ONLINE READERS COMMENT: Christians worship a god that cannot be

Dear Editor,

Last Sunday morning, I was listening to a Sunday morning church service and I must admit that I was a bit taken aback by the fiery sermon and the ecstatic and noisy responses from the church congregation. Though it may be admirable that Christians are so passionate about their God, I am afraid they are really singing praises to a god that cannot be.

It’s not just that there is no good evidence for the existence of their god that must be the reason why some Christians have lost faith, the evidence against god’s existence is even more convincing.

Perhaps the best evidence against the existence of the Christian God is this reality of ours, or at least, what it is supposed to be. Those of us who believe that this universe of ours began with the big bang is proof that God started it all better think again. There are several reasons why such an argument cannot be true.

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If the universe is supposed to be everything and everywhere, then Christians must have a hard time trying to place their god, or indeed anything, outside of it. Everything, by definition also includes nothing – whatever that could be. So too is everywhere, which by definition, also includes nowhere, which again, could be anywhere. As such, God, seeing that he is at least something, must be a part of the universe, which is everything.
However, if the universe is supposed to mean “our reality”, then there may be something outside of it, and as such, Christians could start having some hope that, in at least some way, God may exists after all. However, if God is supposed to be eternal, then that hope for the Christian cannot be a good one, for several reasons.

Seeing that we are always told that all space and time began with our reality, which some call the universe, one predicament for the Christian would be to justify how God could have done anything outside of time. For instance, how much time did God use to start the big bang, seeing that there was none before it?

But there are more worries for the Christian. Even if we were to allow for him to have started the big bang outside of time, he could not have been starting that forever. We are told that the start of the big bang has already happened. As such, the cause of that could not be eternal, for it that was the case; then the cause of the big bang would have been eternal too, which would make the big bang eternal, which in turn would make the universe itself eternal.

The Christian would have an even bigger problem trying to string a list of temporary prior causes for the big bang, as eventually he would find himself with an endless list. Then the Christian would eventually realize that the endless list wouldn’t have a start at all.

So, the big worry for the Christian would be to justify how an eternal cause could cause anything that is not eternal, like our universe.

Come to think of it, maybe it is because that mystery is so big why Christian leaders spend so much time preaching such fiery sermons to get their congregations so worked up. No point burdening them about a problem for which there could be no solution. Better to make the solution for the problem and consider the problem solved.

Michael A Dingwall


  1. Sender you sound confuse. I am genuinely heart sick for you and can only hope that Christ reveal himself to you. You probably don’t care and might actually tell me a bad word. It’s all good, I want you to know him, too. Who? The father who created it all (the invisable and the invisible)
    As a follower of Christ I want you to know him as our saviour too. The Holy spirit can reveal all to you. Please take some time and talk to our Father (God) and tell him how you feel. Ask him if he is real. Go in Peace.

  2. ignorance is bliss Follower of Christ you are the one confuse be a good sheep….where is your facts belief is not fact. Where the historical fact to prove anything in the bible..”The Holy spirit can reveal all to you” inspiration without information leads to superstition… faith is not knowledge who reads read the same book “bible” to substantiate what’s written the book. religious people will do Anything to validate their belief,
    religion is destroying your life your culture …
    if i tell you a story saying snake talked,don’t talked, one man Moses talked to over a million people without using a microphone a man feed over 5000 people using 4 fish and 3 loafs and still have 12 baskets left what???? you hear about myths and fables?? examine and be critical of what you read. logicsss???/
    Just learn to coexist love and teach each other
    what was black people believing in before they heard about christ???

  3. Michael A Dingwall is a big buffoon and mi notice from di other day seh him a peddle this atheist crap. I honestly don’t know why the Gleaner is printing his rubbish. His articles are loaded with rubbish and there is little or no coherency. He is incapable of writing a cogent article.

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