girl is clearly sick in her head and her daughter may not be safe with her. She posed her daughter suggestively as the father said and he was right to call her out on it. This makes me wonderwhst kind of upbringing this child will have if the mother start sexualizing her at 2?

  4. People (like the little girl’s Mom) will do stupid shit (like what’s seen above) to stir up controversy and get attention. This is because they have no other skills to garner it.

  5. Breezy doan fall 4 it boss,is draw she a try draw u put and a use ur lil angel as pawn!How else does one make any sense of this pose?If she sat like the Buddha statue this would be fine nevermind the dressing!

  6. Brezzy you damn right don’t let that bitch have y’ll daughter dressing like a young Thot just bc she chose to be one. Like he said she’s 2! HELLO Society already over sexualizes our children through clothes, music, television, movies, etc the list goes on and on. We the parents are the ones that buy the clothes regardless of what the child wants. Therefore why not buy tights to go under that mini tutu.Parents are suppose to guide and protect their children. Not corrupt their innocents…disgusting mother. Wake up oo

  7. What is so funny, A two year old child does not know how to pose like a grown woman, You can tell her mom is the one that fix her to pose like that, Hello Mr. Chris Brown, You knew who you Breed so stop the complaining and try find a way to help your daughter not to be like her Thot and Ghetto Mumma.

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